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April 2019

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        During the month of April 2019 mental psychic energy that will be challenging to harness and focus in any specific direction. Much of what shall be expressed will be done out of rage, anger or fear - either through the written or spoken word or the reinterpretation of agreements and contracts.  The potential for two facedness, switching sides, concepts and ideas, altering of intention or out and out bi-polar acting out in the     media, groups, companies and countries has the potential to raise the level of frustration, anguish and  hopelessness to peaks which may be acted upon in haste bringing unexpected outcomes and results which become more far reaching than anyone might have anticipated.  Since all this mental psychic energy is totally airborne, it knows no limits and is not easily contained.  

        During the month of April 2019 the elemental kingdom shall be coming online. The element of water has been activated for quite sometime and continues to be strong empowering the energies of balanced reciprocity. What is being activated during April 2019 are the elements of air, fire and earth.  

        The passion fire energies of Aries activate the wounded healer Chiron empowering the energies of the Divine masculine to seek new ways to heal the ancient wounds of ego, dominance, control, fear and attachment brought in eons ago patriarchally which have been continually perpetuated by both men and women due to lack of authenticity, honesty, integrity, and self responsibility for what has been co-created by both.  The desire to let go of beliefs which no longer serve the human kingdom in a positive loving growth producing manner shall now be expressed in both men and women in a manner which empowers both in loving ways facilitating the releasing fear, old wounds, and past injustices perpetuated on both men and women so that forgiveness may take place and both may become whole. For the truth is that the divine masculine and the divine feminine dwells in everyone regardless of their physical body structure.

        The earth energies are being activated by the astroid Cupido inviting the opportunity to create heaven on earth by compassion being expressed to the earth itself and all living upon it and within it. As the divine masculine energies of the earth soul spirit Panden come online and become active once again on the earth, the ancient memories of the earth god Geb shall be reborn. In the Egyptian tradition the earth god Geb was the protector of the earth and shared his seed with heaven and earth to bring about Life on earth and throughout the cosmos. Love in and upon the earth shall be expressed with joyous celebration in all parts of the Globe.

        The air activation is brought about by the asteroid Admetos conjunct Mars in early Gemini.  This vital mental psychic energy brings with it new directions and new ideas for ways to cease perpetuating the old self destructive patterns, competition and power struggles between men and women in the past thereby discovering new expressions for interacting and relating that are supportive, nurturing and empowering individually and collectively.

        With the astroid Vulcanus in the Fire sign of Leo trining Chiron in Aries, the potential for explosive expressions of truth in many new ways that have the potential to bring about authentic shifts and new interactions, as well as a deeper level of trust and intimacy between humans, regardless of physical body structure or sexual orientation or expression is possible.  Those here to bring this energy in giving birth to it, will be working avidly with both men and women during this time to facilitate this powerful heart opening and expression of the passion of the Hathor energy once again on earth.  This is the we birth and the Hathor energy that deals with empowering the juiciness and joy of life on earth.

        April 5, 2019 at 12:51 am PST, 3:51am EST, 8:51 am GMT, 9:51 am EET is new Moon in Aries. This new Moon energy has the potential to bring about a tremendous amount of the expansion in relationships whether it's between humans, between the human kingdom and other kingdoms, or within countries, companies, religious organizations, for any framework that is designed to support the human kingdom in a positive way. With Mercury conjunction Neptune in Pisces, potential for flip flopping in communicating any issues dealing with the care taking of the human kingdom in a positive loving manner is possible. Particularly those who are torn between the old way and the new way, the way of control in fear and dominance or the way of love and support and nurturance, may appear to be almost bipolar in their expressions first expressing one extreme and then the other. This is also a time when ancient karma and wisdom will be revealed along with tremendous information from halls of records both within members of the human kingdom and scattered throughout the globe. With Jupiter on the Galactic center during this new Moon many opportunities for Knowledge, wisdom and truth are available to everyone. Those able to relate to the earth and all its inhabitants and a loving manner will be able to invite and invoke beings, spirits, energies and entities to enter into the earth plane to bring about change in powerful ways. These people will also be able to dismiss and have depart energies and entities which no longer serve the highest good in the wisest and best interest of all living beings. These fear feeding, fear perpetuating entities who have been residing on earth in whatever form, physical, Spirit, or etheric shall be escorted to other planes of existence where they no longer are able to influence and/or feed off of the fear/chaos energies they have perpetuated here on earth. Will bring about 3-D portals opening on earth causing housing records to appear, resolutions for challenges to appear and create departure and entrance points for multitudes of beings cosmically and in 3-D.  Choices and decisions that are made during this time will come to fruition by October 2019.   Some humans may set things in motion now to depart the earth plane during October 2019.

        Those who are able to see honestly and clearly the ancient Earth karmic truth about what has been and what has the potential to be and wisely utilize this information, shall discover they are given from halls of records alternative paths they may take by following their soul heart’s desire and letting go of the old frameworks that no longer serve them in their lives.  This new Moon sets in motion a powerful rebirth not only for the earth and for humanity but for all of the cosmos as well. That human kingdom is being given The opportunity to once again be a part of the creation story and join in the co-creatorship of the cosmos. Some shall choose to take this step with great delight. Others due to their fear, shall run away Setting in motion their departure to another Earth. It is all free will choice.

        April 19, 2019 is the second consecutive Full Moon in Libra at 3:13 am PST, 6:13 am EST, 11:13 am GMT, 12:13 m EET activating a Grand Cardinal Square.  The sun is in the late Aries activating fire, the moon isn't Lake Libra activating air, the moon’s North node is in the sign of Cancer while the South Node is in Capricorn.  This brings a time of remembering the other earth’s in other times, spaces and dimensions and the beauty that is possible and can be created with Balanced Reciprocity here on this earth in this time space continuum. It is also possible for those who are coming from fear to project out into the world their past fears from other lifetimes and bring it into the present recreating and reliving that trauma, trauma and fear in the present.  Once again it is All free will choice. Those remaining in a heart space of Balanced Reciprocity - the figure 8 flow of giving and receiving with all beings and all aspects of the earth - shall discover that the key to prosperity and abundance as well as ease of flow and movement, joy and ecstasy comes from developing this type of balanced reciprocal relationship with all that is.

        We close the month of April 2019 with transformational energies of a grand water trine bringing in the fourth element, water. The moon is in Scorpio almost on the Scorpio point of avatar - the powerful energies of transformation transmutation and the midpoint between the galactic center and super galactic Center. This avataric energy trining Kronos in Cancer and Lilith in Pisces - who are representing the divine feminine and masculine feelings and emotions are here to communicate confirmations of truth about the past, the present and the future in regards to the undercurrent of war and fighting that has been going on between men and women in multiples of life times and time lines. Through this will come forgiveness and new expressions of love, life and living, as the old wounds begin healing for all.

        The activation of this energy begins April 20, 2019 with Lilith clarifying the misconceptions, misperceptions and out and out lies which have been perpetuated through the myths and story which bound the feminine to earth rather than having her remain connected to the cosmic mother of all creation.  As Lilith brings about greater clarification of the roles of the feminine in this myth and story empowering women and men to reconnect with it and honor it in themselves and each other, the solar father energies shall shift on earth reflecting to all via various sacred portals, spaces and temple sites the solar father wisdom, bringing about huge change in the expressions all the divine masculine energy on Earth returning him to his place as protector, perpetuator and empowerer of Life.

        We Hathors, Tefnuts and Sekhmets shall be close to the earth plane in all times, spaces and dimensions to assist those desiring heart connection and rebirth into Heaven on Earth and throughout the Cosmos.  We Cat Beings are activated through heart felt prayer, gratitude, appreciation, chanting, toning and all sound, be it music, drumming or speaking.  We Cat Beings seek to empower this shift for all Kingdoms in as smooth and easy a manner as possible. 


    The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman