April 2021

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    Energies for April 2021 harken an awakening to the mystery of the Sphinx - representative of the phoenix fire energies of longevity and rebirth.  The energies prevalent throughout all of April 2021 are over lighted by three of the Four Points of Avatar - Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius signifying those aspects.   The fourth point is each member of the Human Kingdom, as all stand now before the Sphinx facing it in the Leo position of honoring Truth as the movement into the Age of Aquarius signifying Balanced Reciprocity with All That Is.  Whether in meditation, dream time or day to day living, each shall be continually queried deep within their Soul Heart, to answer their own personal ‘riddle’ of why they are here. 

    Activation of the Taurus Point of Avatar is by the planet Uranus - bringer of guidance about changes which are necessary for the shifts taking place cosmically, planetarily and personally in a smooth easy manner.  Those open, receptive and flexible to alternative ways of being shall discover a variety of flow within which they are able to discover more of their own soul’s passion, purpose, pleasure and joy on their soul heart journey on earth.  Those shifts and changes may be required, at times quite rapidly, to follow the soul heart’s inner guidance and messages of truth and timing - there shall be an ease of flow and movement as one becomes proficient at being the captain of one’s own ship in the vast sea of life.  

    Those resistant to discovering alternative ways of being within the flow of these cosmic shifts shall experience sudden and disruptive changes in their energies which may act as traumatic triggers which when fed with fear, shall deepen the intensity of reactivity within the nervous system and body.  

    A plethora of portals shall be opening and closing rapidly, everywhere as the Integrals and Creator Kingdoms move about adjusting, tweaking and smoothing out the vibrational energies between Cosmos and Earth.  Some may experience this as ‘walking in two worlds’, being out of time or disconnected from this 3D time space continuum almost as if one is an observer becoming aware of the inter-weaving and inter - connectedness of all things.   

    Those members for the Human Kingdom desirous to become more ‘aware’ and ‘see’ the thin threads of patterns between plants, animals, humans, nature, objects and movement shall begin to notice patterns, rhythms, tones and music everywhere.  As the senses expand beyond the accepted 5 or 6, more and more members of the Human Kingdom shall discover abilities, talents and ways of being which had prior to this been on the other side of the ‘veil’.

    The Aquarian Point of Avatar energies are activated by Saturn signaling a destiny time of harmonization to the Balanced Reciprocity of all beings for each individual member of the Human Kingdom in this time space continuum.  Those resistant to discovering their soul heart’s harmonization with where they live, work, whom they associate, beliefs, habits and patterns and where those are incongruent in order to rebalance, shall find their nervous system ceases to function properly short circuiting plans, schemes and rigidity.  

    As the month progresses openings inter-dimensionally within and outside the heart, caring, love, compassion - physically as well as ethericaly - shall activate electrical impulses firing within the planet and the individual nervous system signaling where there are blockages, resistance or imbalances which require attention.  Toning, chanting, drumming, dancing, music of various types, natural sounds in nature - wind, rain, snow, ocean, waterfalls, creeks, rivers, streams, wild birds, insects and more all serve as tones to assist in the shifts necessary to reharmonize these blocked or resistant areas of the body, mind, psyche, emotions and spirit. 

    Soul Heart passions are amplified with the stellium of planets in Aries, including Chiron, Sun and Venus trining the Moon’s South Node in Sagittarius signaling lots of deep unconscious desires, dreams and connections surfacing catching one unaware or off guard.  The more one is able to bring these unconscious motivations to the surface and acknowledge them, the greatly ability there is to to avoid over reacting and saying or doing something that may activate an unintended outcome.  Awareness in the present moment is key.

    Mars in Gemini conjunct the North Node of the Moon is supporting the ability to make conscious choices and move in directions which offer greater options, possibilities and opportunities.  Its trine to Saturn in Aquarius gives huge support to discovering many more ways of being, living and loving which encourage, empower and facilitate greater numbers of choices in harmonious ways.

    The potential for the discovery of new healing modalities based on sound, vibration, electro magnetic energies and the nervous system, as well as the brain/body partnership shall become a primary modality for healing, wholeness, wellness and health, as the beliefs of practicing medicine move out of the dark ages and into the light taking note of how one feels, what one believes and how one thinks, as well as diet, exercise and reduced stress enhances or detracts from healing.  As the ‘atmosphere’ within which ‘healing’ is done is looked at more closely by patient and clinician alike, the vibrational ‘comfort’ of both shall be taken into full account making the experience more positive with more favorable outcomes for all concerned.

    April 11, 2021 at 6:32 pm PST, 9:32 pm EST, April 12, 2021 at 2:32 am GMT, 3:32 EET is New Moon in Aries conjunct Venus with Mercury and Chiron all adding to the energies.  With Mars in Gemini trine Jupiter in Aquarius it will feel as if a corner is being turned expanding into new directions with multitudes of opportunities for personal empowerment and expression of the Soul Heart’s destiny in ways which are in direct harmony with the earth and the Cosmos.  Those able to align with these energies as Saturn conjuncts the Aquarian Point of Avatar, shall see, sense, feel and know they are moving in harmony to the deep call of their soul heart in fulfillment of their soul’s destiny.  Those still struggling with confusion from the old Age of Pisces restrictions through control, dominance and manipulation may attempt to prevent these expansions and freedoms from becoming actuality, however, the other kingdoms of the earth shall act from a place of neutrality effectively pulling the plug energetically on all fear based operations throughout the world.  This is an excellent time to be open, receptive and accepting of the abundance, prosperity and love that is available to all beings.

    April 26, 2021 at 5 pm PST, 8 pm EST, April 27, 2021 at 1:00 am GMT, 2 am EET is Taurus Cosmic Equinox.  This 48 hour cosmic window activating fully the Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarian Points of Avatar are ‘truth or consequences’ time for every individual member of the Human Kingdom.  It is important now to be honest and truthful with self.  This is a time to harmonize the soul heart destiny with all unconscious deep soul heart’s desire bringing it into 3D manifestation in this time space continuum.  Literally, this is an opportunity to ‘pull a rabbit out of the hat’ so to speak by reaching into other time lines, dimensions, halls of records, and aspects of who one has been and pull what is required into this time space continuum to manifest the soul heart destiny now.  This may be done through meditation, sound or hiking/walking trance meditation.  With Mars having moved into Cancer there is much yang manifestation energy supporting everyone. 

    Full Moon in Scorpio is also April 26, 2021 at 7:33 pm PST, 10:33 pm EST, April 27, 2021 at 3:33 am GMT, 4:33 am EET signaling a time of tremendous shifts etherically as the portals between realms open and close rapidly while all kingdoms of the cosmos are moving in and out making adjustments, fine tuning the orchestra of planet earth with the rest of the cosmos.  The Integrals and Creator beings shall be making deeper contact with those whose soul heart destiny is to deepen their relationship with these Kingdoms.  Today sets in motion the potential for strong 3D shifts during the coming years.  Guidance as to what is possible, what one might do to better harmonize with these shifts and the most nurturing supportive directions to take in following one’s soul heart destiny in new ways shall be shared by guides, guardian angels and way showers.  One need only take the time to attune and listen.

    Caution in sharing communication wise what one receives during April 2021 is encouraged, as messages, symbols and guidance is individual, very personal and not necessarily for groups, others or the masses.  Each individual member of the Human Kingdom is encouraged to delve within, into their own soul heart’s destiny acting upon that guidance.  We Cat Beings honor the soul heart path of each individual and are here to assist the manifestation of that for all.  


In light, love, wisdom, truth and timing,


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman