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April 2022

Copyright February 2, 2022*Mary Elizabeth Hoffman*All Rights Reserved


    The energies for April 2022 are quite the mixture with cosmic vibrational energies of Balanced Reciprocity flowing into the earth and all upon it.  Mind, heart, memory, emotions, responses and perceptions shall require diligence in order to remain present, focused, aware and available moment to moment to harmonize the psyche, body, mind, spirit and emotions within the self with one’s surroundings to remain calm and present responding to the current time space continuum.  

    With Jupiter and Neptune conjunct in late Pisces, confusion as to the wisest expansive direction may become challenging as transformation of past patterns of emotional coping cause reactions to past memory and trauma rather than responses to present day situations.  Those with a tendency to ‘see’ things as black and white, right and wrong, good and bad who have yet to discover how to be the ‘captain’ of their own emotional ship may attract situations which test their calmness, resolve, balance, groundedness and inner knowing so they discover how best to take action in a manner that is in the wisest and best interest of a. 

    Some may be tempted to ‘rebel’ just for the sake of rebelling, emoting, creating chaos and confusion, drama/trauma generating and feeding fear in themselves or others in order to gain a false sense of ‘being in control’.  Great expansion is possible when all limiting frameworks are released from their bonds, making room for greater clarity of vision by releasing old worn out expectations and fears about ‘outcome’.  By trusting one’s Soul Heart it is possible to have strong faith in the Universe to create ways, means and opportunities which are unique for each individual.  No longer is it possible for everything to be reduced to the lowest common denominator. That limiting framework is old Piscean Age energy which is being released to make way for the Aquarian harmonious, life affirming energies of Balanced Reciprocity in all things with all beings harming no.

    With Uranus, planet of destiny change on the Taurus Point of Avatar, multitudes of options, possibilities and opportunities shall fade in and out of 3D reality, which when recognized, grasped and empowered open portals to swiftly manifesting them when done via the guidance of the Soul Heart’s destiny devoid of ego agendas.  The mental, emotional and verbal feeding of these ‘visions’ attract situations and circumstances to facilitate their manifestation quickly, when attuned to.

    During April 2022 Venus, Saturn and Mars are conjunct in Aquarius, the Water Bearer from whose Urn the Cosmic energies flow.  Soul Heart connection with one’s destiny and guidance as to direction to move to attain and manifest these energies are empowered by this powerful stellium. As it flows intensely through the body, the nervous system from head to toe may experience tingling sensations, awarenesses of movement of energies, entities, thoughts, ideas, emotions and concepts from what prior to this had been relegated to the ‘invisible’ realms, shall become common place.  Those who are just opening up their sensitivity to these incoming vibrations may experience feeling ‘crowded’ as if their personal space has been invaded, when in truth these energies, entities, spirits and beings have been there all along, yet totally unacknowledged and unrecognized.  

    Contact may be made by one or more of the various Kingdoms enhancing awareness of other’s thoughts, caresses, whispers or feelings as well as intentions.  Being mindful of thoughts and beliefs which may be conveyed non verbally now to others, whether in close proximity or on the other side of the planet is necessary, as these have the ability to take on a life of their own, expressing in ways one might never have intended.

    Full Moon in late Libra is April 16, 2022 at 10:56 am PST, 1:56 pm EST, 6:56 GMT, 7:56 EET facilitating the projection of the Cosmic Mother of All Creation - Ti’a Ma’at - and the rebirth energies She expresses.  In conjunction with Gaia, the earth mother and Panden, the earth soul spirit, She shall share guidance as to the disintegration of the old and the rebirth and integration of the new in various creative endeavors.  Those desiring to align with these energies may want to seek some creative outlet or ART medium(s) through which to facilitate this process.  Whether canvas, pencils, pens, markers and paints; dance, movement or Tai Chi; writing, speaking, sharing, acting; singing, chanting, toning, drumming or expressing through any musical medium - now is the time to begin daily, expressing the creative Art of Life.  This full moon activates a grand square in the Cardinal signs between the Moon in late Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, The Sun in Aries and Vulcanus in early Leo denoting a time of ‘shining the Light of Truth’ on the Perfected Cosmic Vision discovering new ways of creatively expressing this with caring, compassion and unconditional love for all with harm to none.  

    Mercury and Uranus are conjunct on the Taurus Point of Avatar on this Full Moon signaling a tremendous opportunity to facilitate change through the ‘power of the word’ - whether written, spoken, sung, chanted, whispered, thought, imagined or sent out into the ethers in any form.  Portals shall be opening and closing in response to the words, thoughts, actions and emotions allowing the dismissal of all fear based energies and the empowerment, invitation and invocation of love and life affirming energies.  All is free will choice.  Thoughts and emotions are just as powerful during this time as words spoken aloud in hast.  It is wise during this full moon time - the day of, the day before and the day after the full moon - to monitor all random, thoughts, ideas and emotions so as to feed only that which one truly desires, that are aligned with one’s Soul Heart destiny.  Beware: There are karmic repercussions for the feeding of these energies that are incongruent with your or someone else’s Soul Heart destiny.

    With the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio trine Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, all old traumas, emotional baggage and hidden feelings will be surfacing to be clarified and released - whether to dissipate them or manifest them is free will choice.  This is an opportunity to expand past old emotional patterns which no longer serve in one’s wisest and best interest.

    April 27-28, 2022 is Taurus Cosmic Equinox at 11:36 pm PST, April 28, 2022 at 2:36 am EST, 7:36 am GMT, 8:36 am EET signaling a time of deep Truth manifesting in the soul and psyche of each member of the Human Kingdom.  With Mercury conjunct the Moon’s North Node in Taurus, square Saturn in Aquarius opposing the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio, discovering a sense of harmony within the self and the psyche with one’s past lives is necessary and the internal Halls of Records opens for one’s own personal oracle to speak of Truth.  This is similar to the initiation of Ma’at before Osiris as the initiate’s heart is weighed on her scale with the Feather of Truth.  It is an integration time to recognize the Truth, that one has been on both sides of every equation and many shades of gray in between so that Balanced Reciprocity may be attained within the Soul Heart releasing one from the Karmic Wheel. With Venus, Neptune and Jupiter conjunct in Pisces trining the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio all emotional secrets which one has tried to hide, even from one’s self are re-experienced, felt, integrated and released from all life times and time lines.  This is Cosmic Soul Heart destiny for all.

    April 30, 2022 is New Moon Eclipse in Taurus at 12:28 pm PST, 3:28 pm EST, 8:28 pm GMT, 9:28 pm EET conjunct Uranus on the Taurus Point of Avatar.  Portals continue to open and close in rapid succession bringing change.  When done consciously with awareness and presence, this change is flowing and gradual.  When resisted with a stubborn desire to remain in control, in stasis, stuck, still - sudden and disruptive change appearing to be coming from outside the self arises, as the Soul Heart draws what is required for shift and change.  There may be many who will opt to leave the 3D earth plane rather than release their grip on the old, refusing to change.  The ultimate change is the death of the physical vehicle.  This is a wise time to be open to the new, innovative, unique and different; as if one is in a costume shop trying on outfits to see how they feel and if they are aligned with the newly emerging butterfly who prior to this was a caterpillar.

    We Cat Beings in the forms of Ma’at, Tef’nut, Se’sha’ta, Sekh’met, Thoth, Dje’hu’ti , Hor’us and Hu shall assist, upon request, with any and all integration, clearing and healing processes.  All in unconditional love.


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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