August 2019

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There is a continued clearing of the clouds of chaos, confusion, lack of focus and distorted sense of direction, as each individual member of the Human Kingdom crosses the bridge from the old age of Pisces fear generated energies crossing over their chasm of life times of fear creation onto the shore of unconditional love, harmony vibrational energies of the age of Aquarius.  This shift of letting go of the distorted energies that have used guilt, manipulation, limitation in the name of love and moving into authentic unconditional love energies with no agenda opens wide multitudes of opportunities, personally as well as on a global scale for the creation and coming together of like minded communities whose goal is light, life, love, truth, trust, authenticity, connection, cooperation and clear concise communication is regards to all inter-actions and inter-connections. This offers an opportunity to stop and rest on the life path at this series of crossroads, in order to perceive the multitude of options and possibilities so that the choice of direction and focus is one based on the call of the Soul Heart and Inner Truth Center rather than societal projections or expectations.

    Due to this parting of the fog of confusion grand opportunities both personally and professionally for expansion into new spaces, places, careers, living arrangements, partnerships and cooperatives empowered by integrity, honesty, truth and trust shall emerge organically evolving, shifting and morphing seeking more integral interactions and directions as each individual member of the Human Kingdom seeks to shine the light of truth on their own soul heart and path aligning with it to be come their own sovereign being in passionate connection, cooperation and community in ways which express themselves to the fullest in ways which are in the wisest and best interest of all, disempowering none.  

    Out of this shall emerge a new form of leadership by example, with those honoring their heart felt energies, expressing them fully in a concise manner finding themselves in the forefront as way shower examples of what is possible for all members of the Human Kingdom.  Especially those who are willing to ‘know themselves’ authentically and convey this authenticity by being loving, expressive, vulnerable and open in their dealings with themselves and others.  Balanced Reciprocity of the figure 8 flow in creativity, sharing and communication is enhanced and empowered during the month of August 2019 facilitating the anchoring of a solid foundation for new enterprises based on communicating one’s passion for all life, love and living beings throughout the Cosmos.  This is an excellent time frame in which to draw out potential plans for implementation during the coming six months.  Keeping them flexible rather than rigid and locked in will allow for fluid shifts and further expansive opportunities arriving in September and December 2019.  

    With Vulcanus, Venus and Mercury in Leo trining Chiron in Aires at various times during August 2019 passionate expressions of Truth shall be activated bringing about intense emotional expressions, discussions and sharings facilitating clarification of beliefs, ideas and thoughts as to whether these are ego based or heart based in their origin.  Where personal triggers appear, wisdom and vulnerability in owning them when communicating with others facilitates depth of clarification, trust, love and authenticity generating more intimacy. The stellium of planets in Leo throughout most of August 2019 empowers the Soul Heart’s ability to more clearly perceive its Truth uninfluenced by society, culture, country, family, ethnic or religious background or history.  This is a time when past patterns are dissolving rapidly washing away remembrances of the way things used to be or have been, allowing for new outcomes, new directions, new ways of living, loving and being in connection and community. 

    With two New Moon’s in August 2019 (depending upon where you reside on the globe) this is a bridge month between past and future, feeling like an in-between time for many with high frustration levels being experienced by those who sense big changes are right around the corner, yet are unable to clearly perceive what requires shifting, reordering and reorganizing until the second New Moon at the end of August, early September.  What this presents is two opportunities to anchor in new ideas, one at the beginning of August and another allowing for adjustments or tweaking and fine tuning at the end of August 2019 that continues to unfold well into December 2019 and beyond.

    August 1, 2019, Lammas and the first New Moon of August at 3:13 am PST, 6:13 am, 11:13 am GMT, 12:13 pm EET in Leo activating a stellium of planets, including Venus, Mars and Vulcanus shining the Light of Truth onto all untruths.  This is an opportunity to discover alternative ways in which to transform, transmute and heal ancient as well as current soul wounds, individually and collectively. Sensitivities shall run high causing massive emotional triggers for those unattuned to monitoring their own emotional integrity.  This is a time when honesty with self and others about what is being felt and experienced rather than reactionary responses from past experiences being the norm.  This is an intensely powerful personal growth time for those desiring to experience deeper intimacy and integrity in all their relationships with everyone.  Only in being vulnerable, authentic, honest and in integrity with self is it possible to experience this to any degree with others.  This requires awareness of self, monitoring of feelings and emotions and honesty about what is being triggered so that it may be brought to the surface, cleared, healed and released, once and for all time.  The powerful planets of Pluto and Saturn on the moon’s south node in Capricorn activate the loving energies of caring, compassion and honesty from the Divine Masculine energies expressed out in the world.  This time period shall call for integrity from both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to cease all projections, blame and wounding so that each may become whole loving, respectful energies honoring and caring for each other once again on earth.

    August 15, 2019 is Full Moon in Aquarius at 4:30 am PST, 7:30 am EST, 12:30 pm GMT, 1:30 pm EET.  With the moon in Aquarius opposite the Sun, Venus and Mars the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies are seeking honesty, truth, trust, vulnerability and receptivity between each other in search of a more harmonious form of partnership and relationship which empowers each with unconditional love.  The use of sound, chanting, drumming or music to facilitate finding this balance first within the self and then seeking the reflection of that unconditional love out in the life and world is what this Full Moon energy is all about.  This is a time to become aware of the lies, beliefs, fears and limitations which have been placed upon the Human Kingdom disempowering both men and women, constraining their upward evolution which has generated so much fear, anger and other atrocities.  This is a time to forgive these past transgressions letting them go fully so that each may discover peace and harmony individually and collectively once again creating and generating supportive nurturing loving communities of harmony and support for the highest good of all.  Grand opportunities for expansion and growth are possible in loving relationship for those willing and able to sense, feel, be and love outside the societal boxes formed during the past few centuries in regards to expectations, limitations and ways of interacting.  This is a time of seeking a deeper level of intimacy and vulnerability with self first, then drawing others with whom one may discover deeper more magical secret alchemical possibilities for healing, growth and connection with Source.  

    August 30, 2019 is the second new moon in August at 2:38 am PST, 5:38 am EST, 10:38 am GMT, 11:38 am EET, this time in Virgo activating a powerful stellium of planets in this sign of wholeness, restructuring, reordering and reorganizing.  These include Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus signaling a time when flexibility and fluidity facilitates recreation, rebirth and breaking out of old models and frameworks of being in regards to every aspect of life.  Energies abound facilitating powerful changes creating new directions and heart openings generating more depth of intimacy, truth, trust, hope, love and desire in regards to all interactions with everything and everyone on planet earth.  These New Moon energies are here to facilitate movement out of the old limiting beliefs, frameworks and structures regarding all interactions between humans and all that they interact with - food, water, air, animals, plants, people, where they live on the earth and more.  This is a time when prayers for change shall open portals for restructuring, reordering and reorganizing life and the world into more compassionate nurturing supportive, unconditionally love expressions in work, love and play.  This is a time for the return to the juiciness, joy and pleasure of being alive on earth in this time space continuum.  

    We Hathors are here to assist in this process through the use of sound and gratitude inviting and invoking a passion and love of the life experience on earth.  Way showers shall appear living their Truth in authenticity and integrity acting as catalysts for the return of sacred sexuality and relationship and the  rebirth of cosmic love on earth.  Intimacy (into-me-see) shall become the norm as more and more people seek depth, passion, connection and authenticity in all interactions with each other, whether personal or professional.  The days of pretense and pretending are coming to a close.  The birth of depth of connection expressed n authentic ways shall become a sought out commodity which cannot be faked, pretended or glossed over.  This is a time of discovering depth of integrity and honesty with self and then and only then seeking out like minded-hearted others with whom to share, explore and experience.  

    The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine shall be expressing their desires through those open hearted and willing to act as way showers for this extremely transformational healing energy whose ability to blast through eons of fear, toxicity, blocks, lies and stuckness dynamically altering the psyche from one of constriction and fear to expansion, fullness, richness, juiciness, bliss and joy. This energy for those open to it facilitates the return to pleasure, abundance and joy of life and living stretching the psyche between 3D and 5D actualizing the reality of bringing heaven to earth.  The return of a golden age is possible when these energies are downloaded and integrated into the life.  We Hathors are here to assist in this process for those open to these options and possibilities at your invitation.



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