August 2020

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    Much of the energies for August 2020 will focus on a rethinking, restructuring, reordering and reorganizing of the way things have been done in the past, in all aspects of life, in search of positive alternatives for the present and into the near future.  Whether home, family, community, work, leisure, education, environment, science, medicine, mental, emotional and physical health and well being, relating to all people, places, things, situations and circumstances in new manners shall be necessary.  With all 5 outer planets retrograde - Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus (all earth signs) and Neptune in Pisces (water represented by the two fish whose tails are tied together swimming in opposite directions) the Human Kingdom and the earth is perched on the precipice between what has been and what shall be. 

    This in-between-time calls for a letting go; of old habits, beliefs, patterns, life styles, expectations and limitations set up as frameworks to provide a false semblance of organization, security, structure and control previously.  Each individual member of the Human Kingdom shall be required to go deep within their own Soul Heart opening to become a bridge between Heaven and Earth for their own personal guidance as to the wise changes necessary for their safety, security and happiness.  Those who have developed the habit of prayer or meditation and listening to the guidance of their own Inner Truth Center and acting upon it, devoid of ego, shall discover ways to more easily transition through this in-between- time letting go of the old with one hand and opening the other hand to receive the new.  Since this shift in energies shall be very earth 3D oriented revolving around new discoveries of ways to nurture, support and love self, others and the environment in alternative ways away from the treadmill, the rat race, the go, go, go busy ness of doing rather than being, alternative perspectives rather than ‘one size fits all’ will be required for ease of transition.  

    A process which may be helpful is one in which one symbolically lets go of the old and opens to the new.   A technique the Cat Beings recommend involves finding a quiet place on the edge of a body of moving water - creek, river, lake or ocean.  Take two objects with you that you will be leaving behind that will cause no harm to the environment - one which represents symbolically all which you desire to let go of and the other all the things you desire to draw into your life, all in your and other’s wisest and best interest.  These objects may be a feather, a button, a rock, a penny, part of a granola or chocolate bar, a bit of fruit, nuts, a flower, sea shell or other gifts of nature.  Relax, standing or sitting beside the water taking the object which represents all the things you desire to let of in your life and hold it in your right hand.  You may have a conscious list of ‘things’, people, situations and circumstances you desire to let go or you may opt to allow your soul heart to choose, it it will only activate the letting go of those people, places, things, situations and circumstances which you are ready to let go of that are in your wisest and best interest be released.  Feel the object you have chosen and are holding in your right hand begin to fill with all that you are ready to release and let go.  When you feel the object is so full that it is unable to hold any more, throw it out into the water.  And as it sinks feel yourself continuing to let go and release what ever energy, situation or circumstance that is surrounding you that is no longer serving you wisely.  As you feel this emptying release you may desire to cry, pace, jump up and down, scream into the wind or be completely silent.  It is all good.  When you feel you have let go completely and emptied yourself of the old limiting energies, say a prayer of gratitude, love and acceptance.  After a bit of transition time, next take the object which represents all the loving, caring, nurturing, positive experiences you desire to draw into your life and holding it in your left hand, feel the object filling with these loving accepting desires.  When it feels so full that it is unable to contain any more of these nurturing energies, toss it into the water and as it hits the surface and begins to sink, feel these desires flowing back to you with each wave or movement of the water as it meets the shore.  Be open, receptive and accepting of this loving, nurturing abundance of love and life as it returns to you.  When this feels complete, say a prayer of thanks and gratitude.  (If one is confined to home, the use of various spices and water running in a tub or sink may be utilized in lieu of a natural environment.). This exercise may be done as often as feels wise to do.  It is a process utilized by the priests and priestesses of Philae in days of old, regularly.

    Those who opt to facilitate and flow with the shifts and changes of this in-between-time by letting go of the old and opening to the new shall discover more options, possibilities and opportunities opening to them easily.  Those who resist, hold on to the status quo or demand things remain ‘the same’ desiring to return to the past familiar habits and patterns for security sake, shall discover their soul unconsciously attracts sudden and/or disruptive change in 3D forms requiring immediate response and action.  

    With Chiron in Aries trine the Sun in Leo and Mars in mid Aries throughout August 2020, a plethora of new directions, options and possibilities direction wise for living, working, playing and being shall present themselves. The importance of alternative forms of healing the soul and psyche as well as the physical ‘wounds’ the Human Kingdom has perpetuated on each other for life times shall be presented.  This is a time of healing the trauma perpetuated all over the world as it comes boldly to the attention of those who had been too busy running, chasing and spending time, money and energy on things they were told would bring them happiness and pleasure.  

    With Venus conjunct the Moon’s North Node in Gemini opposing the South Node and the Galactic Center, the opening of the Human Kingdom by the Cosmos ‘to the Heart of the Matter’ is in full flow the first week of August.  As Venus moves into Cancer August 6, 2020 it begins its march towards the opposition of all those retrograde planets in Capricorn into the first week of September 2020.  

    Full Moon August 3, 2020 at 8 am PST, 11 am EST, 4 pm GMT, 5 pm EET brings in a powerful inter-dimensional opening between Heaven and Earth calling on all members of the Human Kingdom and all life on the earth to discover its sense of Truth and Harmony with All throughout the Cosmos, especially on planet earth.  The t-square activated by the planets in cardinal signs (Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn -communicating the passion for all life and all living beings vs money, greed and wealth, Mars in Aries - the sign of new ways of doing things vs war, destruction, the military and death and Mercury in Cancer - the sign of alternative forms of life enhancement, nurturance, abundance, , lack giving and love vs fear, separation and an us against them attitude of division and judgment) shall amplify the stress in these areas of life on a very real 3D level for those who buy into the belief in dyadic rather than triadic ways of being.  Only through opening the heart in an inclusive way is it possible to smoothly transition fully this spirit fire ignition and recognize the Light of Truth in all that is.

    August 18, 2020 at 6:42 pm PST, 9:42 pm EST, August 19, 2020 at 2:42 am GMT, 3:42 am EET is New Moon in late Leo brings intense passion fire energies with a grand fire trine between the Moon’s South Node on the Galactic Center (denoting revelations and downloading of remembrances of the Cosmic Truths unfettered by the ego of the Human Kingdom), Mars in Aries (signaling new directions or a return to the old warlord, greedy ways of death and destruction) and the Sun, Moon and Mercury conjunct all in Leo (bringing fairy tale fantasies of expressing what people desire to hear or the Balanced Reciprocity of the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine Truth that each possesses these ‘power of the word’ energies in connection, cooperation and clear communication within and is responsible for the reality they are co-creating with others and the world around them.  

    As Vulcanus moves into Leo, the energies of shining the ‘light of Truth’ onto all and explosively removing all which blocks, limits or attempts to hide the Universal Truths of inter-connectedness, life affirmation, cooperation and building in ways which are in the wisest and best interest of the earth and all upon it shall be empowered.  There is no longer any place to run, any place to hide or any way to deceive this Vulcan heart passion of honor and respect for all life and all living beings, throughout the Cosmos.

    The frameworks, beliefs and false structures shall be revealed for the truth of what they have become, cash cows to be skimmed off of.  The veils of illusion where intentions, promises and words have been incongruent with outcomes in regards to taking care of and nurturing all of life by government, political and business authorities, education, science, medicine, police and military shall begin their restructuring, reordering and reorganizing to the benefit of all over at least the next 18 months.  Failure to do so brings the Integral Kingdom online to intervene to bring about disintegration and integration of physical realities into Oneness creating harmony, Balanced Reciprocity, harmonic energy and synergy in all aspects of life throughout the Cosmos.

    We Cat Beings are here to assist in easing this transition.  The free will choice is whether to do change in a resisting fearful way or seeking ways to facilitate and flow with the Cosmic shifts which are taking place.  Renewal and tranquility, the Art of living and being integrating all aspects of self - conscious and unconscious - is what being a loving co-creator in the Universe is all about.


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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