August 2021

Copyright June 2, 2021*Mary Elizabeth Hoffman*All Rights Reserved


     From July 24, 2021 to August 22, 2021 the influencing energies on a deep soul heart level are all about discovering the harmony, within and without.  The sensitivity level to all types of energies is high during this time for everyone, with it becoming blatantly obvious where there is harmony and disharmony, personally and professionally within the body, mind, emotions and spirit and in relationship to people, places, things, situations, circumstances and environments.  

    This time period that rather than being about what ego desires, is about what is calling from deep within the soul heart where peace, harmony, connection, cooperation, clear communication and unconditional love abides.  Where these energies abound in relation to self, others, the locale and environment where one lives upon the earth abundance, flow and opportunity follows generating a thriving environment for all beings and nature..  Where there is fear, disharmony, control, manipulation, separation, strife, greed and competitiveness energies that are out of alignment with the Balanced Reciprocity of the Universe, It shall respond in kind, withdrawing the cosmic flow - placing it where it is honored, respected, loved, appreciated, accepted and returned in full measure.  

    Each individual member of the Human Kingdom shall be called upon to discover within themselves, their relationships with the air, earth, water, fire, spirit and ether elementals and its flow of Balanced Reciprocity - giving and receiving.  The more indepth the connection, the more open receptive and accepting the soul heart is to going with the flow, rhythm and tones of Song of All Creation the more ease with which the shifts, changes and new directions, guidance and intuition shall appear.  Trusting in one’s own soul heart, rather than what others espouse is of utmost importance now expressed with unconditional love. 

    Passions, hopes, dreams, desires, beliefs, concepts and ideas shall be plentiful for all, yet like the garter snake who gives birth to hundreds of babies, those truly aligned with the soul heart in this current time space continuum are the ones which shall not only survive, they shall flourish and thrive.  Rather than ‘following the guru’, sales pitch or quick fix schemes in regards to life, life style, career, education and so on this is a time to go within discovering the internal vibration, music of the soul and heart and following its guidance moment by moment each day.  

    August is about seeking the Truth of who one is - inside and out - and releasing the layers of projection foisted onto the spirit in an attempt to smothering that Divine loving Spark within each living entity.  With Mercury and the Sun conjunct in Leo the ability to express, communicate and glean this inner soul truth is open to all who seek it.  With the Balanced Reciprocity and flow of energies from the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine at the Center of the Cosmos, a plethora of fluid, flexible frameworks shall be shared facilitating the creative artist within each being to seek out, discover and express a multitude of options and choices moving from present moment to present moment, while shedding the old clothing, skins, layers of personality overlay and facets of self which disempower, limit and restrict one from spreading their wings and being the divine co-creator with all other kingdoms.

    With two of the four Points of Avatar being activated - the Taurus Point by Uranus and the Moon and the Aquarian Point by Saturn, miracles, inter-dimensional portals, shifts in time, space, place and dimension is all not only possible it is very likely to be experienced by every member of the Human Kingdom.  Some shall welcome these newly discovered gifts, latent talents and abilities connecting their knowledge and experiences to attain true wisdom in the expression of their lives.   Others who are more fearful, less trusting of the own Inner Truth Center and Soul Heart may seek outside themselves for confirmation, verification or denial of these ‘soul openings’ through various diversion, distraction or dampening tactics.  Where these may have given temporary relief in the past, during August and beyond they will bring no such relief.  

    The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine shall have their say as these inter-dimensional portals open bringing with them great opportunities for growth and change.  This is destined to happen with the support and harmony of light, life, love and expansion when accepted, worked with in the flow of Balanced Reciprocity and unconditional love.  Where there is fear and/or resistance the shifts and changes shall begin to show up in 3D as sudden and disruptive, as if generated by outside sources, when in fact, it is the Soul Heart which has drawn these sudden and disruptive changes due to the fear and ego resistance to flowing with the Inner Truth Center’s guidance.  

    Great messages of Truth and Wisdom shall flow in from other times, spaces and dimensions through these inter-dimentional portals, offering not only the familiar either/or extremes and everything in between in an effort to assist the Human Kingdom in discovering the multitudes of options, possibilities and choices available to them individually and collectively as the cosmic co-creators they truly are here to BE.  

    Take time to go within during August 2021 to seek your inner guru, your personal ORACLE within the castle of your Inner Truth Center who is aligned with Source fully.  In so doing, the Balanced Reciprocity of flow and abundance becomes from the Universe becomes a daily reality.

    New Moon in Leo August 8, 2021 on the Leo Point of Avatar opposed by Saturn in Aquarius on the Aquarian Point of Avatar is squared by Uranus in Taurus on the Taurus Point of Avatar at 5:51 am PST, 8:51 am EST, 1:51 pm GMT, 2:51 pm EET over laid with a wide Grand Fire Trine between the Sun and Moon conjunct in Leo, Chiron in Aries and the Moon’s South Node in Sagittarius.  Voices from the past shall share huge amounts of knowledge, wisdom and truth which have been erased, ignored or downplayed by those seeking to dominate, subdue, manipulate and control the power of the co-creatorship of the Human Kingdom.  As more of this is seen due to all Soul Hearts seeking clarity and soul truth - individually and collectively - in regards to all inter-actions, partnerships, relationships, commitments, promises, duties whether personal, governmental, familial, corporal, religious or tribal.  TRUTH has been twisted to suit the desires of those seeking to attain and retain control of the world around them.  Only through Balanced Reciprocity - giving and receiving in the figure 8 flow of the Universe is there pure TRUTH.  All other truth is influenced and biased with hidden and not so hidden agendas of disrespect, dishonoring and lack of authenticity.  

    As  Jupiter in Aquarius retrograde sits opposite Mercury in Leo, many TRUTHS shall be revealed in the co-creative cosmic design of expansion, destiny and empowerment through unconditional love.  The ‘cosmic sounding’ which takes place on this new moon intones the vibrational of unconditional love, light and life.  All that is not so aligned shall begin dissolving and shattering.  Working with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within finding that balance, connection, cooperation and harmony facilitates the expansion into being and expressing the Soul Heart’s Truth fully in wholeness, abundance and unconditional love.

    With Neptune in Pisces opposing Venus in Virgo this New Moon is a time to seek deep within the Soul Heart to feel, know and experience WITH CLARITY devoid of ego, expectations, projections and limitations, what one truly knows, feels and build a creative, flexible, fluid framework through which one may find harmony within the self and with the world.  This soul searching requires the release of ALL previous notions, ideas and beliefs given through family, society, culture, religion, country and education.  All is a form of brain washing that it is time now for the TRUTH to be revealed.  These ‘stories’ have served their purpose in the past and are no longer helpful nor viable for the future of the Human Kingdom.  Recognition of this opens the way for huge opportunities for the Human Kingdom world wide.

    August 22, 2021 is the second consecutive Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter opposing the Sun in Leo at 4:03 am PST, 7:03 am EST, 12:03 pm GMT, 1:03 pm EET with Uranus conjunct the Taurus Point of Avatar.  The balancing harmonizing energies continue to get cranked up on a world wide scale with inter-dimensional portals opening and closing in rapid succession.  BE HERE NOW ! Is necessary if one desires to remain in the current 3D body suit one now occupies.  With Mars and Mercury conjunct in Virgo there is great opportunity to express, draw, plan or bring into being a new path, direction, focus when done with great care to maintain fluidity and flexibility of framework in so doing.  Where there is rigidity, these inter-dimensional portals and elemental beings shall shake the foundations of all that is.  The more rigid and inflexible the greater the explosion or implosion. 

    The use of sound, song, toning, harmonizing, chanting, drumming and dancing shall be extremely beneficial during August 2021.  This is dancing the music of the Cosmos on Earth in celebration of the holiday of Lammas, August 1, when the power of the creative juices flow at their peak within the Cosmos.  We Cat Beings in all our expressions are available to inspire, empower and facilitate the flow of Balanced Reciprocity in unconditional love for all who seek it.  


In light, love, wisdom, truth and timing,


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman