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August 2022

Copyright May 30, 2022 *Mary Elizabeth Hoffman* All Rights Reserved


    A cosmic bell shall be sounded on August 1, 2022 signaling the powerful culmination of energies activating the descent of the Divine Feminine powers of intuition, community, life affirmation, caring and love  into all within the cosmos regardless of gender orientation on this ancient celebration day of old, Lammas.  This coincides with the influx of Cosmic Equinox wisdoms and energies as the portals between the worlds, times, spaces and dimensions - past, present and future - fuse open bringing hope, vision and truth to those open to receiving in Balanced Reciprocity.  Those resistant and unaccepting of the Cosmic flow of change may respond in a variety of ways departing the physical plane through the many pathways now open for those members of the Human Kingdom unable or unwilling to expand beyond their old frameworks, beliefs, ideas and ways of being.

    The potential for a variety of large group departures of members of the Human Kingdom is high, facilitated by the other Kingdoms, as the attunement of earth’s energies aligns even more with that of the Cosmos.  These may manifest as earth changes or dramatic shifts in political, economic, social or diplomatic - quakes in all manner of frameworks and structures worldwide.  Greater forces than those on earth are orchestrating this Cosmic shift.

    For those desirous of remaining connected to 3D expanding into 5D, seeking balance between head and heart, masculine and feminine - that sacred marriage within which crucifies the ego on the symbolic cross within - is necessary to anchor into this current time space continuum in ways which are helpful and joyous. This is doable regardless of what appears to be happening around one or elsewhere. Seeking one’s own Inner Truth Center guidance is in the wisest and best interest during this time of great change. 

    With a grand cross formed between Mars, Uranus and the Moon’s North Node in Taurus, Mercury in Leo, Saturn in Aquarius and the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio the activation of all unresolved shadow, trauma, unconscious projections, fears, worries and concerns shall require harmonization.  This is part of the destiny growth of the Human Kingdom within the Cosmos - individually, group wise and collectively.  Many Truths shall be revealed, as the twists, perversions, manipulations, misinterpretations and misinformation come to light spanning many eons and life times world wide.  New directions and change are inevitable. Whether they manifest in smooth easy ways shall be determined by the level of love, trust and faith or fear, dread and resistance within each individual member of the Human Kingdom.  All is free will choice.

    With the Moon in later Virgo trine Mars, Uranus and the Moon’s North Node in Taurus profound visions, insights and revelations in regards to restructuring, reordering and reorganizing frameworks individually and collectively world wide to bring a greater sense of harmony, abundance and life affirmation to all aspects of life and living is possible during this time.  This continues facilitating Balanced Reciprocity amongst all Kingdoms in incredibly creative enhancing expressions.  

    Venus is in mid Cancer empowering the figure 8 flow of Balanced Reciprocity, nurturance, life affirmation and love while Lilith empowers the expression and communication of the Soul Heart’s passion through unconditional love. The Grand Water Trine between Venus and Lilith (Tia’ma’at - the Mother of All Creation) in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio bring to the forefront ancient wisdoms of flow, harmony and nurturance in greater clarity devoid of the emotional cords and expectations deemed ‘necessary’ by societal rules, regulations, legislation, laws and attempts at tracking and controlling peoples, wealth, knowledge and skills.  This direct disempowerment of the Human Kingdom is rapidly coming to an end, as more and more members of the Human Kingdom align and unite with members of the other Kingdoms - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Integral and Creator - working in partnership and Balanced Reciprocity with them generating harmony, abundance, growth, expansion and prosperity for all.

    This is a powerful time for the creation and manifestation of a new direction for earth and all upon it aligned with the Cosmic harmonies of Balanced Reciprocity in Truth and Trust.  Connecting to one’s Soul Heart destiny during the days leading up to, including, as well as following Lammas - August 1 - facilitates greater clarity and sense of trust in self, life and being on earth now during this time.  Visions and powerful Truths may be revealed, spoken, chanted or intoned  empowering these messages received from deep within the Soul Heart.  This is a time to ‘dance the dreams awake’; the dreams of the Soul Heart rather than the needs, wants, desires or intentions of the ego.

    Visions aligned with all Kingdoms in the wisest and best interest of all the Cosmos shall be nurtured, supported, empowered, expanded and manifested due to the partnership of Balanced Reciprocity with all Kingdoms.  Those members of the Human Kingdom which begin manifesting their visions whose ego aggrandizement, greed or control begin to flower and blossom manifesting within the materialization of them shall swiftly be derailed as the other Kingdoms have declared Balanced Reciprocity or neutralization of energies and support shall be the outcome.  

    August 11, 2022  at 5:36 pm PST, 8:36 pm EST, August 12, 2022 1:36 am GMT, 2:36 am EET is Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct retrograde Saturn signaling a time to once again harmonize and bring into alignment one’s Soul Heart destiny with one’s daily life.  With the Grand square between the Sun in Leo, Uranus, Mars and the Moon’s North Node in Taurus, the Moon and Saturn in Aquarius and the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio all ‘truths’, messages and visions which have been ignored about any misalignment of the Soul Heart’s desire with the day to day life, routine, living arrangements, career or location on planet earth shall become amplified.  With Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus and the Moon’s North Node in Taurus through clear communication, conversation and expression of authentic Soul Heart’s truth, ways to restructure, reorder and reorganize all systems in life so they actually nurture, sustain and support life as they were intended for the betterment of all is possible.  The more open to alternative views, ideas and possibilities all involved remain, the greater solutions shall manifest in 3D enhancing all life and happiness empowering community connection and cooperation without undo compromising or loss of independence or individuality. The ways to co-creatively live, thrive and be shall take into account immediate as well as long range impacts of decisions and choices.  Where visions, plans and schemes have been short sighted, groups, organizations, communities, companies and countries are going to discover the extreme price required to do a reset or end being, altogether. Without Balanced Reciprocity in all aspects of inter-relationship - whether personal or professional - all is doomed to collapse. Only through open ended continuous adjustments, restructuring, reordering, reorganizing, planning, expanding, growing and ever seeking new possibilities is there smooth flow between what has been and what shall be.  Aligning with these energies via the Soul Heart’s Inner Truth Center provides all ‘knowledge’ as to the path that is in the wisest and best interest of the self and all living beings.

    August 27, 2022 at 12:18 am PST, 3:18 am EST, 8:18 am GMT, 9:18 am EET is New Moon in early Virgo trine Eros in Capricorn with Mercury conjunct the Super Galactic Center, a Grand square between Saturn in Aquarius, opposite Venus in Leo, completing the square with Uranus and the Moon’s North Node in Taurus and the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio signaling a huge oracular time the 3 days before and after New Moon.  The days before this New Moon are a time to assess all frameworks and organization with the life questioning its support, nurturance, endurance and survivability. The day of the New Moon is a time for being open to receiving visions, messages, dreams, intuitions and activations pointing the ways to what is possible in the near and distant future. This is a time to ponder what is true in the life, rather than what is desired, wished or hoped for.  A plethora of options, possibilities and choices shall be shown so they may be pondered over during the 3 days following this New Moon as to their ‘charge’ or amount of energy in the present moment to bring into fruition.  Harmonizing the Soul Heart with the realities of the daily life is paramount during this time.  The greater the harmonization the more smooth the path remains.  This is a time of any unfinished karma with self imposed lessons coming home to roost.  

    Tremendous new healing alternatives for clearing up deep seated ancient soul wounds shall make themselves known and available transforming old stuck patterns, trauma and disappointment into a sense of being newly alive - a phoenix born out of the ashes.  This rebirth burns away all dross from limiting beliefs, visions and frameworks opening one to possibilities not considered prior to now.  

    Following the Soul Heart’s passion and guidance moment by moment into all future times and spaces, it is possible to discern which visions received are more immediate in manifestation and which may be set aside for future endeavors.  This avoids frustration in becoming ‘attached’ to certain visions thereby flowing smoothing facilitating the unfoldment in a smooth easy manner of all which has been shown.  

    Writing, drawing, painting or any creative expression working with all the languages and Kingdoms of the Earth shall facilitate the aligning of the 3D self with the Soul Heart’s destiny timing making the flow and transitional changes smooth, easy, joyful, playful, extremely creative and fun.  This is the artistry of the Human soul and spirit at its most open, receptive and accepting to Cosmic input thereby aligning personal timing with Cosmic timing.  

    We Cat Beings in various forms - Ma’at, Sekhmet, Nut, Thoth, Djhutis and Ptah await any and all opportunities to facilitate these Soul Heart energies with the Human Kingdom as Creator Beings and Elementals through the language of Sound and Vibration.  One need only ask and it is done.  


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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