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August 2023

Copyright June 8, 2023 *Mary Elizabeth Hoffman* All Rights Reserved


August 2023 opens with Venus retrograde in late Leo - remaining retrograde until September 3, 2023 - trining the Moon’s North Node signaling a time during which Truth, Love and Passion for all life and all living beings is sought in an effort to discover new ways in which to express and live these energies from a caring, compassionate, integral place opening opportunities for greater depth and intimacy with all life and all beings in all kingdoms of the Cosmos.  As the expansive planet Jupiter with all its moons conjuncts the Taurus Point of Avatar activating portals large and small through which cosmic creative energies of life and love are pouring in new ways - consciously and unconsciously - dreams, visions and desires may be expressed in 3D in a variety of new ways as deep hidden psychic soul fantasies begin to manifest on the earth plane.  Wisdom in what is dreamed, desired, wished for and energetically fed with thoughts, feelings and emotions is important as all have the ability to manifest in 3D in the life and world in the very near future.

Jupiter and the Taurus Point of Avatar are also activating the Moon in Aquarius by square near the Aquarian Point of Avatar, and Ceres and the Sun squared near the Leo Point of Avatar empowering 3 of the 4 Points of Avatar signaling the seeking of ways for each individual to harmonize themselves and their life by expressing truthfully and authentically their soul heart’s destiny so it may be brought into 3D manifestation fully.  

With two full moons in August 2023, the first falling on Lammas, August 1, 2023 (the day of the birth of the goddess/feminine/rebirth/nurturing/caring energies on earth in 3D according to Wiccan/Pagan traditions) is at 10:33 am PST, 1:33 pm EST, 6:33 pm GMT, 7:33 pm EET bringing about high levels of emoting, passion and expression of feelings heightened throughout the month of August 2023.  There shall be expressed intense Gaia messages, portends and warnings - individually and collectively - shining the Light of Truth on that which requires change for the Human Kingdom to continue to co-exist with and on the earth in Balanced Reciprocity.  With Uranus in Taurus trine Pluto retrograded back into Capricorn,  there is tremendous power and passion to bring about change when done so from the soul heart aligned with Source.  Done with personal ego agendas chaos, sudden and disruptive change and dissolution of foundations are probable.  With earth and inter-dimensional portals fully open, shifts are immediately possible when aligned with Source.  Walls, roadblocks, restrictions and limitations are direct signals from the Universe that there are hidden ego agendas out of harmony with Balanced Reciprocity with the flow of Nature and the Cosmos.

August 2023 is a time of shining the ‘light of truth’ individually and collectively upon the Human Kingdom and its interactions and relationship or lack thereof with the earth and all its inhabitants be they mountain, ocean, rock, tree, four legged, winged, creepy crawly or squiggly squirmy.  Balanced Reciprocity shall be restored with the assistance of all other Kingdoms - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Integral, Primordial/Creator and Human. Whether this shall be a traumatic dramatic experience or a flowing flexible cooperative one is up to each individual member of the Human Kingdom. 

With so many outer planets retrograde as the new moon approaches on August 16, 2023 at 1:39 am PST, 4:39 am EST, 9:39 am GMT, 10:39 am EET in late Leo the intensification of seeing and becoming aware of the Truth through the fog, misinformation, hidden agendas and manipulation of stories and history shall increase.  Pluto is retrograde in late Capricorn, Saturn in early Pisces and Neptune in late Pisces signaling a time of finding balance between past and future enabling the transition, change and expansion from the old limiting beliefs, concepts and ideas of the way the Universe and the world is to a more truthful, heart oriented, caring, compassionate way of being, relating and interacting with self, others and all life on planet earth.  With Mercury and Mars conjunct in late Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces, new directions, options, possibilities and ways of bringing about these necessary shifts into Balanced Reciprocity with all the Cosmos shall be shared in a variety of flexible fluid forms.  There shall be no one ‘right’ answer or way for everyone.  Each individual member is now fully self responsible for all actions, decisions, choices and ways of being and shall immediately reap the consequences of these regardless of age or life experience.  True connection, cooperation and clear communication are all key to the success and smooth flow of these energies.  

Two of the four Points of Avatar continue to be activated by Jupiter in Taurus and Venus in Leo bringing in waves of spirit fire energies from deep within the Cosmos to burn away all layers of dross, as fire burns the forests making way for new life.  Take time to listen to your own inner truth center as to possible actions, choices and directions.  The more fluid and flexible one is able to remain without going into fear or panic, the more supported, grounded and loved one shall feel.   This is an experience more of nomadic energies rather than ‘grounding' - movement on 3D earth which is fluid and flexible based on the present moment and what the soul heart and inner truth center guide is wisest.  This may bring about unexpected journeys, trips or moves from one locale to another that had not previously been offered as an opportunity.

Mercury goes retrograde August 23, 2023 until September 14, 2023 in Virgo bringing fluid flexible energies to bear in 3D on earth.  Nothing is anchored, grounded or solid creating a feeling of energies that are disjointed, confused and chaotic.  It is important during this time to make sure one is fully grounded with one’s inner truth center and connection to Source whatever name one puts on that.  Adding to the planetary retrogrades is both Mercury in Virgo and Venus in Leo retrograde simultaneously from August 23, 2023 to September 4, 2023.  During this 23 day period much which has been edited, altered, twisted and misrepresented for personal gain shall come out into the light of day to be cleared, cleansed, healed and forgiven - individually, collectively, culturally and globally.  Invasions, transgressions, dishonoring and disrespect shall be transformed into acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love allowing for a creative variety of expressions of life and living which harm none to prevail on earth. The survival of the human species depends on this.  Messages of what requires restructuring, reordering, reorganizing or total dissolution shall be revealed in not so subtle ways during this time.  

For those attempting to utilize these energies to create, generate and empower fear for control and the feeding of astral entities, the karmic repercussions shall be swift. The Universe, Nature and their Kingdoms are bringing about Balanced Reciprocity with or without the active support or participation of the Human Kingdom.  The Human Kingdom is only one of 7 realms involved in this Cosmic shift in energies.  It is free will choice at to whether members of the Human Kingdom shall actively help or hinder these shifts.  Their role is to assist, however, any may opt out and reap the repercussions of doing so.

The intensification of these Cosmic TRUTHS - rather than ego based biased truths - coming forth culminates with Venus completing its retrograde motion in its last 3 weeks from August 26 to September 13, 2023 conjunct the Leo Point of Avatar.  This is the time of humanity fully facing the Sphinx and answering the ‘riddle’ - why are you here, what is your purpose, is it aligned with Source, the Earth, Nature and all Creation? For those willing and able to face the sphinx and truthfully answer this ‘riddle’ truth, bounty and wisdom shall be received.  The Mother of all Creation - Lilith - Ti’a’ma’at - shall shine the Light of Truth on all that is - throughout eternity. Those with eyes to see, ears to hear and strength of faith and spirit to ask of Her the Truth, shall benefit in what to many shall seem like ‘end times’, as the death of the old and birth of the new mythos takes place cosmically in 3D on earth.

August 30 - 31, 2023 is the second Full Moon this month at 5:38 pm PST, 8:38 pm EST, August 31, 2023 at 1:38 am GMT, 2:38 am EET, this one in Pisces with the Moon conjunct Saturn retrograde and the Sun conjunct Ceres retrograde in Virgo. The t-square between Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, and the moon’s Nodes - North in Aries and south in Libra - along with the continuing opposition of Mars now in Libra on the Super Galactic Center and Neptune retrograde in late Pisces with Jupiter still conjunct the Taurus Point of Avatar and Venus still retrograde conjunct the Leo Point of Avatar brings a time of coercion, as the old Pisces fishes attempt to pull the Human Kingdom in divergent directions, scattering their energies, generating chaos and confusion in order to delay forward motion spiritually.  This appears to be a time when the ‘old guard’ whose agendas were to divide, conquer, separate and disempower shall rear its head in an attempt to derail the life affirming momentum generated and empowered by individuals all over the globe.  More than any other time, prayers and positive energies individually shall make a huge difference, as it dissipates the directed focused energies of chaos and confusion perpetuated by systems no longer viable, life affirming, loving and caring.  Take time now to find your inner truth center within.  Create your own small sacred space or alter on a table, nook or counter top and empower the energies of love and life affirmation, as the other Kingdoms of the earth are taking full notice of those who are contributing to the Balanced Reciprocity and those who are disengaged.  Live in gratitude. Active life affirming members of the Human Kingdom shall be acknowledged and supported by the other Kingdoms for their positive empowering participation in Balanced Reciprocity on earth and throughout the Cosmos.  We Cat Beings in all our forms are here at your invitation to assist, guide and encourage this great transition time on earth, through which We long ago passed.  


In light, love, wisdom, truth and timing,

The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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