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October 2022

Copyright August 8, 2022*Mary Elizabeth Hoffman*All Rights Reserved


    October 2022 opens with lots of flowing energies ricocheting off of each other, so staying grounded and balanced is going to be an absolute necessity during the whole month.  There are a variety of techniques which may be put into practice daily to accomplish this - walking, especially in nature, hugging a tree and just being with it, dancing - with or without a partner, skipping or jumping up and down, swimming - preferably in nature rather than in chlorinated water, sitting or laying on the ground. These are all designed to take one within rather than projecting without, then opening to linking with natural surroundings to act as a conduit for the cosmic energies entering the earth’s atmosphere vibrationally.

    This is a time when it will feel as if each member of the human kingdom is standing at a crossroads with hundreds to thousands of paths spiraling off in front of them like the rays of the sun. It will take grounding, internal connection to YOUR own inner truth center and personal internal focus to discover which paths are the most supported energetically and might be worthy of pursuit in the near future.  This is a discovery time rather than a foundational or building time.. 

    The month of October 2022 is a time of sifting through possibilities which shall begin to be anchored into 3D from 5D and become manifest early in 2023.  Attempting to force rather than flow with the energies shall create frustration, chaos and fear generating blocks, limitations and needless expectations.  Timing is everything now, so try to ‘avoid pushing the river” or the Cosmic Flow of energies.  Be with that flow, attune your soul heart to it, align with your inner destiny and all shall come to be in a smooth easy manner.  

    With Mars in Gemini creating a Grand Trine to Saturn in Aquarius and eventually the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Libra throughout October 2022 a plethora of visions, messages and apparitions shall be experienced by all members of the Human Kingdom. Discernment in all things shall be a necessity in order to remain wisely on one's soul heart path(s). There will be many deceivers attempting to influence way-lay or divide those that are seeking to follow their soul heart’s path. Even one’s own ego attachments, wants, needs or desires could create deception and illusion. Not only with personal choices, relationship choices, and career choices but with choices of about changing locales, health, and the expectations, limitations and cords which have come to be more of a security blanket within society and culture rather than realistically supportive.  Many of the systems that are designed to support and assist all more idealistic at the present time to.assuage the conscience of those who have more than enough and are hoarding than they are practical. 

    This is not a time to follow the crowd, seek a sense of belonging (except within the self and the soul heart’s destiny), listen to the sales pitches or influencers regardless of where they show up - in media, TV, on or off line, books, newspapers or any outlet that does not resonate with your own Inner Truth Center.  Let go and let fall away all that no longer resonates with your own True Inner Beings uninfluenced by outside sources.  Be aware - If it harms none it is aligned with the Soul Heart’s destiny.  ANY guidance designed to deliberately hurt, harm or destroy anything or anyone is out of alignment with the incoming Balanced Reciprocity harmonizing energies.

    October 9, 2022 at 12:56 pm PST, 3:56 pm EST, 8:56 pm GMT, 9:56 pm EET is Full Moon in mid Aries with the Moon conjunct Chiron in Libra creating a T-square to the Sun and Venus in Libra and Hades and Kronos in Cancer. This configuration enhances visions of new forms of healing, wholeness and Balanced Reciprocity possible within and without - individually, collectively and planetarily in more nurturing, supportive and balanced reciprocal ways.  This is a time to go within to balance head and heart with one’s own soul heart destiny rather than seeking to do or be what society, culture, family or friends have projected onto you.  Removing all the layers bit by bit which have been falsely projected onto the soul heart allows the Truth to be seen in all its radiant beauty.

    In so doing, a plethora of options and possibilities shall arise into awareness.  Keep in mind this is not the time to anchor these in - only tether them as if they were a helium balloon for now.  

Watch your course of action, as this is not yet the time to over commit in any direction whatsoever. 

    With Mercury in late Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces it will be as if one is sitting on a mountain top with clouds rolling in and out, first obscuring the vision, then clarifying, then clouding over again.  Communication and asking for what one requires may be challenging especially when done from ego or head rather than the soul heart.  Clarification as to frameworks, structures, belief systems about self and others shall become clear through communing with Gaia as this is her time to hear clearly her partnership messages and commitments to each member of the Human Kingdom.  

This is a wise time to begin keeping a notebook for ideas, drawings, messages, apparitions and experiences allowing a pattern to evolve and show itself.  

    The grand air trine between Mars in late Gemini opposing the Galactic Center, Saturn in Aquarius and the Sun and Venus in Libra gives way to imaginings of all sorts necessitating grounding continually in order to be able to receive and tether the great number of timeline options and possibilities for the near future.  Following the heart, the harmonization, the Balanced Reciprocity of the figure 8 flow between self and all that is requires focus and attention, awareness and clear observation.  

    October 25, 2022 at 2:50 am PST, 5:50 am EST, 10:50 am GMT, 11:50 am EET is New Moon Eclipse in early Scorpio conjunct Venus with three of the Four Points of Avatar activated - Moon’s north node in Taurus conjunct Uranus, Saturn in Aquarius and the Moon’s south node in Scorpio signaling a time to seek all avenues open to transformation, change and new directions. With Lilth - Ti’a’ma’at in t-square to Cupido and Jupiter in Aries she shall be reminding the Human Kingdom of its agreements and commitments evolution wise for both herself, the Cosmos and the Earth, where they have been breached, twisted and perverted and what must be done to rectify the situation for the continuing of the Balanced Reciprocity energies which are life affirming on planet earth.  All kingdoms are prepared ti go completely to neutral when and where necessary to cease the energizing of human kingdom created fear based energies.  Those prone to depending upon these for survival whether in the personal realm, business or global shall discover their sources of energy, seeming control and power waning during the final months of 2022. 

    The stellium in Scorpio of Sun, Moon, Venus and the Moon’s North Node on this transformational new moon creates a portal of flow for those desiring departure from their current physical vehicle.  Staying committed and grounded aligned with the earth and Balanced Reciprocity in all actions, words and deeds shall facilitate revelations as to future path(s) and soul heart destiny,

With Mercury in Libra trine Mars in Gemini the receipt of multitudes of options and possibilities may be downloaded and communicated the day before, day of and day after this powerful new moon.  Keep notes, messages and drawings, though they may not make sense in the moment.  All shall be revealed.  

    October 31, 2022, All Hallows Eve is Cosmic Equinox with a stellium of the Moon’s South Node, Venus, Sun and Mercury in Scorpio setting in motion great transformational energies the day before, day of and day after.  With the continuing activation and t-square of three of the four Points of Avatar - Moon’s South Node in Scorpio, Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus and the Moon’s North Node in Taurus, cosmic and karmic destiny is coming home to roost for all members of the Human Kingdom,  

    With the moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn the visions of manifestation of Heaven on Earth are flowing profoundly.  This is a time to envision with the energies of your soul heart the new expressions of power and self responsibility in Balanced Reciprocity with the earth, all elements, all beings and self.  The heart, will and desire of the ‘dark mother’ Ti’a’ma’at (whom humanity has been taught to fear and flee from) shall be made known to ALL with no intercessors.  As the clarification messages for expansion and transformation are downloaded and accepted by the all, many healing aspects required to engender the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine sacred marriage within shall be revealed.  

    Due to powerful conjunctions taking place in water and earth signs on this Cosmic Equinox Halloween (Sun and mercury in Scorpio, Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces, Moon and Pluto in Capricorn and Moon’s North Node and Uranus in Taurus) emotions and feelings may run extremely high especially for those unfocused and ungrounded seeking direction in the world around them without checking it with the Inner Truth Center Soul Heart.  The potential for necessary earth and water movements are set in motions this day in all dimensions manifesting between All Hallows Eve and spring of 2023.  

    We Cat Beings in all forms and expressions throughout millennia are here to support and assist in Balanced Reciprocity with Soul Heart expression and guidance for what ever is in the wisest and best interest of all beings, the earth and the Cosmos.


In light, love, wisdom, truth and timing,

The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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