December 2019

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    For the first time since February 2019 there is a window of a month with only one retrograde planet, Uranus the planet of change aligned with destiny in the sign of Taurus.  This time from now through first week of January 2020 is one in which changes may be made by conscious free will choice or through the soul drawing these changes from outside the self in the form of sudden and disruptive changes.  It is all free will choice.  However, the shift towards soul growth is happening for all whether in a smooth easy manner with unconditional love or through drama trauma and fear.

    With Uranus retrograde in Taurus for the month of December inter-dimensional portals to other life times, halls of records and other time lines may be accessed.  It is possible for this to happen without awareness causing responses and reactions out of sync with 3D.  Wisdom in accessing these portals consciously through meditation, guided imagery and with the harmony of unconditional love vibration of the heart with the guidance of the Elemental Kingdom through the use of sound, music, dancing, chanting, singing or drumming shall facilitate movement and integration of these powerful energies soul wise in a smooth easy manner.  The Hat’hors are actively participating with all utilizing the vibrational energies of unconditional love in the heart as well as those working with the Elemental Kingdom and their language of sound.  

    Out of body experiences are possible for all members of the Human Kingdom whether done consciously or unconsciously.  Awareness in the present moment of contact with, entrance into or coming upon an inter-dimensional portal prevents any oooppsses that might arise due to the movement quickly in and out of 3D to 5D and return.  Those who are present fully have the ability to avoid accidents, mishaps, misunderstandings and being in places and situations as unconscious participants in the projections, fears or processes of other members of the Human Kingdom.  

    These inter-dimensional portals may be likened to the fairy circle mounds in the British Isles, Northern Europe and Scandinavia portrayed in the Netflix series Outlander.  Many of these portals during this time frame will be off world and as well as other time lines on earth, challenging many to choose when and where they desire to be in their life expression now.  Jumping time lines by all members of the Human Kingdom, whether consciously done or not, is possible from now throughout 2020.  For those unused to these shifts, a variety of reactions and responses are possible.  Attentiveness to self and the present moment with the comprehension that many may be reacting or responding to memories, trauma or actions in other time space overlays is wise.  Being present in one’s presence is an absolute must as chaotic energies may arise suddenly with various members of the Human Kingdom acting out memories rather than responding self responsibly to what is actually taking place.  Projections are apt to be rampant with all members of the Human Kingdom.  Self awareness is an absolute necessity during this time period.

    The powerful opposition between Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Scorpio is harmonized and soothed briefly by the Moon in Aquarius in early December 2019 signaling the importance of awareness of vibrations, energies, sound and the electromagnetic fields of the body which influence the nervous system.  The potential for anyone to experience burnout, short circuit or overwhelm is possible throughout all of December 2019.  It is wise to seek out whatever works to nourish the adrenals, the lymph glands and the nervous system to avoid odd responses to these intense energies on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Diligence in focusing on taking care of one’s self and one’s own personal business, learning and soul work avoids projection onto others and expands the opening and creation of more abundance, joy, ecstasy and unconditional love. 

    With Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn this is a time of great empowerment and communication of the passion for all life and all living beings.  This is the destiny energy of the Soul Heart being reignited upon the earth in all beings, from the largest mammal to the tiniest sub atomic particle.  The power of this unconditional love energy rebirthed fans the flames of the violet fire of the christed unconditional love energy within the heart of all transforming and transmuting fear, attachment and limitation.  Those who feel called may desire to journey to the heart places of the earth’s grid located on each continent.  (In North America, that is located at Cahokia Mound.) The Capricorn Node Point for the planet is the compassion node point for all the earth located at the triad golden right triangle points in the south eastern USA - Pilot Mountain State Park, NC, the Elberton Guidestones in Elberton, GA and the 5 goddess statues known as the Civitas in Rock Hill, SC.  These places are the anchor points for the rebirth of the unconditional love energies for planet earth and humanity and may be worked with to empower and enhance these transformational violet fire heart energies of unconditional love.  (Details of previous work done at these sites is available in the Archives at the website

    December 9, 2019 Mars in Scorpio conjuncts the Scorpio Point of Avatar activating powerful transformational energies bringing forth a series of endings and beginnings deep within the soul heart of the earth and all kingdoms - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Human, Integral and Creator.  These new archetypes representing the new myth, the new story, the rebirth of all that is, are going to the depths of the ocean of creation to bring about this rebirth as the new archetypes of (1) Se’shata the aspect of the All Mother of Creation represented by the illusive snow leopard making her presence felt and known throughout all creation represented as the void, the hidden, the black, the dark, the night, all possibility; (2) the star goddess Nut represented as the leopard brings in energies of the Cosmic Mother facilitating the wisdom of the stretching of the cord of life giving comprehension of divine timing; (3) the World mother Ma’at who weighs the hearts of all against the feather of Truth represented by the powerful jaguar energies mirroring this Truth for all the world to see; (4) the Karmic Mother as the cord cutting, releasing and healing energies of Sekhmet the black panther who clears away old belief debris from all time lines in all times, spaces and dimensions; and (5) the Earth Mother, represented as Isis, Hat’hor, the cougar, mountain lion, lioness, the igniter of the spark of life within the soul heart of each member of the Human Kingdom, she who is the keeper of home, hearth and the flame of love, family and community with depth, passion, juiciness, joy, sexuality and sensuality.  All come forth to empower the energies of unconditional love in all their expressions on earth and throughout the Cosmos.  These Cat Beings shall act as guides and way showers for years to come.

    December 11, 2019 Full Moon in Gemini at 9:13 pm PST, December 12, 2019 at 12:13 am EST, 5:19 am GMT, 6:19 am EET with a stellium of planets in Capricorn (Pluto, Venus, Saturn, Moon’s South Node, Jupiter and Eros) signaling a profound palpable influx of Eros heart expansion explosive energies blasting away all residue of fear, attachment and limitation in the hearts of all beings.  Those in resistance may experience their hearts breaking open on many levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - resulting in some opting to transition from their 3D body instead of becoming the bridge between spirit and matter anchoring the heart energies into the earth.  This is a time when there is the potential for the breaking open of the North American continental heart point at Cahokia Mound.  This may be experienced on a variety of levels as all beings assist in the anchoring of the spirit of unconditional love into matter on earth.  The Capricorn compassion node point for the planetary grid located in the Southeastern USA shall be activated pulsing out these heart energies all over the globe carried on the impulses of the granite quarried from the open mine in Elberton, GA.  As the amplitude of these vibrational energies increases pulsing out from the triad points of the Capricorn Node for the planet, those who are sensitive will be able to hear the shifts of the humming electromagnetic fields within and without.

The t-square between the Sun in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces and the Moon in Gemini demands the release of the old traditions, limitations and restrictions placed upon the Human Kingdom in its expressions of fear pushing for release, breakthrough, clarification, faith, hope and love.

Breath, sound and massage shall be useful modalities for opening the heart to release all ancient trauma stored there.  Dancing, movement and expression of emotions and feelings releasing them fully shall facilitate an easy rebirth.

    December 25, 2019 New Moon Eclipse in early Capricorn at 9:14 pm PST, December 26, 2019 at 12:14 am EST, 5:14 GMT, 6:14 EET empowered by the stellium of planets in Capricorn (Pluto, Saturn, Moon’s North Node, Jupiter, Sun and Moon) with Venus in Aquarius acting as a heart harmonizer for these tremendously powerful heart energies pouring into planet earth and all that reside upon it.  This is transformation into a new direction for all of creation.  Toning, music, and sound shall bring either harmony and hope or dissonance and resistance.  All is free will choice.  Those able to surrender to the soul heart’s desire for unconditional love shall discover they are immediately attuned to these new vibrational energies within and without and shall ease into this expansive rebirth with joy, ecstasy, pleasure and bliss.  Those holding on to fears, beliefs and limiting frameworks shall experience excruciating pain that if breathed through shall dissipate opening the mind, body and spirit to love, truth and trust.  With Mercury conjunct the Galactic Center messages of knowledge, wisdom, truth and direction shall be available to all those able to surrender to their heart’s inner knowing.  These may come as dreams, in meditation or from those in the vacinity.  Listen with your heart, trusting its message, acting upon its guidance in the moment.

    We Cat Beings are here with loving hearts to guide and assist those seeking unconditional love expression.  Invite and invoke us with open hearts of love.


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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