December 2020

Copyright September 2, 2020*Mary Elizabeth Hoffman*All Rights Reserved


    December 2020 begins with a grand fire trine with Sun in Sagittarius, Vulcanus in Leo and Chiron in Aries signaling a time of great passion, burning away the dross, layers, deceptions and untruths about what the yang/masculine manifestation energies really are when aligned with Source fully expressing from Divine Soul Heart.  These manifestation yang energies comprise every member of the Human Kingdom regardless of physical 3D gender body.  Consequently, this is a time of reckoning, seeking to be aware of the distortions perpetuated by fear, division and greed vying for the control of the Human Spirit.  

    The wisdom of the Divine Masculine energies aligned with a caring and loving heart seek now to express this in everyday life, honoring self and others in so doing.  The sanctity of life for all beings becomes once again a sacred vow as Venus conjuncts the Scorpio Point of Avatar transforming, transmuting and bringing into the light of day the tools, techniques, information, action and wisdom required to bring about true change of heart, mind, soul and spirit within all beings.  

    This is the beginning of 333 days of Oracular Revelations in which all beings on earth shall be in receipt of this influx of vibrational energies in an effort to fine tune all in the orchestra of life here on earth into a harmonious, connected, cooperative, caring, loving whole; each individuated with their own tools, talents, techniques, knowledge, wisdom, gifts and experience to share with all.  The use of sound, toning, music, nature, rhythm, chanting, drumming and movement shall facilitate the release of blocks, fears, limitations, needs, dependencies and expectations bringing about the release of these in a smooth easy manner - so the incoming tones, vibrations and unconditional love of life and all beings is more easily able to flow through penetrating every cell with the Music of the Spheres.  

    During December 2020 it is wise to focus on the present, being open to all future potentials.  This enhances the ability to avoid gettin pulled into past memories, scenarios, worries and fears.  This is a time when the Creator Beings are intently listening and heeding that which is empowered with word, thought and emotion having no thought or judgement as to the intention of the individual involved.  Therefore, whatever one spends time, energy, effort and intent empowering with thought, word or feeling is being taken as a universal request by the Creator Beings for the fulfillment of them.  

    Aligning with one’s soul heart, inner truth center and connection to Source empowers the ability to surrender to the universal flow of guidance making room for the reception of the abundance and love in a much quicker, more smooth way than attempting to ‘make’ it happen or control it to ‘be’ what is demanded.  The actions and steps necessary to draw the abundance and love into the life and the world come from connecting with and acting upon the guidance of one’s soul heart and inner Truth Center aligned with Spirit.  Harm comes only when ego is involved.  

    Due to the Venus connection with the Scorpio Point of Avatar during December 2020, the heart action of unconditional love has the ability to transform and transmute any and all divisive situations and circumstances.  Only when fear is invoked, expressed or empowered in any form - be it anger, frustration, resentment, hatred, deflection or lies - is it possible for changes to be stopped, altered or limited by anything or anyone.  These fear based energies no longer have power, sway or influence when pure unconditional love is encountered.

    The lunar energies deep within the soul heart of the earth and all upon it are directly aligned with and receiving more triadic, trinity, triangular perceptions of all situations and circumstances allowing the envisioning of unlimited options, possibilities and paths which are soul heart aligned.  Though the mind has the ability to access much, the heart of the triadic energies opens spaces, places, perceptions and multitudes of paths heretofore unseeable with the limiting dichotomy of perception that sees all as black and white, right and wrong, good and bad, yin and yang - separation division energies.  Within nature and all of live there actually are no opposites, all is within and a part of each, with many shades in between.  

    As the earth moves rapidly toward receiving the vibrations of the incoming Age of Aquarius represented with harmony and truth for all, the Human Kingdom is here now to remember its commitment for enrollment in the schoolhouse of earth.  The Human Kingdom is the conduit, the connector, between Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter, Love and Being.  As these energies infuse every particle of earth’s atmosphere each individual member is here to attune to their purpose, the space they are here to hold, as a conduit during this major influx of wisdom energy in the facilitation of creating a new myth, a new story and activate the 12 gates of the New Jerusalem around the globe as all the earth becomes sacred and every act and action upon it a ritual, ceremony and celebration of life, light and love.

    December 14, 2020 is New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius aligning with the Galactic Center conjunct Mercury at 8:16 am PST, 11:16 am EST, 4:16 pm GMT, 5:16 EET signaling a time of deeper intimacy, knowledge, wisdom and truth pouring into the earth as the Human Kingdom discovers the pleasures, possibilities and abundance associated with surrender to the Higher call of Spirit as each remembers their commitment to be a conduit of love between cosmos and earth during this time.  This is a surrendering to Divine spirit, one’s own inner truth center, rather then the surrendering to those desiring to act as parental/dictator figures claiming to know what is wisest and best.  This comes only through SELF and personal intimate connection to the Divine, along.  The activation of the wisdom of the Star of David, the balance of yin and yang, - the spinning merkabah connected in all times, spaces and dimensions - shall act as a glowing activator of the creation energies spinning outward from its core.  

    With Mercury in Sagittarius trine Mars in Aries a plethora of new directions, options, possibilities and ways of connecting, cooperating, communicating, caring and love shall be revealed.  Those based on the wisest and best interest of all beings from the heart shall prosper, flow and grow so long as they remain true to Source and the guidance from the heart and Inner Truth Center.  When and wherever greed, control, manipulation and fear enter, the dissolution of the direction, option or possibility is guaranteed.  Communication of and harmony with the passion for all life and all living beings all over the earth ensures success.  Agendas based on lack or fear shall bring things crashing down quickly.

    December 15 to 29, 2020 brings the beginning activation of planetary synchronicity and the fulfillment of the second Pentecost with the third Jupiter Saturn conjunction in late Capricorn on the cusp of them entering Aquarius.  “As the three Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in Pisces in 7 BC heralded the Christed One’s appearance over two thousand years ago, so the same gathering this time in Aquarius will bring the fulfillment of prophecy - the Christed energy shall begin to descend on all people everywhere.  For those who accept it, they will find they are moving together in the flow of Being in ONE.  The lesson will be to stop trying to make events happen and instead be a part of the unfolding global synchronicity.” Joseph Robert Jochmans.

    December 29-30, 2020 - Full Moon in Cancer at 7:29 pm PST, 10:29 pm EST, December 30 at 3:29 am GMT, 4:29 am EET, as Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in early Aquarius.  This is a time to sing the songs of New Creation invoking the sounds and vibrations of the loving destiny energies on earth in a powerful passionate deep soul heart way.  This is also a time for those members of the Human Kingdom desirous of doing so to begin working with the Integral Kingdom and its members, inviting and invoking their guidance, assistance and love as needed wherever they are located on earth.  Virgos and those with strong Virgo aspects in their charts will find themselves being called to ‘hold space’ for integration, forgiveness and healing of toxicity within the previous masculine/feminine, as well as all other opposing paradigms - speaking Truth powerfully, potently and penetratingly.  Much transformation begins now carrying over into the next decade to transform and transmute the soul wounds in both the feminine and masculine into the divine aspects they are destined to become.  This is a TRUE rebirth for both aspects within the soul heart of each individual member of the Human Kingdom.  Gentle loving energy spaces held for self and all the Human Kingdom through prayer, song, dance and music in celebration of this rebirth of divine love on earth is truly a new year’s celebration to carry into the coming year.


In light, love, wisdom, truth and timing,



The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman