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 December 2023

Copyright August 6, 2023*Mary Elizabeth Hoffman* All Rights Reserved

December 2023 is overlain all month by a Grand Square in Cardinal signs between Pluto in late Capricorn, Venus and the Moon’s South Node in Libra, the Moon’s North Node in Aries and the Moon itself in Cancer. These intense lunar energies could potentially bring about much emotional confusion for those easily influenced by ego, people pleasing, imbalanced with the Cosmic flow or needy, fearful and dependent.

Alignment with one’s Soul Heart and Inner Truth Center is necessary to avoid emotional chaos and confusion. Deep seated emotional memories and trauma from this, other life times and alternate time lines may surface, disappear, reappear or fade in and out for those who have yet to integrate all facets and aspects of themselves fully.  This could lead to disorientation, confusion and doubts about one’s sanity.

With Mercury conjunct the Galactic Center downloads of knowledge, wisdom, truth and information shall be pouring in necessitating outlets for their expression.  This is a great time to journal or express through any and all creative outlets - art, music, dance, sound, chanting, drumming, toning.  Adding to these Cosmic energies the Sun and Mars conjunct in early Sagittarius amplified by four black holes opposing Admetos and squaring Saturn (finally direct in motion) accentuating the wisdom in discovering alternatives which are more integral, integrative, fluid and open ended rather than the either/or, black/white, right/wrong divisive separation divisions which alienate those with alternative adaptive ways of being, doing and expressing.  It is unwise to attempt to solidify, anchor, build or block these visions, dreams, meditations and ideas; this is a time to record, catalog and categorize them for safe keeping and future reference.  Keeping a diary, notebook or journal in which to write or sketch is useful at this time.

This is a time of seeking awareness of the plethora of pathways, options and possibilities of roads less traveled which may be taken, rather than locking down, anchoring in or solidifying one’s stance whether personally or professionally.  Releasing the ‘shoulds’, ‘oughts’, ‘musts’ and seeking expressions more outside the boxes the Human Kingdom has constructed to feel safe and secure brings with it more wise perceptions which offer greater opportunity, abundance and alignment with the earth, the kingdoms and the Cosmos.  These more life affirming, long range visions express the love, beauty and creativity of all Kingdoms in their partnerships with each other.  

The Moon in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces amplifies the strong desire to attain and maintain clarity, Balanced Reciprocity and flow in the face of the Grand Cardinal square challenges to remaining open and receptive to the flow of possibilities rather than reacting with emotional chaos and confusion to how things ‘appear’ rather than assessing and perceiving clearly how they really ARE.  This is a time to flow, collecting ideas, possibilities and options rather than making decisions, choices and commitments.

The tendency to want to solidify, anchor, construct or build shall emotionally be high which may lead to scattered energies similar to that of a chicken running around after its head is cut off. Flow is quite different from chaos, scattering of energies and reactionary responses.  The flow of Balanced Reciprocity comes with the understanding and wisdom that even the wisest choice made at an unwise time may create an undesired outcome.  Collecting of fluid concepts, ideas and frameworks is the destiny of the Kingdoms at this juncture.  These Jewels of Truth have a great many facets to be gleaned towards the end of December and into the coming year.  

December 12, 2023 is New Moon in late Sagittarius at 3:32 pm PST, 6:32 pm EST, 11:32 pm GMT, December 13, 2023 at 12:32 am EET in a wide conjunction to the Galactic Center squares Neptune in Pisces amplifying the necessity for groundedness and full ‘presence in the present’ for all members of all Kingdoms including the Human Kingdom.  The Elven Realm, Dragon Realm and other Kingdoms as well as Ti’a’Ma’at are bringing intense clarity to bare - in visions, apparitions, dreams and meditations - if Humanity is open to seeing TRUTH. The trine of this New Moon in Sagittarius to the Moon’s north Node in Aries bodes well for the full expression of the ‘spirit fire’ energy initiation bringing about a great purification.  The rebalancing begun at the behest of Ti’a’ma’at by the Elven and Dragon Realms once set in motion cannot be stopped until it plays itself out during the coming year.  

  With Jupiter in Taurus retrograde opposite Venus in Scorpio portals and openings designed to transform, transmute, change and alter seemingly volatile situations shall present themselves when the soul heart energies are fully engaged and expressed.  The more aligned one remains with their Inner Truth Center and Soul Heart’s destiny the more smoothly and easily the transformations, transmutations, alterations and changes express themselves.

December 13, 2023 Mercury goes retrograde in early Capricorn entering Sagittarius and conjunction with the Galactic Center on December 24, 2023 remaining retrograde until January 2, 2024. This continues to amplify the New Moon energies set in motion regarding the Cosmic Truths of Balanced Reciprocity, issues with understanding true power, self responsibility, integrity, authenticity and flow.  The downloads continue as Halls of Records information both personal, planetary and cosmic continues to pour into the psyche and consciousness of the Human Kingdom as well as all other Kingdoms in a great purge of fear and untruths.  This purging continues well into January and February of 2024.

December 21, 2023 is earth solstice at 7:29 pm PST, 10:29 pm EST, December 22, 2023 at 3:29 am GMT, 4:29 am EET when the Sun, Mercury retrograde and Cupido conjunct in a powerful triad in early Capricorn in wide conjunction to the Galactic Center continuing to amplify the energies of communicating one’s passion for all life and all beings in Balanced Reciprocity.  Overlaying the Cosmic downloading of Wisdom, Truth and Timing is a t-square between the moon’s nodes and Pluto in Capricorn, a t-square between Venus in Scorpio, Lilith in Leo and Uranus in Taurus and a wide water trine between Venus in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Hades and Kronos in Cancer all seeking to share their perceptions with all members of the Human Kingdom.  Like some members of the Human Kingdom, these beings too have hidden agendas.  Wisdom in sifting through what aligns with your Soul Heart’s destiny requires quiet time alone in order to glean cosmic/earth wisdom in expansive, life affirming, caring, compassionate ways.  Those psychically or emotionally overwhelmed by this influx of knowledge, wisdom and truth whose personal agendas are incongruent with what has been received may utilize the early Saturn in Pisces forward motion energies to choose to cross the rainbow bridge transitioning from their physical body now or during the coming six months.

December 26, 2023 is Full Moon in early Cancer at 4:34 pm PST, 7:34 pm EST, December 27, 2023 at 12:34 am GMT, 1:34 am EET sets in motion another Grand Square in Cardinal signs just before New Year’s Eve. With the Sun in Capricorn trine Jupiter retrograde in Taurus this full moon demands expansion out of restriction of life force energies into the figure 8 flow of Balanced Reciprocity energies in all endeavors of life.  With Mercury still retrograde in Sagittarius conjunct Mars both conjunct the Galactic Center the overwhelming push to download as much knowledge, wisdom, truth, guidance and Halls of Records information for future reference takes precedence over all ‘holiday’ obligations.  This is a time to seek quiet and solitude and the Soul Heart’s Truth and destiny devoid of ego, expectations by self or others, society, culture, limitations or security needs of the mind and ego.  As the Moon in Cancer moves forward through its sign to create an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn and a square to its Nodes in Libra and Aries as the New Year approaches, it is critically important to fess out what one values, who and what is important in the life and what one’s sense of purpose for being upon the earth plane in 3D really means.  Energies of gratitude for what one values shall multiply what is valued manifesting great abundance, balanced reciprocity, love and flow.  


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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