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February 2019

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The month of February 2019 is all about receiving messages, guidance and communication from the earth deities in the local area in which you live.  The Panden, earth soul spirit and the Gaia, earth mother energies shall be sharing information about ways to align with the earth locale where each individual member of the Human Kingdom resides for greatest ease of alignment, flow and abundance. 

    Guidance as to knowledge and wisdom for expansive growth shall be imparted by various symbolic representatives of the feminine goddess energies from the past bringing clarity as to what is best let go, what is taking place in the present and where the visions for the future lay.  The challenge for each member of the Human Kingdom shall be residing in the present, the now, aware of past lessons, yet focused on future paths and directions in love.  Holding on to past attachments, fears, limitations, needs or expectation shall restrict one’s options for the present/future.

    Releasing age old wounds, biases, hurts and transgressions shall make way for the realization of the many and varied positive loving directions open to all.  Clinging to out-moded responses, reactions and beliefs brings limitation and feeds fear.  Releasing ties which bind, restrict and restrain which are fear based opens a plethora of options and possibilities which may be expanded exponentially through following one’s Soul Heart guidance,  Harming none.

    February 2019 is a time for receiving feminine yin goddess oriented oracle messages individually, locally and globally. These deal with community, home, family and tribe.  Many shall become more sensitive to their surroundings causing them to seek out their ‘family’ vibrationally.  All shall be in search of where they ‘belong’.  Seeking out like mind and heart people who represent family of choice rather than blood shall be the impetus.  Coercing, trying to convince or persuade other’s to one’s point of view shows lack of integration and insecurity about one’s chosen path.  Follow your heart and all else shall follow.

    Words, prayers, tones, sounds, music all shall have a profound affect on the human psyche during this time.  As the Solar Father and Cosmic Mother share their harmonious, loving, cooperative vision for the earth and all kingdoms upon it.  These beings shall be intoning their harmonious healing energies upon the earth and all its inhabitants in an effort to bring the loving empowering heart energies forward for all to see, hear and express fully.

    Messages as to ways to attain and maintain the wise balance between 3D earth and cosmic flow for total harmony, abundance and love shall be shared with all open to receiving it.  The earth elementals shall be extremely active seeking to connect and communicate with the Human Kingdom in an effort to work cooperatively together in the wisest and best interest of all living beings.  Making friends with the local earth elementals in your area is wise to do now.

    The moon’s nodes in Cancer and Capricorn square Mars and Uranus in Aries through the first couple of weeks of February 2019 signals the necessity of discovering new more empowering ways to bring about change that is in the wisest and best interest of all through the balance of head and heart, physical and emotional, nurturance and love.  During this time a great many new ways of seeing, feeling, hearing and perceiving shall present themselves.  The more open and receptive to heretofore unconsidered options, directions and possibilities one is able to be, the greater the number of choices, paths and directions open for facilitating change into new empowering directions for all beings.  

    February 4, 2019 at 1:04 pm PST, 4:04 pm EST, 9:04 pm GMT, 10:04 pm EET is New Moon in Aquarius with Mercury and Lilith empowering these harmonizing Aquarian energies pouring forth from the Urn of Cosmic Creation.  As Venus enters early Capricorn, a huge planetary heart opening shall take place affecting all that resides on earth in 3D and beyond bringing about either a heart opening or a heart break, dependent upon whether the focus is love or fear, appreciation and gratitude or lack and loss. Each New and Full Moon through March 2019 activates the asteroids of Cupido and Vulcanus constantly activating greater depth of heart felt feelings and emotions.  

    February 4, 2019 to February 14, 2020 is the activation of the 19th inter new moon period in the earth’s crystalline grid activation and the opening of the Algan Atlantean Halls of Records along with the co-creation and manifestation of the Alexandrite Etheric Gemstone Temple above St Helena Island in the mid Atlantic between South America and Africa.  This tiny volcanic island is the anchor point for the co-creation and manifestation of the new Alexandrite etheric gemstone temple.  It has been in history a stop off point for travelers from many sailing vessels around the globe.  It now anchors in the energies as a stop off point for those traveling into and out of the earth plane as well as those seeking shelter from all the shifts, changes and storms of life.  It represents the in-between in regards to past and future, a threshold between what has been and what is yet becoming.  Utilizing the gemstone elixer of Alexandrite or the stone itself, visualizing or imagining its purple blue crystalline essence shall ease any stress related to the rapid speed with which things are happening, altering and changing within the life.  

    Though most natural alexandrite has long since been mined to extinction, there are beautiful powerful ‘enhanced’ alexandrite stones in the middle east and Egypt which may be worked with to ease the stress of too rapidly shifting energies. Lavendar blue stones like lapidolite and blue lotus energies will enhance relaxation facilitating rest and sleep.  Listening to soothing toning music without language such as that done by Tom Kenyon (www.tomkenyon.com) and focusing on appreciation and gratitude shall assist in weathering the constant shifts in energies, in the self, the people around one and in the world at large.

    February 19, 2019 at 7:54 am PST, 10:54 am EST, 3:54 pm GMT, 4:54 EET is the fourth Full Moon at zero degrees of its sign, this time in Virgo, mutable earth.  The last remnants of the departing Age of Pisces shall desperately attempt to influence people, with fear and intimidation if necessary, to return to the past, the old ways, renouncing all soul growth progress which has been made. With the asteroids Cupido and Vulcanus aspecting this solar/lunar energy passions shall run high causing those who are insecure in their beliefs, philosophy or way of being on earth to attempt to persuade, convince and influence others to their desires, by force in some cases.  This shall activate responses from within the earth, causing those who seek outside themselves for stability and security to feel as if the world and earth is moving like shifting sands under their feet.  It shall be necessary for each individual member of the Human Kingdom to find within themselves a safe haven or harbor from the constant storms brewing within, around and upon the earth in 3D and many other dimensions.We Hathors, Tefnuts and Sekhmets shall share guidance, tools, techniques and visions with those open to receiving these.  All that is required is a sincere request and it is done.


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman