February 2020

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On a heart, emotional, feeling level the month of February 2020 is about opening to change in how love, eros and relationship energies are expressed.  Whether this energy shall manifest as a smooth easy transition of change through clear connection, concise communication of wants, needs or desires and sharing of feelings and emotions or through sudden, disruptive outbursts triggered by past traumatic situations or patterns is free will choice.  

    This is a powerful destiny time when caring, compassion (communicating passion for all life and all beings) and clear concise communication all come together in the facilitation of more in-depth, intimate, authentic ways of inter-acting or coming together with an-other or others - whether associates, mentors, business partners, neighbors, friends, family members, spouses or lovers.  Since  relationship includes interactions with environment, locale, ingestion (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually), clothing, transportation and all which is part of the immediate world in one’s vicinity each member of the Human Kingdom shall be seeking to discover what requires change or alteration for their true Soul Heart’s desires to be fulfilled.  This fulfillment comes from within rather than without, yet shall require shifts, changes and alterations both within and without.

    How each member of the Human Kingdom relates and interacts from a heart level shall require a deeper comprehension of discovering alternatives or third points of synthesis - greater options and possibilities rather than extremes of either/or, black/white, good/bad, male/female opposites.  Polarization shall no longer be an option as each member of the Human Kingdom is destined to discover alternative options and choices - third points of synthesis between opposites creating triadic multi-optioned ways of seeing, perceiving and being through connection to the Soul Heart within.  Without this integration into discovering the triangular, trinity, third point of synthesis in all interactions, inter- relating and relationship, confusion, frustration and power struggles are apt to manifest in any and all inter-actions.

    This feeling of ‘hitting the wall’ brings realization that unless the extremes are released and alternatives sought, the partnerships, relationships and interactions are destined for closure and ending.  For those unwilling or unable to shift into alternative options, ways of being, seeing and inter-relating any discussion, sharing and interchange shall become impossible requiring releasing and letting go of that connection.  This refusal to shift, change and seek alternative ways of inter-relating shall bring closure and endings whether in the form of emotional drama/trauma or a departure in proximity.  

    Authenticity, integrity and honesty with self and others shall be necessary for the heart openings of communicating passion for all to be expressed in an unconditionally loving manner without expectation, need, dependency, demand, limitation or projection.  Each individual member of the Human Kingdom shall find it necessary to go within first to assess their independent love of self, their soul heart’s path and their destiny and who and what enhances this in loving, supportive, nurturing ways.  In so doing, each shall then be in a clear position to share this with others with whom they seek deeper levels of intimacy, connection, cooperation and communication on a Soul Heart level.  Projection of unintegrated trauma into the environment whether onto people, places, things, situations and circumstances shall no longer be a part of connection for those vibrating from the Soul Heart’s destiny level.  Those who choose to continue the practice of seeking to blame others for their life’s circumstances shall discover this is no longer acceptable behavior.  

    This heart influx energy for the month of February 2020 is about the maturation of the Human Kingdom from rebellious teenager to self responsible co-creator in life and the world.  This is an ultimate bridge time between past ways of relating created, empowered and perverted during the Age of Pisces which perpetuate victim/perpetrator scenarios to being fully present in the NOW seeking alternative ways of interaction and relationship which allow for true sovereignty, indepen-dence and authenticity while expressing deep unconditional love, intimacy and beingness for the good of all.  Instead of a selfish, self centered way of interacting and relating a more responsible, responsive, empowering, integral way of being in the present moment as co-creator with self and others comes into being based on the desire for unconditional love and happiness for all.

    February 8, 2020 at 11:34 pm PST, February 9, 2020 at 2:34 EST, 7:34 am GMT, 8:34 am EET is Full Moon in late Leo bi-quintile Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn signaling a powerful truth or consequences time within the Human Kingdom on earth.  Those aligned and seeking vibrational harmony with the incoming influx of energies of the new archetypes of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine expressions shall discover the power, wisdom and knowledge within their own inner Halls of Records to move fully in the directions of living, participating and being in more sovereign, empowering, non possessive unconditionally loving, responsible and responsive relationships personally and professionally so that all inter-actions bring growth, expansion, harmony, depth and deeper intimacy with self, spirit and others.  Ways to enhance these incoming energies are through dance, movement, song, rhythm, sound and toning as well as use of the breath and/or orgasm to clear blocks, facilitate integration and transform and transmute traumas.  The latter may be utilized successfully only with wisdom, authenticity, integrity and through full body, mind, spirit and emotions remaining in the moment.

    The releasing of old archetypes of masculine and feminine requires a stripping away of all garments, images, symbology and beliefs taken on throughout all life times and times lines physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually that may require repetitive removal of layers taken on by the psyche, individually and collectively world wide.  Each individual member of the Human Kingdom shall find it necessary to divest themselves of this ancient baggage in order to more easily accommodate and integrate the new divine masculine and divine feminine energies now entering from 5D and beyond into the 3D body/container.  By releasing and clearing the old feminine and masculine archetypes which no longer resonate with the incoming vibrations planetarily and inviting, invoking and integrating the new divine masculine and divine feminine within each person individually, the depth of intimacy with the earth, self and others is greatly amplified as the flow of unconditional love and soul heart connection increases exponentially.  This is the present/future of being on earth - at one with the cosmos.  So mote it be.  And so it is.

    This major destiny portal facilitates the opportunity for change of heart, death of the old relationship archetypes which no longer enhance soul growth and the powerful compassionate birth  of the new archetypal empowered sovereign energies of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to come forth in each individual member of the Human Kingdom, in clear connection, cooperation communication and unconditional love with honor, respect, wisdom, truth and a desire to bring spirit into matter in a way which enhances the evolution of the Human Kingdom toward their co-creatorship and a return to their Star God/ Star Goddess origins.  Rituals and ceremonies shall be birthed out of this destiny portal while the Moon is in the sign of Leo February 8, 9 and 10, 2020 by many who are attuned to these energies through their Soul Hearts.  It is their destiny to facilitate other members of the Human Kingdom in this death/rebirth process in a more smooth easy manner.

    With the releasing of the old archetypes phase which began February 8, 2020 in full swing, the multi-phased influx and downloading of the Valentine’s Day soul heart energies of the new archetypal divine feminine and divine masculine begins February 10, 2020, peaks on February 12, 2020 and comes to a close on February 14, 2020.  These energies shall be pouring into the earth as Mars in Sagittarius conjuncts the Galactic Center, pointing the way of Balanced Reciprocity and the figure 8 flow of giving and receiving,  as the download of wisdom necessary for these unconditionally, empowering, loving energies permeates the subatomic particles of every member of the Human Kingdom.  The shifts, changes and alterations brought about by this powerful inter-dimensional portal opening of wisdom, knowledge, truth, timing and experience - if opened to fully - shall ignite a spirit fire energy within every cell of the body facilitating a sense of being more alive, more present, more real, more authentic, more human, on fire with spirit and more loving bringing a sense of ecstasy to those receptive to these energies.  

    Those who opt to ignore, resist or fight this influx shall experience various challenges within all their relationships including their relationship to self.  Some may manifest symptoms of nervous system burnout experiencing anxiety, irrational phobias or fears, irritability with simple day to day tasks, dizziness, vertigo and spacial relationship issues causing unexplainable incidents and accidents, not to mention the acting out of temper tantrums as their psyche is asked to become more mature and less teenage rebellious or two year oldish.  It is critically important during this time to be as Present in the Presence as possible to avoid catastrophic outcomes in response to the number of inter-dimensional portals of varying sizes and degrees which are opening and closing rapidly.  These portals range any where from minute’ to humongous with members of the Human Kingdom noticing the appearance and disappearance of a variety of objects, people, time and space.  Exercises in grounding - whether sitting upon the earth, leaning against a tree, laying upon a boulder or walking upon the earth shall require much present awareness and presence, paying attention to self, surroundings and time/space continuums otherwise one may phase in and out of overlapping portals eventually discovering they have jumped timelines to spaces and places they were unconsciously being drawn to which might be stressful for those less adventurous souls.  

    There is a bridge time period between February 17, 2020 to March 10, 2020 facilitated by Mercury retrograde returning to its original station in Pisces.  During this time many opportunities shall present themselves to more easily release old archetypal beliefs, rules, expectations, demands, needs and limitations which no longer serve the Human Kingdom is its desire for spiritual expansion.  These may easily be replaced with the influx of the new Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine archetypal energies whose purpose is to strengthen and empower the spiritual growth and expansion of all members of the Human Kingdom fully in unconditional love.  

    February 23, 2020 is New Moon in Pisces at 7:33 am PST, 10:33 am EST, 3:33 pm GMT, 4:33 pm EET conjunct Mercury in Pisces, trine the Moon’s North Node and Hades signaling a time of rebirth, coming forth into the light of day of a great many mysteries, wisdoms and comprehensions of the teachings from the First Time and the bridge between Heaven and Earth, spirit and matter, masculine and feminine.  Within each there is a third point of synthesis wherein lies the spark of god, the animation of the crucible, the integration into the all for everything and everyone.  The potential for a great many ah-ha moments of revelation and ‘oh, I see’ shall take place within the Human Kingdom.  

    New celebrations of life, rituals of endings and beginnings and openings of portals shall take place as the Mothers and the Fathers of Co-Creation come together in unison sharing the wisdom of the passionate new directions for building a future - a new Humanity and a new Earth triuned with the expanded Heaven, relinking this trinity as it was originally intended The First Time.  Together these triadic energies are co-creating a new Myth, a new Story and new way of Being in greater Love and Light.

    We Hat’hors, Sekhmets, Tefnuts and a host of other Cat Being heart purring energies shall be present throughout this rebirthing time to assist with love and guidance.  We are honored to be present during this auspicious expansive growth and rebirth of the Divine Trinity of Light.



The Cat Beings 

Through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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