February 2021

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    February 2021 begins with Mercury retrograde in the harmonizing sign of Aquarius, the water bearer who carries two urns of energy - one flowing from the cosmos into the earth and all upon it and one gathered from this dimension flowing back to the cosmos - representing the Balanced Reciprocity of the Universe.  Though Mercury retrograde ends February 21, 2021, the effects shall be felt until the New Moon in Pisces on March 13, 2021 when Mercury returns to its original point of the beginning retrograde. 

    Once again Beings from other times, spaces and dimensions shall be traveling in and out of the current time space continuum in and around the earth bringing with them messages, wisdom, truth and guidance regarding wise use of energies in attaining and maintaining Balanced Reciprocity within and without.  Sound, toning, tuning forks, drumming, humming and the power of the word shall carry stronger activations when aligned congruently, devoid of ego, with the Soul Heart’s guidance, love and destiny.

    This is a time period when each individual member of the Human Kingdom shall be pressed to discover what internal and external harmony look and feel like for themselves.  Anything which is not in alignment with the Soul Heart’s destiny and vibrates ‘out of tune’ with the Truth of self shall demand attention, clarification and adjustment, individually and collectively world wide.  All that is, is being required to come into harmonization cosmically or the old sound, soul song it sings shall cease - dissolving it so it is no more.

    Sound, vibration, energy, tones, sounds emanating from individuals, animals, city, country, air, land and sea shall all become more sensitive to the nuances of what is expressed - whether through written, spoken or silent vibration of beingness - and whether that expression, vibration and energy is congruent with life, light, love and harmony within the Universal flow of Balanced Reciprocity or goes against the grain.  Challenges may arise within one’s own body, mind and emotions or in relationship to self, others and one’s environment or place in the world.  

    Where there is vibrational misalignment, adjustments shall be required which may be expressed in a variety of forms.  Caution is advised here as the Human Kingdom is prone to ‘change for the sake of change, without assessment as to whether that change is necessary, wise nor in the wisest and best interest of the earth and all beings cosmically.  The primary question is whether there is Balanced Reciprocity built into the change being contemplated or is it ego driven?  

    Self harmonization within as to what is ingested whether in body, mind, spirit or emotions shall become paramount to ease the overly sensitive nervous system due to these powerful electromagnetic energies flowing into consciousness.  No one system of balance, harmonization, healing or wholeness aligns with all beings.  This makes it necessary for each individual member of the Human Kingdom to go within to their own Inner Truth Center for clarification as to what is in their wisest and best interest.  Once this internal harmony is attained to some degree, it is possible to align with other people, places, things, locales and environments to further expand this Balanced Reciprocity for all, in harmony and abundance.  

    The human nervous system shall become more aligned with the incoming energies from the Cosmos as the harmonization process of Balanced Reciprocity once again flows full force into the earth plane, expanding into 5 dimensions and beyond.  Where there is fear or struggle seek out that within the self which is unable or unwilling to flow within the cosmic realms of Balanced Reciprocity. 

    Issues with mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health and wholeness shall become a more intense focus, as those in various healing modalities accept the fact that these ALL must be harmonized, cooperating and communicating clearly with each other for wellness on all levels - body, mind, spirit and emotions - to become reality for every living being.  Much discussion, research and information shall come to light about how beliefs, trauma, attitude, as well as healthy food, water and sense of purpose affect the over all positive vibration of the body and health regardless of age, ethnicity, culture or genetics.

    The Cosmic Mother of All Creation, Ti’a’ma’at - purveyor of Balanced Reciprocity throughout the Universe - shall come into consciousness as the Age of Aquarius vibrational harmonies rain down upon the earth and all upon and within it.  Her holding of the Perfected Vision of the scales of Ma’at linked with the Super Galactic Center at one degree of Libra brings forth from other times, spaces and dimensions profound Cosmic visions of beauty, life, light, love, harmony, abundance and reciprocity in all things.

    Three of the four Points of Avatar activate during February 2021 - Sun, Jupiter and Mercury during its retrograde on the Aquarian Point of Avatar, Mars in Taurus on the Taurus Point of Avatar and the Moon in Scorpio on the Scorpio Point of Avatar February 3 and 4, 2021 bringing to the surface hidden, secret, covert or clandestined situations, circumstances, groups or organizations. Much harmonization, apologies, healing and vibrational transformation is possible especially after the New moon in Aquarius, February 11, 2021 and on February 14 and 15, 2021 when the earth grid etheric gemstone temples connect and come online fully beginning to amp up in preparation for their alignment cosmically with the Cosmic Star Grid in the near future.  

    The power of the ‘word’ - whether sung, spoken or written - tones, sounds, all music, chanting, drumming and prayers of gratitude shall have an enormous impact on shifting, expanding, lightening and harmonizing all peoples, beings, energies and entities in this 3D time space continuum with the Cosmic Divine Plan.  Awareness of thoughts, words, emotions and intentions during this time shall determine - the ease or lack thereof - with which each individual member of the Human Kingdom experiences this shift of the Ages.  All is free will choice.

    With Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus all in Aquarius this month, the Ley lines for the earth’s new crystalline grid whose etheric gemstone temples have been being anchored in one per year since 1987 are now complete and are coming online.  As these energy vibrations increase in amplitude, each living being upon the earth shall seek to discover its own harmony within these incoming energies to attain spirit fire initiation; otherwise the nervous system shall short circuit, either burning out or shutting down completely affecting overall physical, mental and emotional wellness, balance and harmony. 

    New Moon in late Aquarius February 11, 2021 at 11:07 am PST, 2:07 pm EST, 7:07 am GMT, 8:07 am EET with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in stellium all in Aquarius is an attunement vibrationally, a harmonization (hormone rebalancing) affecting the pineal and pituitary glands turning them on as the spiritual regulators of the at-one-ment of love and harmony within and without for all living beings.  Those who have essentially shut themselves off from these cosmic spiritual guides may experience confusion, migraine headaches, fear, anger, depression, paranoia, delusions, diabetic imbalances, overwhelming disappointment, PTSD, bi-polar or other psychiatric situations as the mind and body attempt to make sense of and align with the great cosmic vision of co-creatorship for the Human Kingdom that is coming online now.  

    These Aquarian vibrational energies are incompatible with personal little ego, self aggrandizement, greed, control, manipulation, coercion or fear.  For those accustomed to functioning within these fear based energies temper tantrums, anger and aggression may be utilized as outlets and outbursts in their attempt to grasp that there is no enemy ‘out there’ - only the fear ‘enemy’ within; which when faced becomes disempowered, unafraid and eventually helpful in the discovery of the Soul Heart’s inner Truth and Destiny, devoid of belief in lack, competition and need or desire for control.

    The incoming energies of this powerful New Moon in Aquarius is compatible and in alignment with the Balanced Reciprocity of Heart and Head, Yin and Yang, harmony and flow consistently rebalancing things as is seen in nature, in the seasons, in all life, in the heavens - beginnings, middles and endings - in a never ending flow of recycling the energies of the Universe.  Aligned with the Balanced Reciprocity energies of the Universe brings with it an ease of flow, a love, honor and respect for life and all beings, abundance, sharing and growth through expression of individual talents, gifts and offerings each Soul Heart brings to their destiny and their role within the Universe.  All have much to share, none better or worse, greater or lessor than another.  Each unique in their own way, here to contribute to the evolution of the Human Kingdom in harmony and intimate relationship with the other six kingdoms - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Integral and Creator.

    Full Moon in early Virgo February 27, 2021 at 12:17 am PST, 3:17 am EST, 8:17 am GMT, 9:17 am EET making a wide grand square to the Moon’s Nodes - North in Gemini and South in Sagittarius on the Cosmic manifestation point between thought and thing.  Dreams, meditation, images, ideas, thoughts of where each member of the Human Kingdom has been, are now and all future potentials shall come pouring into the psyche of all within the Human Kingdom.  Finding an expressive outlet through creative endeavor of some sort shall facilitate the bridging of these energies to avoid total overload, burn out and collapse mentally and psychically.

    Dimensional portals open and close rapidly bringing about sudden and disruptive change when done unconsciously, without awareness, cognizance and focus.  The potential to invoke energies - whose only desire is chaos, fear and confusion off which they feed - is possible if the psyche of the individual is seeking to abdicate its self responsibility for feelings, thoughts, emotions, words, wishes, actions and deeds. Even making no choice is a choice when abandoning the Soul Heart in order to avoid soul growth.  

    This Full Moon is an excellent time for receiving input for alternative paths to restructuring, reordering and reorganizing everything internally and externally for wholeness, balance and harmony.  This is an excellent opportunity to opt for ease of movement and growth through harmony and Balanced Reciprocity by letting go of past philosophies and beliefs which perpetuate separation, differences and division while instead seeking the connections, common ground and similar desires of the soul heart of each.  

    We Cat Beings in the transformed energies of Ma’at, Sekh’met, Hat’hor, Tef’nut, Bas’tet, Hu, Ptah and Thoth, Djed’hu’tis, Osiris shall inspire, guide and facilitate all in Light, Life and Love who invite, invoke or envision connection with our wisdom and experience.  

In light, love, wisdom, truth and timing,


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman