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February 2022

Copyright December 1, 2021*Mary Elizabeth Hoffman*All Rights Reserved

     With the New Moon in Aquarius for the west coast and Hawaii falling on January 31, 2022 at 9:47 pm PST, February 1, 2022 at 12:47 am EST, 5:47 am GMT, 6:47 am EET, Candlemas, Imbolc, St Brigit celebrations last for three full days with the powerful influx of Divine Feminine energies from the Cosmic Mother of All Creation flowing powerfully into the earth and all upon it.  These are the receptive, rebirthing energies received wisely through allowance, surrender and trust.  This sets the tone for the month of February 2022.  Tremendous flows of nurturing, loving, supportive energies may be received by those who Trust their Soul Heart enough to release and let go of any beliefs, structures, people, places or things which act as limitation or fear preventing the open receipt of the abundance of the Cosmic Mother of All Creation.  With Saturn in Aquarius conjunct the Sun and Moon, this is an ideal time to harmonize all - within and without - balancing the internal Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies for the wisest good of All.

    Harmonizing may be done via walks in nature, chanting, toning, drumming, dancing, singing or the creation of all forms of Art.  This is about discovering what brings that much needed harmonic balance to the nervous system, soothing, softening, opening to greater and greater balance and harmony moment by moment.

    All living beings are linked to the Cosmic Mother of All Creation regardless of their physical gender anatomy.  Seeking to bring about the Sacred Marriage within between one’s own yin and yang from January 31, 2022 to February 2, 2022 holding space and trusting in the rebirth process facilitates the rebirth of the earth and all upon it, including self.  

    Those resistant to the shifts and changes taking place shall discover that sudden and disruptive change is possible and likely where there is stubbornness and determination to maintain status quo attempting to control circumstances outside the self.  With Uranus conjunct the Taurus Point of Avatar, energetic portals shall be opening and closing in rhythmic patterns offering opportunities, gifts, nurturance, harmony and love to those open to receiving it.  Since the Aquarian Point of Avatar is conjunct the New Moon and Saturn much karmic destiny shall now come home to roost, visiting one and all upon the earth.  

    Venus in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus activating the opening of portals determined by the Soul Heart expression of each individual - be they expressing love or fear.   What shall manifest becoming 3D expression of what one has poured one’s soul and heart into, what one values, honors, worships or cherishes, what one has empowered with thoughts, feelings, words and emotions, shall determine the mirror reflection of life and one’s perception of the world.  When there is trust, surrender and love aligned to the higher call of Spirit and the Soul Heart’s destiny nurturance, support and abundance appears at every turn.  Hope and faith flourish, gratitude and appreciation feed the Balanced Reciprocity flowing from the Cosmos. 

    February 2022 is all about celebration of life, surrendering to the shifts and changes in the seasons, the flow of life from seed, to birth, to flowering, to fruiting, to maturity and to waning away, death and rebirth.  All living energies are part of the Balanced Reciprocity of these Cosmic cycles be they plant, animal, person, relationship or career. This is the Human Kingdom’s grand opportunity to realign with the Balanced Reciprocity of the Universe from which shall flow visions, guidance, wisdom, information and abundance as each expand outside their comfort zone to experience crossing the bridge between past and future to discover the pleasure of living in the bliss of now in awareness as responsible citizens of the Cosmos attuned to what is in the wisest and best interest of all before choices are made and action taken.  

    With Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn trine the Moon’s North Node in Taurus February 2022 is a time to invite and invoke the loving compassionate dreams expressing the wise use of power on earth into manifestation while at the same time dismissing all fear, ego, manipulation, limitation and control of situations and circumstances.  Those with open hearts, connected, compassionate, caring shall reap rewards and abundance many times over well into the future.  Those with fear, closed heart’s, judgment, blame or jealousy shall in turn reap what they have sown as well.  

    February 2022 is truly about having a ‘change of heart’ in that the Soul Heart’s connection to Source/Spirit is strengthened with deeper more intimate connections for each member of the Human Kingdom with their Inner Truth Center, sense of ‘knowing’ and trust that the Universe has their back.   Major transformation/transmutation of all shackles, bonds, limitations and fears is possible now during February 2022 flowing many eons into the future.  All is free will.

    February 4, 2022 Mercury goes direct in Capricorn returning to the point of its original place before its retrograde re-entering Aquarius just around Valentine’s Day on February 15, stationing on February 24, 2022.  This signals a time of wise use of words, expressions, communication, wants, needs and desires.  The power of the Word has the ability to bring harmony or discord - all is free will choice.

    Much of the challenges for February 2022 have to do with keeping Balanced Reciprocity between head and heart, self and other, inside and outside.  Too much of one without the balance of the other could create re-action rather than action generating chaos, confusion and unintended sudden or disruptive change.  With Uranus in Taurus trine Mars in Capricorn new more compassionate life affirming directions are possible.  Seek them.

    The Vulcanus passion fire trines Neptune in Pisces and the Moons’s North Node in Scorpio signaling that clarity is possible by no longer continuing to muddy past waters transforming from the depths of the Soul Heart as it expresses itself fully out into the life and the world on a daily basis.  Letting go of past hurts, wrongs, regrets and disappointments with forgiveness of self and others brings much healing revealing new paths of opportunity never considered before.

    With Cupido and Mars conjunct creating a t-square to Chiron in Aries and Lilith, Kronos and Hades the passion heart energies shall be called upon to make peace within and without between yin and yang, masculine and feminine, separation and connection.  This is accomplished first individually with the Soul Heart eventually becoming expressed fully as an artist in one’s daily  beingness.  This is true Balanced Reciprocity expressed in all aspects of life and living.

    February 16, 2022 is Full Moon in Leo creating an exact square to the Moon’s Nodes invoking Cosmic Truth, Balanced Reciprocity and transformation from the old death cult worships on planet earth into life affirming abundant flow within the cycles and seasons generating and empowering expansion with continuity and rebirth into infinity.  This is a time to keep clarity of Heart Vision, Soul Heart Truth through expressions of gratitude and appreciation in every moment of every day.  Openness and receptivity to the powerful Cosmic flow of energies permeating the earth and all upon it during the Leo full moon have the potential to bring about revelations, visions and waking dreams giving clear direction.

    The United States of America is at a cross roads between February 23 and March 5, 2022, as Pluto conjuncts Saturn in the natal chart of the USA.  This is destiny energy dealing with the purity or lack thereof of the ‘founding fathers’ in the most recent expression on the North American continent.  This is a time when divisiveness could create over reactions resulting in undesired outcomes for those involved.  

    Prayers for all world leaders - especially those in Congress, the Supreme Court, the Judicial System, Military, Policing, Security of any form local or national in all countries - to be diligent about connecting to Source, heart and wisdom before taking ANY action is helpful, wise and co-creative in affecting outcomes.  May the wisest and best interest of all beings be taken into account in all decisions, choices and actions.  



The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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