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February 2023

Copyright December 3, 2022*Mary Elizabeth Hoffman*All Rights Reserved

Guidance from Panden, the earth Soul Spirit representing the Divine Masculine on earth and Ti’a’ma’at (also known as Lilith) shall be speaking directly to the Soul Heart’s of all beings and the earth itself during February 2023. The wide grand square and intense water trine overlapping are being activated to reach all beings in all kingdoms, times, spaces, dimensions and timelines throughout the Cosmos; particularly those in and around the earth currently in this present time line. Communications shall flow in various forms - visions, apparitions, dreams (both waking and sleeping), meditations and through all manner of situations, circumstances, symbols and sounds within and without the local environment where one is located.  These speak of new directions, alternative options and paths as well as challenges yet to be faced individually and collectively and shall be direct, blunt and unsugarcoated. 

February 2023 is a time out of time, a portal, a threshold; which some shall choose to cross in body and others in spirit.  There shall be presented various pathways and directions - some flowing with less challenge and others which may present intense challenges for those seeking that type of soul growth due to their beliefs, fears or attachments.  February 2023 ia time of ‘great re-membering’ bringing to the surface all manner of flashbacks designed to elicit alternative responses no longer based in fear or lack in order to free souls from their self imposed prisons.  

For those totally resistant to these intense shifting harmonizing vibrations, the square between Mercury, Uranus and Vulcanus shall initiate sudden and disruptive shifts and changes appearing to come from outside sources when in actuality the individual soul heart is seeking to find harmony within themselves, their life and soul path within their soul heart destiny.  Some may opt to play out and repeat past ancient traumatic events in an effort to clear and integrate them.  Others might opt to become of aware of past indiscretions processing and integrating them is groups to more rapidly align with the vibrational energies of love rather than fear pouring into planet earth now.  The wide grand square activating fully two of the four Points of Avatar with the Sun in Aquarius, the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio, Vulcanus in Leo and Uranus in Taurus - the Sun Uranus conjunctions to these Avataric Points shall bring harmonious vibrational shifts and change for those open to it.  Resistance shall necessitate sudden and disruptive change in order to facilitate that eventual harmony.  The grand water trine between the Moon’s south node in Scorpio, Venus in Pisces and Kronos and Hades in Cancer brings significant powerful emotions to the surface, many deep seated and ancient - individually and collectively for the Human Kingdom.  We, Cat Beings represented as Sekh’met and Hat’hor stand ready to assist in assisting all members of the Human Kingdom in moving through these emotions in ways which water and feed the soul, cleanse, soothe and heal in Balanced Reciprocity with harm to none.

With Sun in Aquarius almost on the Aquarian Point of Avatar trine Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus on the Taurus Point of Avatar February 2023 is a pivotal shift and direction energy wise for the earth and all upon it.  Those who align with the incoming new directions of energies facilitating greater options, possibilities and creative endeavors in mind, body and spirit shall discover a plethora of paths and directions opening up to them continually throughout 2023.  The Light of Truth harmoniously shines for all to see if they are willing to remove their blinders. Clear expression and communication about what changes are necessary to move into these life supporting loving Balanced Reciprocity energies with the planet wherever one resides shall be shared with clear concise loving compassion with portals and seemingly magical opportunities appearing for these shifts and changes to take place all within the scope of appreciation, gratitude and Balanced Reciprocity.

February 5, 2023 is Full Moon in Leo both conjunct there respective Points of Avatar at 10:30 am PST, 1:30 pm EST, 6:30 pm GMT, 7:30 EET squaring Uranus in Taurus on the Taurus Point of Avatar signaling the complete portal opening facilitating the invocation or dismissal of people, beings, spirits, energies and entities as guided by one’s Soul Heart and Inner Truth Center.  Great expansion and healing of ancient soul wounds is possible during the two days before and the two days following this Full Moon.  With this emotional ‘bridge’ between worlds some may to to depart their 3D home moving on to new beginnings elsewhere.  With Neptune in Pisces sextile Mercury and Pluto the power of the word whether spoken or written shall be enhanced bringing about 3D manifestation of desires aligned with one’s soul heart and spirit.  

February 19, 2023 is New Moon in very early Pisces trine the Moon’s South Node signaling an opportunity to begin building anew transformed dreams from the ancient past in present time space.  This is a time of a 5 day period (2 days before and 2 days after as well as the day of the New Moon) of powerful heart messages coming forth from the Panden, Divine Masculine earth Soul Spirit and the Ti’a’ma’at, Divine Feminine expressing their love, will and desires for a future with a Balanced Reciprocal relationship between them, the earth, Cosmos and all Kingdoms, including the Human Kingdom.  Those who are open to this ‘call to spirit’ action of authentic relationship with self and others when heeded, answered and responded to attracts Balanced Reciprocity, assistance and opportunities in miraculous ways.  The overlay of the Grand Square between Mercury in Aquarius, the Moon’s North Node and Uranus in Taurus, Lilith in Leo and the Moon’s south Node in Scorpio activating three of the four Points of Avatar with these energies makes for a huge influx of diverse energies requiring that those desiring to align with them do so from the wisdom of the present moment rather than responding from past fears, knowledge or ‘truths’.  Only in being in the present moment is it possible to receive the tonings, vibrations and energies which align and rebalance one with the energies of the present moving into the future.  With Venus and Neptune conjunct in late Pisces influencing this New Moon those with the desire to cross the chasm of fear (false energies appearing real) created outside the Cosmic order shall be assisted in doing so with an inner knowing letting go of their confusion and cloudiness of the past by following their Soul Heart Destiny.  The new earth and new humanity is being born this day; a rebirth on earth awaited for eons.


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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