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 February 2024

Copyright December 3, 2023 *Mary Elizabeth Hoffman* All Rights Reserved


February 2024 opens with a grand square between the Cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - signaling a time of balancing head and heart, masculine and feminine, dark and light, (all those polar opposites) within the self and out in the world. This is a time of finding the balance between war and peace within and without.  With Mars in Capricorn squaring the Moon and its South Node in Libra, Kronos in Cancer and Chiron and the Moon’s North Node in Aries the expression of what is in the wisest and best interest for the earth and all of humanity is possible; as is the ego expression of warfare, armament and military commanders acting out their insecurities, fears and might makes right attitudes.  Traversing this month of the heart within which the celebration of Valentine’s Day falls shall challenge all to heal their ancient heart/soul wounds, transgressions and bitterness.  

A new direction borne of caring, compassion, connection, clear communication and dialog is possible now as Mars in Capricorn also trines Uranus in Taurus and Lilith (also known as Ti’a’ma’at, the Cosmic Mother of all Creation) in Virgo.  This Grand Earth Trine overlaying the Cardinal square facilitates change brought about by inter-dimensional portals opening and closing, restructuring, reordering and reorganizing all dimensions in a new direction of Balanced Reciprocity - the figure 8 flow of giving and receiving throughout the Cosmos.  Those able to speak the Words of Truth aligned with Lilith/Ti’a’ma’at shall have great opportunities to ‘speak’ utilizing the power of the word, bringing into existence that which opens portals, invites and invokes that which is of love, harmony and flow; dismissing those people, beings, spirits, energies and entities expressing fear, attachment, need, dependency, expectation, grief, guilt, greed, abandonment, betrayal, poverty, disappointment, loss and lack.  

Chiron conjunct the Moon’s North Node in mid Aries brings new perceptions about conflict, disagreement, war and the more recent patterns of colonization expressed on planet earth for more than 2,000 years.  It is possible now to glean a variety of ways in which to over come territorial, ownership disputes aligning with the higher good for all beings - human and otherwise. There truly is more than enough for all living beings.  All members of the Human Kingdom shall discover empathy for all living beings or suffer their own heartless projections, blames and judgements being turned back upon them in the very near future - as attainment of harmonization and Balanced Reciprocity is the theme throughout all of 2024.  

With Lilith in latter Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces much restructuring, reordering and reorganizing facilitating the movement into Balanced Reciprocity is taking place which signals great movement in deep waters of the Soul Heart. Continually moment by moment asking for clarification, guidance and direction from one’s Inner Truth Center shall act to ally any confusion, stagnation or sense of over whelm as the Urn of Aquarius’s harmonious vibration is poured over all the earth.  This Cosmic Influx is part of earth and human destiny spoken of by the Ancient Ones.  

We Cat Beings are here to offer love, assistance and guidance for those seeking ways to flow gently with these shifts in a wise smooth easy manner.  Invite our presence and we shall appear.  We Cat Beings are here to assist In guiding those members of the Human Kingdom so desiring it, to cross the many varied bridges over the chasms of fear created in times past through misalignment, due to lack of understanding of Balanced Reciprocity fully.  Within All and the Cosmos there is an ebb and flow symbolized by the figure 8 or infinity symbol.  The depths of its meaning are only just beginning to be gleaned by many members of the Human Kingdom in relationship to All that is.  Balanced Reciprocity comes about through eons and multiple life times in human calibration, rather than just the short number of years most humans inhabit a physical 3D body. This harmonization takes place within each individual member of the human kingdom, eventually flowing out into inter-action and relationship with all other kingdoms and the world. 

As the inter-connectedness of all within the Cosmos is grasped more fully by the human kingdom, the ability to move with those cosmic currents in a smooth easy manner, literally surfing the waves of energy, is possible. The ancient goddess Lilith also known as Ti’a’ma’at is the wise woman/crone who presents the unvarnished Truth of what is so in all situations and circumstances.  In aligning with Her wisdom there is ease of movement, abundance of energies since none is wasted needlessly and attention to focus and detail all the while living from a place of joy and ecstasy in all things.  

February 9, 2024 at 3 pm PST, 6 pm EST, 11 pm GMT, February 10, 2024 at 12 am EET is New Moon in late Aquarius signaling a tremendous influx of Cosmic energies into planet earth with Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Pluto all in Aquarius.  This toning sets in motion vibrations with which each and every being, energy and entity throughout the Cosmos shall find it necessary to align and harmonize in preparation for Mars moving into Aquarius February 14, 2024 (Valentine’s Day) and Venus moving into Aquarius on February 17, 2024 - making a powerful stellium in Aquarius. The Cardinal t-square between Venus in Capricorn, Chiron and the Moon’s North Node in Aries and The Moon’s South Node in Libra acts as a Soul Heart installation of a pace maker (peace maker) into planet earth and all that resides upon it.  Gaia and Panden (Geb - the yang earth soul spirit) shall be aligning their energies in Balanced Reciprocity with each other, all life on earth and with the Cosmos for this intonation attunement (at-one-ment) taking place. The mutable t-square in early signs between Lilith in Virgo, Admetos in Gemini and Saturn in Pisces signals a destiny time where strong messages from the Cosmic Mother of All Creation shall be received challenging those coming from an either/or, black/white, male/female, right/wrong, all or nothing good or bad way of perceiving the Universe to discover there are a plethora of alternatives, paths, choices and experiences all of which are valid, loving and life affirming which are open to expression by each member of the human kingdom. This tremendously expands inter connectedness and relationship with self and all throughout the Cosmos. The challenge shall be to do so by following one’s own Inner Truth Center and Soul Heart rather than through ego attainment seeking followers or creating co-dependent interactions.  Only through inter-dependence is the energy of love able to freely flow in Balanced Reciprocity - given and received. 

February 24, 2024 at 4:30 am PST, 7:30 am EST, 12:30 pm GMT, 1:30 pm EET is Full Moon in early Virgo creating a mutable t-square to Admetos in Gemini signaling that the resistance to healing and new directions in regards to the false visions and beliefs about life set in motion by the patriarchy shall be fully revealed generating a plethora of opportunities to overcome the previous limited vision which has generated stagnation soul wise for many members of the human kingdom and other living beings on earth for eons.  As the false ‘truths’ begin revealing themselves the Great Mother Isis shall make her presence known again on earth through her many emissaries - Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen, Ceres, Bastet, Sophia, Gayatri, Spider Woman and many others throughout all indigenous cultures of the earth.  The nurturing energies of these Great Mothers shall pour soul heart healing into all the earth and its inhabitants empowering Hope, Love and Light for all beings.  The Cat Beings, the Hat’hors shall be present to assist when invited and invoked for purring, nurturance and love.



The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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