January 2020

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    Passion for change, healing, wholeness and Truth shall be running high January 2020 with the grand trine energies which open up the year with Chiron just entering Aries, Vulcanus just entering Leo and Mars moving into Sagittarius January 3, 2020.  Feelings and emotions are apt to be running high as perceptions projected from past experience generate the necessity for being present in the now, seeking new alternative ways of bringing about healing of ancient societal, social and cultural wounds perpetuated by life times of fear and lack of comprehension of what was actually taking place.   These old be’lie’fs and projections showing up as various forms of fear - judgment, blame, expectation, demand, separation, need, dependency, grief, guilt, greed, abandonment, betrayal, poverty, lack and shame -  which no longer serve the Human Kingdom here on earth shall be percolating up from the depths of the oceanic soul of every member of the Human Kingdom. January 2020 begins a major purging, healing and integration time for the shadow aspects of the Human psyche - individually and collectively.  

    Supportive wisdom energies pointing in directions of new ways to express and empower knowledge, wisdom, truth, experience and sharing which invite inclusion, openness, and receptivity to alternative options for all frameworks of living and being on earth are abundant for those desiring to avail themselves of ways that are more peaceful, unconditionally loving, caring, nurturing and supportive to ALL, rather than selfish and self-serving. A higher form of selfishness shall be expressed whereby unconditionally loving connection, cooperation, clear communication, listening and balanced reciprocity shall become the norm with yes and no being honored rather than going unheard whether by being ignored, coerced, manipulated or argued with.  Acceptance of clear yes and no shall no longer elicit a lecture, judgment, diatribe, litany, sales pitch or coercion by individuals, groups, organizations, companies, countries, governments, religious, ethnic or otherwise.  There shall be no justification for the dishonoring of clear no or yes in all interactions between all living beings any more. LISTEN. HEAR. ASK. SHARE.

    We Hat’hor Cat Beings are here to assist in the return of the juiciness, joy, fun, pleasure and unconditional love on Earth.  Invite and invoke our presence with dance, music, conversation, wine, song, pleasure and love in all its forms.  Our desire is to activate and balance the Soul Heart in Unconditional Love so that the purrfect vibrations reverberate throughout the body bringing healing, joy and ecstasy in all actions.

All life is a sacred act.  All the earth is a sacred temple.  The reconnection with this Unconditional Love Wisdom is found through focusing on work, play and love in all things, blended.  Together all of life, every moment becomes a sacred act and expression of unconditional love.  Nothing is taken for granted.  All is honored, cherished, blessed and loved, as it harms none. 

    This is a time for discovering all ways in which to express and communicate one’s passion, honoring, love and respect for all life and all living beings on earth.  The Aquarian Point of Avatar enacts this harmonization of the vibrational energies of Unconditional Love touching the hearts and inspiring the minds of those seeking full expression of these energies in all that they do, every minute of every hour of every day of every week or every year.  One need only take the quiet time and search within their own Inner Soul Heart and Truth Center to discover what is necessary to manifest this Unconditionally loving energy in the life.  The power, karmic destiny and support of the Universe is present now for the asking - when done with the Soul Heart, without ego.  This is a time to express and communication fully one’s passion for the juiciness, joy and pleasure of life on earth for all.  This going inward and following the Soul Heart’s guidance is key to ease and comfort during January 2020 and throughout the coming year.

    January 7, 2020 Saturn and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn with Sun, Mercury, Moon’s South Node, with Jupiter and Cupido (also conjunct) in Capricorn, as well signaling an an intense influx of compassion energy from all beings (ancient teachers, way showers, old archetypes) throughout the Cosmos imbibing and empowering the seeds of the new myth, the new story, the new archetypes of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine birthing spanning from 5D into 3D expression on Earth.  This is the beginning of the culmination of the desire to bring Spirit into Matter, with the Human Kingdom being the conduit for this to take place in this time space continuum.  Each individual member shall be showered with these intense electromagnetic energies which shall be affecting the nervous system, the brain, the pineal, the heart and the Vegas nerve activating and amplifying the life force energies in all members of the Human Kingdom.  Each shall respond the this influx of their own free will.  Those with fear or resistance shall discover their mind, body, emotions and spirit expressing a variety of symptoms in its desire to receive and surrender fully to the aliveness the Universe is offering. There shall be no place to run, no place to hide, no place to go to avoid these incoming energies regardless of age, location or status in the world.  Wisdom in responding to situations arising in the moment from the present rather than projecting past experiences or memories on them shall be greatly beneficial offering tremendous opportunity for abundance, unconditional love, growth, pleasure, joy and ecstasy.  We Hat’hors when invited and invoked shall guide and assist with loving vibrational energies to assist in the ease of any and all members of the Human Kingdom. Take time to rest, relax, play, be in nature, especially around water as this will soothe the Spirit Fire Initiation energies burning through the dross in the body, brain and nervous system. Releasing all old beliefs, memories and expectations which influence responses in the here and now shall make way for the receipt through the pineal of greater wisdom, options and choices not previously in conscious awareness.  

    January 10, 2020 at 11:22 am PST, 2:22 pm EST, 7:22 pm GMT, 8:22 pm EET is Full Moon in late Cancer opposite Mercury, Saturn, Sun and Pluto in Capricorn signaling an intensification of the Balanced Reciprocity energies between Heaven and Earth and all people, places, beings and things.  Where harmony of this figure 8 flow of Balanced Reciprocity already exists this shall be nurtured, empowered, expanded, enhanced.  Where there is more giving or taking creating an imbalance, these incoming energies shall respond accordingly activating and bringing about this Balanced Reciprocity.  This is a time when people, situations, places and things of like heart, mind, soul, vibration, unconditional love shall feel as if they are being drawn to each other co-creating ways to build community in various ways and means around the globe.  Much of this will entail balancing of self with community so both are honored in loving ways locally and globally.  The challenge of balancing reality with what is believed shall become paramount in defusing projected past energies into present/future possibilities and situations.  

    With Chiron in early Aries aspecting Cupido in early Capricorn this Full Moon begins a year long Karmic Soul Heart testing period with Karmic Soul Heart Destiny.  Interacting and relating in all its aspects whether physically intimate or no shall bring about a harmonization or a departure or removal from the vicinity of those triggered or acting as triggers until the karmic Soul Heart energies of unconditional love are fully assimilated, thereby no longer acting as triggers.  Self love is key to emanating and expressing unconditional love from inside the self out into the world.  This acts as a beacon for Balanced Reciprocity and flow of abundance for all life and all living beings.

    From January 24, 2020 through to February 11, 2021 the current Soul Influx Halls of Records opening is the 20th secondary Aquarian Inter-New Moon bringing about the co-creation and manifestation of the Lapis Lazuli Etheric Gemstone Temple above its origin point in the southern Atlantic Ocean 55 degrees south 20 degrees west. “The Lapis gemstone temple takes the form of a great phoenix bird.  The placement of the Lapis Phoenix within the World Tree located at the ORIGIN POINT (Earth Point One) now signifies that humanity has fully entered the pre-Graduation era in its Initiation.” ~ Joseph Robert Jochmans.  

    This signals that each individual member of the Human Kingdom of the current Soul Influx shall be integrating all lives, in all times lines, spaces and dimensions with the current one being lived now on earth.  This self balance, harmony and integration brings with it knowledge, wisdom, information, lessons and destiny fulfillment into the current life time and time line culminating in completion in short order by cosmic timing - literally the blink of an eye.  

    Working with the stone lapis lazuli during this year, whether raw or polished, enhances inner vision, truthful communication and royal virtues by activating the incoming new divine masculine and divine feminine archetypes facilitating the activation of the new archetypal expressions of  ‘king’-‘queen’, ‘high priest’ - ‘high priestess’, ‘emperor’ - ‘oracle’, It activates the third eye and throat chakras energizing the pineal gland while assisting with the healthy flow of the spinal fluid and the enlivening of the Vegas nerve which spans from the base of the spine upwards to the brain, feeding, healing and nurturing all major organs along the way. The life force energies of the kundalini, the ida and pingala, when ignited and linked with Source and earth in the Heart, whether through the use of orgasm alone or with a partner, brings the flow of the cosmic crystalline blue white light at the heart of the Cosmos in through the top of the head to the heart, flowing down through the body and out the soles of the feet penetrating deep into the earth connecting with the pink crimson core of the heart of the earth.  In response the unconditional love energies of the earth respond moving up through the earth to the soles of the feet, entering the body and moving to the heart and continuing upward out the top of the head linking with the crystal blue white light of unconditional love at the center of the Cosmos. As these continue to flow in a figure 8 through the human heart these energies blend sparking a violet flame of transformation and transmutation at whose core is the golden amber honey elixir of co-creation, pure life, healing, and unconditional love.

    Through working with lapis lazuli one may access past life esoteric knowledge, wisdom and truth, particularly from those cultures which once utilized this stone - including Atlantis, ancient Egypt, Peru, Sumeria, India and Lemuria/Mu - and the star god/star goddess origins of the Human Kingdom.  This is a time for each individual member of the Human Kingdom to identify and begin utilizing the gifts they are here to share on earth at this time, as well as lessons, restrictions and limitations yet to be overcome and opportunities for growth in the current time space continuum.  Expanded awareness of one’s motivations and beliefs from other time lines and life times may be accessed with lapis lazuli facilitating the integration of lessons, knowledge, wisdom and truth into the current life time enhancing abundance, joy, bliss, ecstasy and unconditional love in the present.  On an emotional level, lapis lazuli assists in identifying unconscious karmic roots to habitual beliefs, thought patterns and emotions which may be continually sabotaging one’s personal growth and healing into wholeness and unconditional love.  It enhances the sovereignty and power of the Higher Self, Soul Heart and Inner Truth Center to align fully within the present life time in full expression and highest truth.  

    Each individual member of the Human Kingdom has the ability to become like the Phoenix Fire Bird, igniting the violet flame within their hearts empowering the amber honey flow of unconditional love which ignites and animates all life throughout the Cosmos.  This is a time to have a love affair with all the Cosmos, for those open to surrendering to their higher call of Spirit.  Alternative time lines, life times and inter-dimensional movement is possible necessitating the use of tethering or grounding techniques so one avoids wandering off into the voids, getting lost in detours, distractions and full expression of their gifts and unconditional love in the current time space continuum.  Lapis Lazuli acts as a guide stone for journeying with links back to earth and may be utilized a touch stone in 3D.

    January 24, 2020 at 1:43 pm PST, 4:43 pm EST 9:43 pm GMT, 10:43 pm EET is New Moon in Aquarius with Saturn and Pluto still in conjunction in Capricorn.  This is a powerful day of harmonizing the electromagnetic energy field of the body with the earth and the cosmos.  With Mercury conjunct the Aquarian Point of Avatar these beings may be called upon to facilitate this harmonization through the use of sound, toning, drumming or etheric energy work and massage.  Being in nature laying out on the ground underneath the sun, the moon and the stars all shall enhance the 3D body’s ability to adjust to this huge influx of vibrational energies in ways which prevent burnout, short circuit or electro shock to the system which might cause memory loss, confusion and disorientation.  Calling upon guides, guardian angels and one own medical assistance people energetically shall bring more clear guidance as to what is required in the way of energy, space, food, drink or location.  There are no hard and fast rules for this.  It is an individual process for each member of the Human Kingdom requiring a going inward to one’s own Inner Truth Center in search of instructions for each.  Things from the past whether ritual, ceremony, song, toning, dance, rhythm, movement, eyes closed, eyes open which brought balance, ease and comfort may no longer suffice requiring an openness to alternative ways to adjust to these Phoenix Fire energies of Initiation.  This is the Spirit Fire descending to earth activating all in its path.  The options are adjust, harmonize or fry one’s circuits.  This is the beginning of these intense Spirit Fire Initiations which continue throughout all of 2020 leveling up during the rest of the year into early February 2021.

    January 26, 2020 is the Aquarian Cosmic Equinox influx of energies at 4:30 am PST, 7:30 am EST, 12:30 pm GMT, 1:30 pm EET signaling a time when the goddesses Ceres (Demeter, the jealous mother) and Persephone (the daughter who falls under the spell of the narcissus flower) and the Lord of the Underworld (Pluto who spirits Persephone away) shall be communicating to work with the compassion energies facilitating communication and travel between these worlds and dimensions with a deeper understanding of the expansion of the old archetypes into new expressions of rebirth, connection, cooperation, partnership and time apart from each other for deep soul work.  This is an expansion on and new revelations about the ancient Elysian mysteries. Rather than a tragedy, these myths shall take on new meaning of connection, cooperation, caring, unconditional love, respect, sovereignty and compassion for all life and all living beings as well as for each other.  The hearts of each shall forgive, heal and rebuild a deeper level of communion, unconditional love, intimacy, passion, pleasure and power whose honoring of self and other shall influence interactions between all members of the Human Kingdom in ways only beginning to unfold now.  


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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