January 2021

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    As the new year begins, the energies for January 2021 open with Mars in late Aries square Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn and Jupiter is early Aquarius signaling a new direction born through harmony, connection, cooperation and communication.  Instead of a reduction of everything and everyone to the lowest common denominator curbing creativity, opportunity and expansion - this is the powerful expansive destiny energies of Balanced Reciprocity within the self with all its facets and with the earth and all upon it.                              A new alignment with the seasons,  the cycles, the flow - discovering the new rhythms of self, the earth and its energies brings portal opportunities for change in smooth easy ways with this alignment to new rhythms, messages and wisdoms from Gaia and Panden - the yin and yang spirits of the earth.  Those open to receiving this guidance shall discover shifts and changes which bring opportunity, abundance and flow when heeded and acted upon.  For those resistant to aligning with their own new rhythms and connecting them to their ideal grounding place on earth, sudden and disruptive change shall take place seemingly from outside sources to facilitate alignment. 

    With the beginning of 2021 opening with a t square between the Avataric signs between the paired planets/asteroids, with the Moon and Vulcanus in Leo, Uranus and Lilith in Taurus and Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius this signals a time of Truth, Destiny, a major reality check deep within the psyche and soul heart of all members of the Human Kingdom.  Resistance brings disappointment, loss or tragedy where Truth and reality is unwelcome - whether done as ‘rose colored’ glasses, positive thinking, wishful thinking, day dreaming, fantasy or out and out rebellion projecting fear, anger and dissatisfaction with the necessity of seeing ‘what is so’ in all its aspects and how it affects EVERYONE. 

    Some may opt to act out, yelling, screaming, pitching temper tantrums like two years olds, others may freeze or shut down in shock and disbelief as expectations of things, people, situations and circumstances that had become familiar, common place and counted on begin to crumble.  Still others shall seek to ‘think outside the box’ searching for alternative more harmonious ways to maintain the status quo.  The status quo must go.

    The Human Kingdom stands fully, openly on the bridge - which crosses the deep chasm between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius.  In its depths lay all regrets, sorrows, disappointments, mistakes, grief, guilt, anguish and greed.  Some shall desire to return to the past believing what they knew affords sanctuary and security only to discover it is totally gone, collapsing behind them.  Others may seek refuge on the bridge, hunkering down in little groups and pockets along the sides perhaps even looking over the edge in search of something solid to hold onto.  Some may opt to freeze in place or climb onto the guard rail along the edge of the bridge, contemplating a tragic leap into the chasm due to loss of faith and trust in their own inner truth center having lost faith in a future at all.  Still others shall focus ahead, turning within to their own inner truth center taking slow deliberate steps at their own pace and rhythm across the bridge, across the chasm, facing and over coming their fears as they proceed, taking one day at a time in appreciation and gratitude for each opportunity, each blessing, each waking each day.  

    Those able to appreciate and celebrate the small things about being alive now on planet earth shall discover others of like mind, soul and spirit whom they are vibrationally drawn to, creating enclaves where Balanced Reciprocity naturally is the only Universal Law required for attaining and maintaining connection, cooperation, clear communication and a flow of unattached caring and love with honor, respect and authenticity.  

    With Mars in late Aries square Pluto in late Capricorn every member of the Human Kingdom shall be learning the lessons of Balanced Reciprocity with the Divine Masculine energies - within and without.  Where these are aligned with Soul Heart Truth, direct authentic conversations creating powerful plans, projects, focus and direction individually and collectively done with compassion, heart, truth and in balance and harmony with the earth shall prosper abundantly.  When any aspect is done out of alignment with Balanced Reciprocity for all involved, failure shall ensue.  Intentions, projects and building for the future shall succeed when aligned with Balanced Reciprocity for all - the earth and humanity.  

    Part of this process is aligning with the earth and the earth spirits asking them for their vision.  Next is connecting with others in the area, plants, animals, people, the local community asking for their input and vision.  Next is going within in search of the Soul Heart’s divine plan which has drawn everyone together devoid of ego, envisioning options, possibilities and scenarios and the skills and willingness of those in the vicinity to participate and implement for the good of the community and the land as a whole.  When all these come together, success and ease of flow is guaranteed.  When any one is out of alignment where Balanced Reciprocity is concerned challenges shall arise daily pointing out the misalignment.  This is true for everyone - where they live, work and play.  How aligned are you with where you are located on the planet? How Balanced is your giving and receiving in the area whether on the land, monetarily, volunteering, making your little corner of the world a better more loving caring space?

    January 12, 2021 New Moon in late Capricorn conjunct Pluto at 9:01 pm PST, January 13, 2021 at 12:01 am EST, 5:01 am GMT, 6:01 am EET signaling grounding, living and expressing caring and love in a powerful tangible harmonious way.  This new moon signals a huge ‘turning point’ for the Human Kingdom as the Divine Masculine energies of sound vibrational heart shall be expressing intensely on the ethers the ‘call’ of expansive destiny and harmonization with all the Kingdoms of the Cosmos.  The original heart oriented Yeshuah energies of unconditional love from 2,000 years ago are being sounded within the earth’s grid that is coming on line.  The Toning activation begins today continuing in amplitude throughout 2021 and over the next 7 years. The initial toning shall be deep masculine ones moving into blends of both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine by the Aquarian Cosmic Equinox January 26 and the Full Moon January 28.  This is the call of the elk, the bull elephant, the grizzly, the lion; the intoning in the caves of the deep baritone call of the wild awakening the etheric gemstone temples world wide upon the earth.  For the next twelve days until the Cosmic Aquarian Equinox January 26, 2021 the Divine Masculine intones his love and gratitude for Gaia and her upcoming transformation and rebirth.  Those men who feel called to do so may discover their own ways to express this to Gaia, with or without toning.

    January 26, 2021 Aquarian Cosmic Equinox 10 am PST, 1 pm EST, 6 pm GMT, 7 PM EET activating the Aquarian Avataric energies of harmonious vibration and Balanced Reciprocity as portals between the worlds open bringing with it new flows on all levels - energy, lava, water, gas, oil, rivers, springs, cave air - a bursting open of the blocked flows within the earth’s new crystalline grid now seeking to come on line more fully.  This is when the feminine voice of Gaia now responds to the call of her Divine Masculine counterpart, Panden, expressing her love, receptivity and openness to his call of love.  Sounds, tones and harmonies with the feminine voice without words brings expansion to resistant blocked areas of the earth, facilitating the flow and receptivity in Balanced Reciprocity to Panden’s honoring, exaltation and unconditional devotional love.  Members of the Human Kingdom may facilitate this process by acting as conduits for the incoming Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies and toning their love for Gaia and Panden and their desire to assist in this process.  

    January 28, 2021 is Full Moon in Leo at 11:17 am PST, 2:17 pm EST, 7:17 pm GMT, 8:17 pm EET opposite Sun, Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius.  This is a powerful oracular time when the energies of Gaia pour forth with messages, guidance, desires, visions and intonations of harmony, Balanced Reciprocity and love.  With Mars and Uranus conjunct in Taurus inter-dimensional portals, Halls of Records and secret pathways may present themselves for perusal.  Gaia shall expound upon the assistance required by the Human Kingdom in participation of the upcoming increase in flow of harmonious energies on the planet. Those desiring to participate in this process without a personal agenda in Balanced Reciprocity shall receive a plethora of options for direct and indirect participation.  The power of change and new direction shall be shown by Gaia along with some of the consequences for those members of the Human Kingdom inclined to forego Balanced Reciprocity participation.  It is a matter of free will rather than punishment.  Harmonize with the loving vibrational energies in giving and receiving in Balanced Reciprocity or be ‘outside’ the flow creating challenges and self struggle.

This is a time when the portals to invite and invoke Balanced Reciprocity and beings who align with this or dismiss those who opt to be out of Cosmic Flow.  There is no judgement, only free will choice. Keep up the great soul heart journey.

    Mercury retrograde in Aquarius January 30, 2021 to February 21, 2021 is a time when all members of the Human Kingdom shall be called upon - individually and collective - to re-evaluate their lives in search of what truly brings harmony, within and without in all aspects of life.  Discovering ways to implement and ‘live’ in Balanced Reciprocity with self, others and the planet is paramount for shifting smoothly and easiliy with these harmonizing cosmic energies flowing abundantly into the earth sphere.  Nature, sounds, toning, music and water are all allies in this sercah for balance, harmony and love on earth now.  The last week of the retrograde in February from Valentine’s Day on -until Mercury returns to its original beginning retrograde station taking place at the New Moon in Pisces, March 13, 2021 - is ‘over lighted’ with the harmonizing energies of the wisdom of the Sphinx (the Mystery) and the Aquarian Point of Avatar wisdom.  LISTEN to the Music of the Spheres and follow the Soul Heart’s guidance received - ‘an’ it HARM NONE; do what thou wilt, that is the whole of the Law’.



The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman