January 2022

Copyright November 2, 2022*Mary Elizabeth Hoffman*All Rights Reserved


    January 2022 begins with a stellium of four planets and the asteroid Cupido in the earth sign Capricorn, signaling the necessity to express and communicate compassion, caring, connection and cooperation with the figure 8 flow of energies between self and all within, as well as the people, places, things, situations and circumstances showing up daily out in the world.  Authentic power comes from the full honest, truthful expression of feelings, thoughts and emotions devoid of selfish ego agenda.  The wisdom to co-create with the Universe in this wise way shall assist all those aligned with their Soul Heart’s purpose expressed and communicated through connection, cooperation, clear honest communication and unconditional love to attain the ability to utilize the ‘power of the word’ - regardless of how it is expressed - be it in work, chanting, song, dance, art or music.  

    This is an opportune time to follow one’s Soul Heart inspirations, expressing them in multitudes of ways with feeling and emotion.  This empowers, energizes and shines the ‘light of Truth’ on the viable path options open to full expressive manifestation.  The Solar Father sun energies, as well as Venus, Pluto, Mercury and the asteroid Eros all facilitate the calling in and anchoring into 3D with connection in 5D, the Soul Heart’s Path and Destiny.  The more one is able to remain in the present moment, in the heart of the figure 8 flow between self and All That Is, the more ease with which these powerful destiny paths shall reveal themselves.

    With the grand trine between Chiron in Aries, Mars in Sagittarius and the asteroid Vulcanus in Leo, the ancient warrior tactics give way to the Soul Heart’s Truth with a strong desire to heal the ages old little ego selfish ways of expressing personal power out of alignment with Source, Soul Heart and what is in the wisest and best interest for all the Cosmos.  Instead, alternative wise use of power, passion and truth shall be expressed in more life affirming loving ways that are expansive, opportunistic, creative and multi-optioned.  

    A willingness to stand on the ‘bridge over the chasm of fear’ between what has been and what has the ability to be, brings expansion, a greater number of opportunities for more clarity of ways to live, work, play and be; ever expanding in clarity as the cloudy confusion and fear hidden deep in the psyche and unconscious of the Human Kingdom floats to the surface to be transformed and transmuted.  No longer is there the option to project this outside onto others, the earth or into the world, at large.  The other Kingdoms shall no longer accept or allow this to be done.  It shall be defused and returned to the projector.

    The ability to connect with the ancient wisdom of the Cosmic plan, and remember one’s chosen Path, Lessons and Roles and Purpose within it aligned fully with its Truths may be accessed by remaining free of the ego ‘monkey mind’ which chatters noisily about unimportant things acting as a distraction generating chaos and confusion.  By seeking to remain in the present moment giving loving energy to that which flows back to you feeding your Soul Heart sets up greater clarity outside the ego mind, in the now, taking advantage of opportunities which empower all within the flow.  This Balanced Reciprocity builds, expands and grows exponentially with gratitude, appreciation and love.  

    Challenges may arise for those who continue to see the world through diadic either/or ways of being.  These are insecure souls seeking to create a false sense of structure which is totally out of alignment with Nature and life throughout the Cosmos.

Those who find it necessary to see the world in extremes - black/white, good/bad, right/wrong, male/female, either/or - have fed the vision of separation, fear, judgment, blame and guilt in order to feel better about themselves or more superior.  This false perception of the world fed by little ego with aggrandizement and a sense of privilege in no longer accepted, supported or fed by any other kingdoms and has dissolved etherically.  Soon it shall dissipate in 3D as well.  

    Much of 2022 shall be about finding or discovering deeper levels of connection, intimacy (into-me-see) with self, other member of the Human Kingdom and with all other Kingdoms of the Cosmos - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Integral and Creator.  The Human Kingdom is stepping into the ‘wise use of power’ as a co-creator with All.  Those who seek to continue to create outside the spheres of the other kingdoms shall discover they no longer have the assistance, support, guidance and ability to continue to do so for purely selfish, ego, greed based, control motives.  Systems, companies, countries and governments based on the old diadic paradigm shall continue rapidly collapsing.  Only those systems, companies, countries and governments seeking to discover the triadic, multi-optioned way of organization, fluid framework and structure which flows organically in a figure 8 of giving and receiving in Balanced Reciprocity shall continue to flourish, expand, grow and thrive.  

    Beginning 2022 with Venus Retrograde in Capricorn (it begins December 19, 2021 continuing until January 29, 2022 - returning to station March 2, 2022) brings the Spirit Fire Initiation of the Soul Heart’s Destiny for all members of the Human Kingdom.  It is necessary to go within seeking the discovery of one’s own Inner Truth Center devoid of all projections, expectations, needs, dependencies and limitations regardless of where those have arisen from.  These tremendous energy influxes shall require much care be given to the nervous system within the body otherwise the potential for ‘burnout’ is extremely high.  Taking time for quiet walks in various natural landscapes will soothe the prickles, jumpiness and stress to the body, mind, spirit and emotions.  Wisdom as to whom one exchanges energies with whether in conversation, physical contact or etheric interaction during 2022 shall facilitate greater clarity, less overlay projection and allow for greater depth with those whom one chooses to connect.

    Mercury goes Retrograde January 14, 2022 in Aquarius returning to late Capricorn January 26, 2022 until its completion February 4, 2022 returning to station February 24, 2022 giving the Human Kingdom and all on planet earth the opportunity to seek the Truth within their own Soul Heart and sing the song of their harmonious vibration with all of Life throughout the Cosmos.  This is a time for going within to discover the ‘felt sense’ of what is so rather than what one has been ‘told’ is so.  It is an ‘experiential time’ when all shall feel the strong desire to seek out a place and space within and without which vibrationally aligns and harmonizes with the Soul Heart’s Truth and Beingness.  

    First New Moon in January is in mid Capricorn January 2, 2022 at 10:35 am PST, 1:35 pm EST, 6:35 pm GMT, 7:35 pm EET with Mercury just entering Aquarius, Jupiter just entering Pisces, Saturn in Aquarius on the Aquarian Point of Avatar, Uranus on the Taurus Point of Avatar, a fire trine between Vulcanus in Leo, Chiron in Aries and the Moon’s South Node in Sagittarius and Mars in mid Sagittarius conjunct numerous Black Holes, this is truly a major opening of the earth to new directions in all dimensions, including 3D.  This is a catalytic time of being released from past paths of self destruction and fear to be reborn into a more supportive, nurturing, loving place and space.

    Full Moon in late Cancer January 17, 2022 at 3:50 pm PST, 6:50 pm EST, 11:50 pm GMT, January 18, 2022 12:50 am EET with Pluto and the Sun conjunct in Capricorn and the Moon opposite conjunct Vulcanus signals a time of finding Balanced Reciprocity within the self between yin and yang, love and power, truth and trust eventually expressing this Balanced Reciprocity within personal relationships with all Kingdoms and the rest of the Universe.  For those who have yet to find this figure 8 flow within, their energies may appear jagged, scattered or static oriented making it challenging to be in their proximity.  With Saturn on the Aquarian Point of Avatar and Uranus on the Taurus Point of Avatar options for harmonious flowing shifts and changes or sudden and disruptive changes may cause those prone to the diadic either/or way of perceiving the world to feel extremely challenged.  Wisdom dictates going within to seek the quiet still small voice of guidance from one’s Inner Truth Center as to what alternative options are possible in lieu of the either/or.  This Triadic way of perceiving the world builds greater trust in the new options at they appear, facilitating peace rather than generating fear.

    January 27, 2022 is Aquarian Cosmic Equinox, an auspicious time with Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, Venus retrograde opposite Kronos and Hades in Capricorn trining the Uranus and the Taurus Point of Avatar, Mars and Cupido conjunct in Capricorn with a grand water trine between Neptune in Pisces, Lilith in Cancer and the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio signaling a time when the Cosmic flow of life force energy shall be released into and within all living beings, the dam shall break, the rivers shall overflow carrying the psyche of all members of the Human Kingdom in an effort to deposit them where there Soul Heart’s Destiny desires.  This is a wise time to go within, listen to one’s own Inner Truth Center and Trust in one’s Soul Heart.  Being a ‘follower’ might send one onto a path out of alignment with one’s Soul Heart.

    Second New Moon on January 31, 2022 in Aquarius conjunct Saturn and the Aquarian Point of Avatar square Uranus on the Taurus Point of Avatar, Venus conjunct Mars in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries brings harmonizational vibrations, Cosmic choirs, sound, toning and tremendous healing possibilities for all souls and psyches on the earth plane.  Those who have been able to release old patterns of fear, attachment and limitation shall discover a new lease on life, a clearer perspective with greater opportunities appearing which are life affirming, joyous, harmonizing, nurturing and supportive on all levels.  Portals shall be opening and closing for the invocation, invitation or dismissal of any and all vibrations which are required to bring about full Balanced Reciprocity within and without.  

    We Hat’hors are only an ask away from being with you to facilitate any and all harmonization which in the wisest and best interest of all living being throughout the Cosmos.  We honor all in this Great Transition.  The Cosmic tuning forks are bringing unconditional love harmonization to all beings


In light, love, wisdom, truth and timing,


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman