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January 2023

Copyright November 4, 2022*Mary Elizabeth Hoffman*All Rights Reserved


Energies for 2023 begin with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn conjunct Venus and Pluto signaling a continuing time of seeking the Truth in regards to values, ideas and ideals individually and collectively for the Human Kingdom.  There shall be reviews of this retrograde energy further into 2023 when Mercury and Venus retrograde once again in earth signs reflecting back upon decisions and choices made now in regards to what is of utmost importance and valued by humanity.  Mercury remains retrograde through January 18, 2023 returning to station at its original retrograde point on February 7, 2023 at which time the solidification of decisions and choices become manifest in 3D in the everyday life.  With 2023 beginning and ending with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn the theme for all of 2023 shall continue to be - what do you value, what is truly important to you, will you perpetuate fear, separation and division in your life or discover ways to connect, cooperation, care and empower your own life and that of those with whom you link?  

2023 begins with a huge portal of transformational loving energy with the Moon conjunct the North Node and Uranus in Taurus facilitating the invocation of desired life affirming energies and the dismissal of fear, chaos and confusions energies in ways which transform and transmute deeply old patterns within the Human Kingdom which have created separation for all the other Kingdoms and the earth.  Humanity is a part of the Cosmic creation, a caregiver, empowerer of life and love rather than the a fear mongering, dominant, separate entity attempting to ‘rule from on high’.  The release of the ego separation is imminent and necessary for the survival of the human species otherwise it continues to be a cancerous growth upon the earth necessitating its removal.  The is a time of great forgiveness and healing between the energies of masculine and feminine as each individual member of the Human Kingdom discovers the Balanced Reciprocity within them in their relationship to self.  This expands and flows out into the world around generating and attracting Balanced Reciprocity as the passion fire of Jupiter for all life and all living beings is trined by Vulcanus in Leo - an archetype of the self responsible, honest, integral divine masculine energies expanding upon planet earth.  

With the stellium of planets in Capricorn - Sun, Mercury, Cupido, Pluto and Venus - communicating our passion for all life and all living beings throughout the Cosmos is paramount as the old ego driven ways of fear and control, whether expressed through masculine of feminine cease to be effective when utilized in unwise ways that disempower, dishonor or hurt and abuse any member of any Kingdom within the Cosmos.  The Elementals, Integrals, Primordial/Creator Kingdoms along with the Elves and Dragons shall withdraw their energies from any misuse or abuse of power through fear, intimidation, separation or dominance rendering it ineffective. 

January 2023 is an excellent time to work with sound and loving intonations pouring in from the Cosmic Realms.  These continue to flow throughout al of 2023 with the intention of bringing Balanced Reciprocity, vibrational harmony and unconditional love to all, harming none.

As Jupiter is in early Aries January 2023 and continues there through mid May 2023 expansive new concepts, ideas and beginnings are possible.  That which is conceived during the first five months of 2023 shall become manifest when Jupiter moves into Taurus remaining there until spring of 2024.  This is an ideal time period to release and dismiss all old unsupportive familial, hereditary, historical beliefs, patterns and ways of being while at the same time invoking, requesting and seeking alternatives which are more nurturing, supportive and life affirming that facilitate expansive soul growth and unconditional love for the earth and all its inhabitants, as well as the Cosmos.During this Jupiter in Aries time period diverse new energies shall be abundant with the wise expression of them necessary.  This Spirit Fire expansion may be expressed in a variety of ways. Resistance to it may manifest as extremely angry explosive energies, chaotic scattered energies or frantic ‘chicken little the sky is falling’ energies.  Being open receptive and accepting of the options, possibilities and changes that are possible through guidance from one’s Inner Truth Center brings a plethora of pathways opening in the present, near and distant future.

January 6, 2023 at 3:09 pm PST, 6:09 pm EST, 11:09 GMT and 12:09 am, January 7, 2023 EET is Full Moon in mid Cancer continuing to amplify the figure 8 flow of Balanced Reciprocity and the nurturing, supportive, loving energies it signifies.  Values of home, hearth, family community and security shall continue to take center stage world wide.  With Saturn in Aquarius briefly bi-quintile the Moon and Neptune in Pisces briefly trine the Moon individually and collectively much chaos is possible for those ungrounded and disconnected from Source and their Inner Truth Center.  With Mars in Gemini retrograde trine Venus in Aquarius harmony is possible without power struggles or explosive reactions or responses.   The mental psychic energies generated and put into the ethers by individuals and groups shall have tremendous impacts of the harmony, stability or chaos generated during this Full Moon. Remember the guidance given in the movie the Golden Child - ‘keep your thoughts as pure as the water’.  This applies during this Full Moon and includes thoughts, feelings, ideas and emotions.  Self monitoring is wise. 

January 21, 2023 is New Moon in Aquarius at 12:56 pm PST, 3:56 m EST, 8:56 pm GMT, 9:56 pm EET with a significant stellium in Aquarius (Sun, Moon, Venus and Saturn) denoting harmonization and integration within and without of opposites - a form of pairings in Balanced Reciprocity.  As all Kingdoms of the Cosmos begin to coalesce into pairings and partnerships - -with Mercury and Cupido conjunct in Capricorn, Sun and Moon conjunct in Aquarius, Venus and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius, Jupiter and Chiron conjunct in Aries, Uranus and the Moon’s North Node conjunct in Taurus, Mars and Admetos conjunct in Gemini, Hades and Kronos conjunct in Cancer and Vulcanus and Lilith conjunct in Leo - these 8 pairings are designed to bring Balanced Reciprocity, flow and harmony empowering partnerships and relationships within all Kingdoms of the Cosmos.  This is a major initiatory New Moon for the Human Kingdom and the earth facilitating the harmonious partnership coming into being that is the new myth and new story in this corner of the Universe.

January 28, 2023 at 9 pm PST, January 29, 2023 12:00 am EST, 5 am GMT, 6 am EET is Cosmic Equinox signaling a huge cosmic portal opening.  With the Moon, Uranus and the Moon’s North Node on the Taurus Point of Avatar the other Kingdoms shall be facilitating the dismissal of all energies - past, present and future - which are no longer life affirming and loving.  To some this may feel like the suction of unwanted, unneeded and unnecessary pain, struggle and restriction - to others who cling to these energies it may be experienced as the removal of familiar energies.  Wisdom in letting go of that which no longer serves one in one’s wisest and best interest shall facilitate the transformation of all ancient limiting energies making way for harmonization and an ability to see the ‘light of Truth’.

We Cat Beings encourage the use of sound, toning, drumming, chanting, dancing, walking and visits into natural surroundings to assist with balance, harmony and guidance.  Many messages shall come through based on ancient wisdoms of Balanced Reciprocity for those open to receiving them.  As always, we are here in our many aspects to assist and facilitate this incredible shift and growth of the Human Kingdom and its reconnection with all the Kingdoms of the Cosmos.  


In light, love, wisdom, truth and timing,

Mary Elizabeth Hoffman via the Cat Beings from the Creator Realm

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