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 January 2024

Copyright November 7, 2023*Mary Elizabeth Hoffman*All Rights Reserved


January 2024 begins with Mercury retrograde in late Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Center signaling a time of solemn messages and harsh Truths spoken from Ti’a’ma’at in regards to the Human Kingdom’s strides towards Balanced Reciprocity with Her, each other and all the Cosmos.  With Mars also empowering this conjunction a plethora of directions and choices are possible for each individual member of the Human Kingdom.  Wisdom suggests that ‘following the crowd(s)’, groups, organizations, companies and countries may prove detrimental rather than security producing.  Attempting to ‘convince’ others of one’s chosen directions and choices in order to create alliances is unwise during this time. Though Mercury goes direct January 2, 2024, its affect lasts until January 21, 2024 when it returns to station when forward motion actually begins in earnest.

The grand earth trine between the Sun and Cupido conjunct in Capricorn, to Jupiter in Taurus and the Moon and Lilith in Virgo brings down to earth the realities, truths and consequences of where the Human Kingdom has gone astray and requires realignment with its relationship with the Earth and Nature. Only through the development of Balanced Reciprocity in all aspects of relating to 3D, all living beings and the earth is it possible to discover the joyous paths of interaction, life, light and love with all Kingdoms. Much guidance may be gleaned through prayer, meditation, walking in Nature and ecstatic dance as to expansive opportunities which may be made manifest through dream times - both asleep and awake - , through following the soul heart’s destiny and being willing to expand outside one’s comfort zone by being receptive in opening to the tremendous number of expansive portals, openings and opportunities within and without. 

January 2024 is a time of ancestral reckoning with the t square between Venus in Sagittarius, Saturn in Pisces and Admetos in Gemini all in their early signs.  The tremendous number of Black Holes conjunct Venus at this time amplifying this t-square signals a time of clearing old ancestral karmic patterns or becoming devoured by them.  Any victim energies carried must be dissipated in order to move forward into the future. Self responsibility is paramount. All is free will choice.  

With Mars and Mercury conjunct on the Galactic Center a plethora of guides, guardian angels and assorted beings from other realms shall be attempting to communicate with all members of the Human Kingdom.  It is critically important to avoid becoming a puppet or allowing one’s self to be pushed, coerced or manipulated into any actions which might be deemed unwise, non loving or non life affirming, as there are astral entities intent on continuing to perpetuate and generate fear, confusion and chaos in order to feed off of it.  When aggrandizement, coercion, manipulation, control or trading makes its presence known - be wary of intentions - your own and those of others - incarnate or disincarnate.  Seek clarity and/or confirmation from within your own Soul Heart’s Truth and Destiny in all aspects, choices and decisions throughout all of 2024, especially during January.

Venus in early Sagittarius conjunct 4 black holes (inter-dimensional portals) trine Vulcanus in Leo activates much passion expressed as Truth, when done so outside ego and hidden agendas.  Follow your Soul Heart’s guidance taking quiet time away from any influencers before making decisions and choices.  Remaining in the present moment is key.  If the only ‘quiet” place to escape to is the bathroom, do it, in order to get clear with your own soul heart’s guidance.

The moon’s North Node in late Aries trines Mars and Mercury bringing with is a vast array of new directions, expressions and communications.  It is wise during this time to sit with each vision, quietly, projecting their energy paths into future possibilities to discern their merit, pitfalls or hidden ‘surprises’ on all fronts.  Seeking to discover which dreams, visions and possibilities actually contain solid forward moving energies rather than becoming a rabbit hole of diversion down which one goes expending energy in directions which are depleting rather then empowering.  Discernment is key in choosing when, where and how to employ one’s resources body, mind, spirit and emotions.  

January 11, 2024 at 3:58 am PST, 6:58 am EST, 11:58 am GMT, 12:58 pm EET is New Moon in the latter part of Capricorn with Mars, Cupido and Pluto also spread throughout the sign of Capricorn doing a t-square between the Moon’s Nodes - North in Aries and South in Libra.  This puts the requirement of energy balancing between the lover and the fighter, the warrior and the peace maker - squarely between the Sun and Moon - asking for balance between head and heart, profit and compassion, people and ideology.  Mars is conjunct Cupido in Capricorn empowering the caring heart energies of life, light and love to become so intense that all manner of efforts shall be sought in an attempt to facilitate the Human Kingdom in expressing and communicating compassion, love, empathy and caring to all with whom they share space on planet Earth.  Prayers to encourage new directions and strides of expansion in affording peace, prosperity and freedom for all - an it harm none - shall have tremendous impact on those continuing to act out their temper tantrums of fear, rejection and hate.  Great change is truly possible as the New Moon Balanced Reciprocity energies pour forth to all Earth and its inhabitants.  The potential for misunderstandings communication wise and timing wise is possible with Neptune in Pisces squaring Mercury in Sagittarius, yet invoking the assistance of the Cosmic Mother of All Creation via the Galactic Center shall assist in clarification and a clearing of the fog and clouds obscuring peace and Balanced Reciprocity.

January 20, 2024 Venus exactly conjuncts the Galactic Center bringing the possibility of apparitions of the Mother of Creation manifesting throughout the world appealing to the hearts and souls of all members of the Human Kingdom to step into the flow of Balanced Reciprocity with the Cosmos now and into the future.  Alignment with these energies opens the Soul Heart’s Vision fully individually and collectively for the Human Kingdom.  

January 21 - 22, 2024 Pluto moves into Aquarius for the next 8 months (in preparation for its conjunction with Venus and Mars February 17, 2024) signaling a time of recalibration of the heart and heartbeat of the earth and all upon her, harmonizing it with the Cosmos.  This approximately three week intonement (at-one-ment) by all Kingdoms of the Cosmos shall vibrate forth all that is out of alignment with the harmonization of Balanced Reciprocity - individually and collectively - planetary wide.  It’s intense download continues until just after Valentine’s Day on February 17, 2024 as Mars, Venus and Pluto all conjunct in early Aquarius for the first time in eons.  Pluto revisits Capricorn in early September 2024 for six weeks just to make sure all fear, greed, lack, blame and judgment have been cleared. 

Full Moon in early Leo January 25, 2024 at 9:55 am PST, 12:55 pm EST, 5:55 pm GMT, 6:55 pm EET conjunct Pluto in Aquarius signals a time of speaking the passion fire truth with unconscious hidden reflected deep seated energies and emotions surfacing to be cleared and cleansed particularly in personal relationships.  The grand cardinal square today between Mars conjunct Mercury in Capricorn, Chiron conjunct the Moon’s North Node in Aries, the Moon’s South Node in Libra and Hades and Kronos conjunct in Cancer stresses the need for healing from war like tendencies so that the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies may be expressed within and without by all beings in harmony, balance, connection, cooperation and unconditional love.  The intensity of this Full Moon shines the Light of Truth on where the vibrations of Balanced Reciprocity are required to attain and maintain the Cosmic flow in a life affirming manner.  The earth trine between Mercury and Mars conjunct in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus and Ceres, Lilith in Virgo brings forth the knowledge, wisdom and truth as to what changes are necessary individually and collectively to come into alignment with Gaia - the earth mother and Panden, the earth soul spirit fully on this planet.  

January 30, 2024 at 2:22 am PST, 5:22 am EST, 10:22 am GMT, 11:22 am EET is Cosmic Equinox bringing with it a huge deployment of beings from the Angelic Kingdom.  This tremendous influx of cosmic energies into earth and its inhabitants is a vibrationally balanced tone sounded to bring all that IS into alignment Cosmically.  With the Moon conjunct the Super Galactic Center in early Libra trine Pluto in Aquarius and Admetos in Gemini these Air energies carry silent sounds above and below the ability of human or animals to hear, permeating all particles of matter from the smallest to the largest within the earth plane and throughout the Cosmos.  The old paradigms are no more.  The birth of new visions is taking place.Take time to go out into Nature to receive the huge influx of these energies and the astounding visions, options and possibilities open to all members of the Human Kingdom.  

We Cat Beings in the forms of Tef’nut, Sekh’met, Ma’at, Hat’hor and Ti’a’ma’at are here to assist in a smooth easy transition as the Human Kingdom comes into Balanced Reciprocity on Earth.  Invite and invoke Our healing, nurturing presence to facilitate this process.


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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