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July 2019

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The energies for July 2019 call for depth, honesty and integrity where feelings and emotions are concerned.  During this time new ways for expressing and communicating feelings and emotions are necessary, as is remaining present in your presence as the Human Kingdom seeks to cross the threshold between the old and the new way of interacting in all types of relationships.  This includes self, friends, family, lovers, where you live, work and play and those within your inner circle.  The desire for a deeper level of connection, trust and intimacy shall be forefront in all interactions.  Emotional triggers for those still reacting from past patterning rather than responding to what is happening in the present moment is likely.

    Much of the challenge during July 2019 shall be discovering a balance between head/mind/thought/belief and heart/feelings/senses/intuition.  Each individual member of the Human Kingdom shall be increasingly more sensitive to outside stimulation whether sounds, sights or location.  It shall be necessary for all to discover quiet retreat spaces to feed their soul heart, nurture and heal ancient emotional wounds and places, animals and people with whom there is a sense of safety and trust to dive deeply into emotions coming up so they may be cleared and cleansed.

    In order to move forward with anchoring in all hopes, dreams and desires in solid ways for future building, it shall be necessary to move into a space of Mutual Reciprocity within the self and between and self and all people, beings, spirits, energies, entities and things.  In so doing, the Soul Heart’s destiny shall blossom forth in meditation, images and dreams with physical 3D opportunities to bring them into the beginning birthing stages of manifestation taking place throughout all of July 2019 and well into December 2019.

    The opportunities, energy and those here to assist in these heart centered projects coming online planetarily shall make themselves known generating healing of old power struggle oriented wounds of ego and rebirth of the Divine Masculine Soul Heart within all.  The Solar Father energies shall shine the Light of Truth upon many falacies long held as fact, making way for more harmonious patterns to emerge which nurture, support and empower all for the highest good in the wisest and best interest of all living beings.

    With two New Moons taking place this month in the locale of the western coast of the the Americas and Hawaii, transformational serpent wisdom energies shall be emerging as the dual snakes of wisdom (the Ida and Pengala) shed their skins and begin intertwining together in new forms the ancient wisdom truths from Tibet and Mexico.  Birthing out of this shall come an opportunity to fulfill many ancient prophecies including bringing Heaven to Earth, co-creation of the Human Kingdom with all other Kingdoms and a sense of bliss, joy, ecstasy, prosperity, abundance and the juiciness of being in a 3D body while stretching into the cosmic energies of 5D and beyond.  Clearning and cleansing unconscious beliefs, attachments, limitations and expectations shall become paramount in facilitating the full spectrum flow of these life force energies within the Human body, mind and psyche.  Some may be over come with the passionate intensity of the healing necessary to balance the flow of these powerful intense energies between Heaven and Earth, particularly when limiting frameworks, beliefs and security play paramount roles in the person’s psyche and life.  Those less attached to external things or people for safety and security shall discover much more ease of movement and flow when the soul heart is used as the compass and the mind utilized as the wheel by which to steer one’s boat through these tumultuous oceanic cosmic waters flowing from other dimensions.  As the spirit fire initiations continue burning away the layers of dross placed upon the soul throughout life times, the inner core of being emerges bare, naked and full of light and love.  

    With Mercury retrograde in early Leo from July 7 to 19, 2019 the Jewel of Truth shall reveal a great many new facets individually and collectively for all to see.  This shall shift and alter perceptions and beliefs of reality for millions.  Mercury continues its retrograde motion until August 1, 2019 - Lammas, during this time in Cancer, the figure 8 flow from the depths of emotion to the shores of 3D manifestation and co-creation.   Much of the focus for all during this time shall be to discover what truly nurtures, supports, mothers and feeds the soul heart, rather than what has been touted as such.Relationships, partnerships and locales for residing shall all be up for question as each individual member of the Human Kingdom seeks to discover where ‘home’ truly is for them.  Seeking this ‘home’ first inside the self before making dramatic alterations in life and life style is wise as any abrupt decisions and choices made during this three week period may be discovered to be only temporary.  

    July 2, 2019 is New Moon In Cancer at 11:18 am, PST, 2:18 pm EST, 7:18 pm GMT, 8:18 pm EET.  With Saturn conjunct the Moon’s south node and Pluto in Capricorn and the stellium of planets in Cancer, the issues of home, family, nurturance, safety and security shall be foremost.  What the terms home, family, nurturance, safety and security mean shall be questioned as each person attempts to define these concepts for themselves in ways which provide a sense of peace of mind.  Some may desire to return to what is considered the ‘good old days’ which when lived through were not exactly safe, secure, nurturing or family oriented - they were total myth, illusion and pretense.  During this New Moon time the power of Truth and a new direction and honest, truthful, trustworthy expression shall shift directions for many causing a whole restructuring, reordering and reorganizing of their emotions, psyche, relationships (both personal and professional) in order to move through these intense emotional energies.  Inviting and invoking the Ha’Thor energies shall bring clarity, a sense of new direction and purpose, particularly on an emotional level.

    July 16, 2019 is Full moon eclipse in late Capricorn at 1:39 pm PST, 4:39 pm EST, 9:39 pm GMT, 10:39 pm EET.  With Pluto and the Moon conjunct in Capricorn, this shall be a time of anchoring in the nurturing energies for co-creating a new earth and a new humanity with the solar father fire energies warming to shine the nurturing light and love on those working with the Mutual Reciprocity energies with all Kingdoms and the earth.

This is a time of building, construction and putting plans and projects into motion on a 3D level.  When done from the heart with the figure 8 flow of Mutual Reciprocity, dreams, hopes, desires and visions from long ago may now be brought into 3D manifestation.  Working with the Ha’Thors by inviting and invoking their guidance, sound and nurturance shall ease shifts through these uncharted waters.

    July 28, 2019 is Leo Cosmic Equinox activating Truth where heart, feelings and emotions are concerned.  Everyone shall find it necessary to be in the present moment with feelings and emotions and what is going on with them so escalation of emotional issues which have nothing to do with the present are cleared and released in healthy, helpful loving ways.  The t-square between the moon in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces shall create energy opportunities for all to expand outside their comfort zones.  It may show up as an extremely bi-polar either/or time with many feeling pushed in directions by their soul heart which they might not ‘judge’ as normal or correct.  Those stuck in convention and following the opinions of others shall have the most difficult time with these energies.  Letting go of the past, seeking clarity in the present and asking for visions and options for the future are what shall bring the greatest sense of purpose, focus and direction during this time.

    Second New Moon on the west coast of the Americas and Hawaii July 31, 2019 7:13 pm PST, 10:19 pm EST, August 1, 2019 at 3:19 am GMT, 4:19 am EET in Leo conjunct Venus brings with it huge passion fire truth energies as the Light of Truth shines forth revealing the Rainbow spectrum of Truth to all.  This is a time when each member of the Human Kingdom shall find it necessary to go deep within discovering all aspects of self, including their shadow, so that full integration, honesty, integrity and authenticity may be attained within and expressed fully to others in the life.  We, Tefnuts and Sekhmets are present to assist in this clearing shining the Light of Truth even in the deepest, darkest most fearful places within the psyche.  This gift of transformation and freedom is open to all willing to let go of all past limitations and boundaries.  Freeing the soul heart and spirit to take wing and fly.

The Cat Beings

In light, love, wisdom, truth and timing,

through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman