July 2020

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    As Mercury continues its retrograde motion in the sign of Cancer, the energies dealing with the figure 8 flow of Balanced Reciprocity in all interactions with self, all people, places, things, situations, circumstances and the area of the earth upon which one resides becomes paramount in empowering unconditional love, nurturance and Balanced Reciprocity.  Without this, the support, assistance and empowered relationship with all Kingdoms of the Cosmos ceases to exist.  The universal law of giving and receiving in balance and harmony is being restored.  Nothing lass is possible in this portal time.

    The month begins with the moon in late Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces facilitating huge movement and flow, at times seeming to be activated from deep within the earth, as it is no longer willing to accept nor tolerate its mistreatment, disrespect and invasive plundering which has wiped out multitudes of species and shall continue to evolve with or without the partnership of the Human Kingdom.  This is a time to go deep within the psyche ferreting out all fears, attachments and limitations which create confusion, chaos and dependency on outmoded frameworks which no longer encourage and support life affirming actions of unconditional love.  

    Regardless of what others may say, do or profess, each member of the Human Kingdom is now fully self responsible for their choices and actions and will reap the consequences of these during the coming 90 earth days, the outcome of which shall determine the harmony and Balanced Reciprocity that shall be experienced by 2022 to 2024.  Mercury remains retrograde in Cancer going direct on July 12, 2020.  Prior to this is an ideal time to clear out ones inner and outer flow - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - with self, locale, environment and those of like mind, heart and spirit.  This is a time of heightened sensitivity within the body, mind and emotions where things that have been ignored, be they relationships with people, places or things (including ones own body) will be demanding attention.  Unexpected, unpredictable responses in situations may arise necessitating the realization of where self control, expansion of opportunity and destiny have been at odds with each other requiring alterations in partnerships, relationships and locale in order to remedy the situation.  

    The maturity, self responsibility and survival of the Human Kingdom is at stake now.  Co-creatorship with the other Kingdoms of the Cosmos is no longer an option.  Continued separation amongst the species shall be taken as separation from the other Kingdoms and shall no longer be energized, supported or empowered by the other Kingdoms.  Through connection, cooperation, compassion (communicating, expressing and acting upon one’s passion for all life and all living beings throughout the Cosmos) and unconditional love the portals open to the co-creation of tremendous, bountiful, loving partnerships with all Kingdoms of the Cosmos is possible - the fulfillment of the destiny of the Human Kingdom.

    Attunement with self first, authentically, is necessary in order to express clearly, concisely and in caring ways the desires envisioned which aliven the beingness of the ecstasy of joy on earth in this time space continuum.  Once this connection deep within the soul heart is made, this relationship with self soul heart shall require feeding, nurturing and quiet time alone, both in and out of nature, regularly, so that it may be more easily shared and expressed with those of like mind, heart and spirit in authentic loving ways.  

    The first of three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn astrologically (Ophiuchus astronomically) June 23 to July 9, 2020 signals an activation of discovering the wise use of one’s life force energy as it is focused, directed and empowered by thoughts, feelings, emotions, concepts, beliefs and ideas.  Thoughts become things and when empowered with love rather than fear they bless, expand, feed, nurture, support, share and evolve all beings.  The Human Kingdom gets a second crack at mastering the wise use of their own personal power November 8 to 13, 2020 and their third December 15 to 29, 2020. The more wisdom gained and expressed with compassion in 3D of the wise use of personal power, the easier the next two conjunctions will be, as each phase of this initiation process for the Human Kingdom into co-creatorship with all the Kingdoms in learning to stop trying to MAKE events happen a certain way, desiring a specific outcome and instead be a part of the unfolding global/cosmic synchronicity.  This cosmic co-creatorship is woven into beingness by Tiamet,- known by some as Spider Weaver, Spider Spinner, Spider Woman, who with her consort known by many names such as Ptah, Blue Star Kachina, Blue Buddha - shall facilitate the co-creative weaving of a new tapestry of life - without fear - woven with threads of silver, gold, platinum and blue white star cosmic energies.  

    Those members of the Human Kingdom seeking to share in this co-creatorship shall discover that in the birthing of the Age of Aquarius, the unconditionally loving ‘christed’ energies shall begin to descend on all people everywhere.  For those open and receptive connections, coincidences, communities and gatherings shall link them as they discover they are moving together in the flow of Being in ONE.  The key is to let go, allowing things happen in whatever way is in the wisest and best interest of all beings throughout the Cosmos, while remaining attuned to one’s own inner soul heart, inner truth center and connection to Source for guidance. 

    During July 2020 there are significant conjunctions with planets in each elemental sign - earth, air, fire and water - activating and inviting the Human Kingdom to move into Balanced Reciprocity with the Elemental Kingdom, specifically beginning at the Full Moon Eclipse on July 4, 2020 in Capricorn at 8:46 pm PST, 11:46 pm EST, July 5, 2020 at 4:46 am GMT, 5:46 am EET.  Through the wise use of sound, vibration, chanting, drumming, dancing, rhythm and toning.  Awareness of the toxic sounds perpetuated by factories, traffic, motors from ships, trucks, trains, planes, autos and many machines (electronics, appliances, lawn care apparatus, farming) multiplied the world over and how it affects the earth and all its inhabitants including humans causing much dis-ease on a variety of levels shall be so obvious as to no longer be ignored. Since these configurations astrologically activate the astrological chart for the USA, North America shall feel the intensity and push to move into doing and being what it has long professed to be, a caring land of opportunity and abundance for all.  Whether the constellations of Hercules on the western coast, Aquila the eagle on the eastern coast and Lyra to the north in Canada will discover ways to find balance and harmony with their self responsible destiny of wise use of power is yet to be determined,

    The earth and its inhabitants are being called to align with cosmic at-one-ment and be co-creators as was intended destiny wise when the current soul influx chose to come to the schoolhouse of earth.  The opportunity to opt in or opt out shall determine the outcome of the next 2 to 4 years for each individual member of the Human Kingdom.  As the earth’s natural grid continues to expand in essence creating sacred space everywhere on earth rather than just specific power spots, its evolution and attunement vibrationally shall align with the star grid constellationally as the mirror between cosmos and earth, as above, so below, as within, so without, reactivates.  

    This full moon energy speaks of opening portals of change between cosmos and earth, new directions in regards to power, war, community, co-operation and the letting go of ancient wounds which have poisoned and alienated the human kingdom on earth bringing pestilence, disease and famine as reminders to honor all life and all beings.  The expansion of true caring and compassion, rather than just professing it giving it lip service is called upon during this full moon.  The visions of multiples of options, possibilities and alternatives through the use of wise heart energy aligned with thought, ideas and empathy shall become a reality.  Ways to build frameworks for all peoples, animals, the earth and all its inhabitants which honors, respects and empowers all shall be forthcoming.  And when facilitated through allowing rather than controlling for profit, shall become reality in the present rather than years from now.  We Cat Beings encourage the Human Kingdom to become co-creators once again with all the Kingdoms of the Cosmos.  In so doing, the expansion and evolution of all Kingdoms is enhanced in a smooth easy manner.  Much guidance, nurturance and unconditional love is expressed sharing wisdom of ways to live and be in Balanced Reciprocity with all.

    On July 20, 2020 the second consecutive new moon, this one in late Cancer, takes place at 9:34 am PST, 12:34 pm EST, 5:34 pm GMT, 6:34 pm EET as it sits opposite Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all retrograde in Capricorn.  This is a powerful rebirth time of Balanced Reciprocity energies.  Those already working with this figure 8 flow of giving and receiving in all aspects of their lives in unconditionally loving ways shall already be reaping the rewards, only to have them expand during this time with support, abundance and funding from unexpected and unsolicited sources.  The balance within of the divine masculine and divine feminine, solar and lunar, receptive and expressive energies shall bring powerful expansive destiny opportunities for those open to going with the flow of that which is offered by situations, circumstances, people, places and things.  The more open and receptive to the bounty, abundance and flow in unconditional love without expectations, demands or limitations the greater the ease and flow which materializes in 3D in the life.  With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all retrograde in Capricorn, opportunities one thought had been missed shall resurface bringing with them the building, construction and materialization of these in the present flowing into future harmonization with the family of humanity and all kingdoms of the earth. 

    We Hat’hors, Tef’nuts and Sekh’mets shall be working with those members of the Human Kingdom desirous of discovering their latent talents in the areas of healing, wholeness, hearth, home - both internal and external - as well as a deeper comprehension of the innate wisdom, truth and timing of the cycles now being fulfilled personally, professionally, experientially and soul wise.   The creation of sacred space within and without through the use of vibration, sound and Balanced Reciprocity are wisdoms We are here to share, generously.  


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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