July 2021

Copyright April 28, 2021*Mary Elizabeth Hoffman*All Rights Reserved


    During July 2021 three of the four Points of Avatar aligning with wisdom, truth and timing are activated by two outer and one inner more fast moving planets.  Saturn activates the Aquarian Point of Avatar signaling to all the necessity of vibrational harmony with all life and all living beings on planet earth and throughout the Cosmos.  This is a call to align one’s self and life in Balanced Reciprocity with one’s thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs, actions and inter-relationships with self, others and the environment.  Mars and Venus activate the Leo Point of Avatar at various times during July 2021 activating the spirit fire energy of Cosmic Truth denoting its expression with loving passion, power and conviction in ways which are caring, healing and empowering for all beings in all times, spaces, dimensions, countries and cultures.  Uranus conjuncts the Taurus Point of Avatar activating change either by free will choice for what is in the wisest and best interest of all beings and reaping the consequences of those ‘free will’ actions and choices.  Balanced Reciprocity shall prevail.  No blame. No judgement.  No right or wrong, good or bad.  

    Some may feel confused as to the old Age of Pisces teachings and their meanings; as many of them have become perverted generating huge fear, guilt, blame, shame and disempowerment creating separation from each other, life and spirit.  July is a time when it is wise for each individual member of the Human Kingdom to look within seeking where limitations are created and projected onto others which are exclusionary and divisionary generating dark shadow fear energies of chaos outside of Cosmic Balanced Reciprocity.  

    As long as the ‘language’ being utilized within the Human Kingdom focuses on ‘fighting, battling and winning the war’ - whether with countries, companies, drugs, alcohol, addiction, sex or viruses and dis-ease of any kind - the self inflicted ‘feeding, devouring and dishonoring’ of life and all beings within Cosmic Creation shall continue to the detriment of the Human Kingdom, perpetuating separation from heart, spirit and all of life.  Conscious awareness daily where each individual member contributes to this separation, seeking ways to change thoughts, feelings, emotions, projections, blame, ‘wrong making’ fear that empowers chaos begins the transformative rebirthing process of inter-action and inter-relationship with self and others which empowers life affirming, nurturing, caring, abundance for all beings - regardless of species.  

    July 2021 is a timing of personally, hereditarily and planetarily facing the inner shadow truth, as the Human Kingdom now sits in the pits of spirit fire transformation aligned with the Scorpio Point of Avatar.  It is time for the phoenix, wings ablaze to rise from the burning pyre and be reborn, anew in Light, Life and Love.  Balance within the self of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies is brought into being by releasing of false pride and ego separation perpetuated throughout the past 6,000 years. Global visioning, cooperation, connection, communication, caring and nurturing is required in order for the rebuilding of the New Earth as the true ‘garden of Eden’.  Heeding the clarion call of ‘spirit’ for Balanced Reciprocity with self, others, all life, the planet and the cosmos is wisdom. Otherwise, system collapse on a global scale is inevidible.  All is free will choice - individually and collectively. - all are linked in the Universal web.

    The grand fire trine between Venus and Mars in Leo, the Moon and Chiron in Aries and the Moon’s South Node in Sagittarius activates deep seated soul memories of Balanced Reciprocity, connection, cooperation, clarity and caring compassion.  This remembrance of communicating one’s passion for all life and all living beings throughout the planet and the Cosmos shall facilitate the releasing of all limiting structures, beliefs and ways of being opening all to more alternative expressions of energies which facilitate the honoring and respect of self and others in all ideas, actions and choices which harm none. Instead of the Human Kingdom continuing to reduce everything and everyone to the lowest common denominator, new perspectives, perceptions and ways of relating will be sought which encourage every member of the Human Kingdom to share their ‘gifts’ in ways which empower, encourage and assist all.  

    As the figure 8 flow of Balanced Reciprocity becomes more understood, energized and worked with by greater and greater numbers, ease of flow and movement, sharing of wisdom and truth as well as abundance for every living being to truly enjoy being who they came here to be, what they came to learn, know and experience facilitating them in becoming the best ‘them’ possible in this earth experience.  As this harmonious Balanced Reciprocity expands, life force energies within people, nature and all of life shall shift to glowing from within, expanding, enjoying and sharing in the incredible pleasure and love there is to be experienced here on earth.  

    New Moon in Cancer is July 9, 2021 at 5:18 pm PST, 8:18 pm EST, July 10, 2021 at 1:18 am GMT, 2:18 am EET conjunct Kronos amplifying the call to ‘face all inner demons’ instead of projecting them out into the world for others to suffer from.  With Mars and Venus still conjunct in Leo, honesty and truth with self about balances and imbalances of internal masculine and feminine energies which have been acted out, projected onto others, blame placed or drama trauma perpetuated and now requires recompense, owning, healing and forgiveness - of self and others.  It is unnecessary to act this out, as one may ritually write it out and burn it, record and erase or etherically imbibe a natural  object like a leaf, rock or twig with these imbalances and release it by tossing it into a body of water or fire pit.  This symbolic ‘gathering’ and ‘releasing’ of imbalanced energies - past, present and future - makes room for deeper intimacy with the soul heart within so that greater guidance, intuition and ‘gut’ feelings may become part of every moment of everyday.  By taking time on this nurturing New Moon energy to go within seeking clarity of inner confusion, incongruencies and ‘lies’ one has been telling one’s self, miracles and opportunities, pathways and doorways for greater harmony with self, others and life in general begins to happen.  The more acknowledgement and gratitude given to these miracle ‘coincidences’, the more they happen, generating a perpetual ease and flow.

    July 23, 2021 is the first of two consecutive Full Moons in Aquarius at 6:38 pm PST, 9:38 pm EST, July 24, 2021 at 2:38 am GMT, 3:38 am EET with the moon in wide conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius and the Sun conjunct Vulcanus.  This harmonizing Full Moon signals a time of discovering new ways to self nurture, support and bring about a sense of Balanced Reciprocity within.  With Uranus still conjunct the Taurus Point of Avatar change by choice is done with ease, flow and wisdom.  When change is resisted it becomes sudden and disruptive appearing to be instigated by ‘outside’ forces, when in Truth one’s soul heart has drawn these changes, unconsciously.  These destiny energies may be smooth and easy or explosive depending upon the level of resistance individually and collectively.  The harmonizing of earth with the rest of the Cosmos is happening with or without the conscious active direct participation of the Human Kingdom.  Each individual member may opt to be a part of or attempt to be apart from this harmonization.  All is free will choice.  Yet it is wise to remember, there are consequences to one’s actions and choices and Cosmic Balanced Reciprocity shall prevail.

    July 29, 2021 is Leo Cosmic Equinox with Sun, Mercury and Vulcanus all conjunct in early Leo trining Chiron in Aries and the Moon’s South Node in Sagittarius.  This is over laid with a t-square between Jupiter on the edge of Aquarius about to enter Pisces, Mars having just entered Virgo and Admetos and Lilith in Gemini marking a pivotal ‘grounding, anchoring and rising’ of Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine energies in Balanced Reciprocity within the earth and all upon it.  Each individual member of the Human Kingdom shall be facing their own Inner Truth Center in regards to inter-relationships and inter-connectedness on a world wide scale.  How one interacts with self and with those around them shall determine ease of flow or conflicts arising.

    We Cat Beings see tremendous opportunity for vibrational harmonizing to ‘purr-fection’ for each individual member of all Kingdoms - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Human, Integral and Creator; and the development of incredible inter-relationships between members of all Kingdoms in Balanced Reciprocity aligned with the Soul Heart of all creation.  Inviting and invoking our presence and those from other Kingdoms brings the Balanced Reciprocity of harmonious vibrational purr of unconditional love, light, wisdom, truth and timing.  



In light, love, wisdom, truth and timing,

The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman