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 July 2023

Copyright May 8, 2023 *Mary Elizabeth Hoffman* All Rights Reserved


July 2023 opens with a grand water trine between the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio, Saturn in Pisces and the Sun and Mercury conjunct in Cancer signaling a time of searching for more depth in all interactions in ways that support, nurture, encourage and empower.  With Saturn retrograde in Pisces all unresolved relationship issues - whether personal, professional or otherwise - will be at the forefront demanding to be ‘heard’, acknowledged, seen and addressed.  The final outcome of these intense emotional energies shall be determined by the wisdom of each person involved as to whether to quietly walk away, moving on with their path or whether there is more of an emotional temper tantrum pitched like a two year old who has not gotten their way.  The potential for unpredictable outcomes is high for those prone to projecting their emotional outbursts onto others and the world around them.  

Many inter-dimensional portals for physical 3D departure from the earth plane shall be opening and closing rapidly during this time bringing about various forms of expansion. For those unfocused and/or ungrounded and/or uncommitted to remaining on earth the ultimate change may be permanent departure from the physical body vehicle.  Those more prone to lording it over others, dominating and removing free will choice, whether through fear or physical violence, shall find themselves challenged with Pluto now retrograde back in Capricorn trining Uranus in Taurus.  This energy has the potential to open the doors to bring about positive change, connection, cooperation and clear communication on a world wide scale between the Human Kingdom, the earth, companies, corporations and governments with honest truthful assessments of what is required to co-exist peacefully, prosperously and powerfully together.  

With Venus and Mars conjunct in late Leo along with other conjunctive cosmic planetary pairings for July 2023, Balanced Reciprocity and the varied layers of Truth as to ways it may be expressed, experienced and empowered shall become blatantly clear even to the most skeptical.  Long hidden information, secrets and illusions shall have the ‘light of Truth’ shining upon them pointing the way to new more caring, loving, nurturing directions which empower all life and all beings in all Kingdoms.

The Sun Mercury pairing in Cancer speaks of the figure 8 flow between the Human Kingdom and the earth and how its inter-connectedness facilitates the expansion, transformation and survival of all.  With these energies opposite the asteroid Cupido tremendous great strides in creative endeavors of life, art, music, beauty and aliveness are possible for everyone.  Each individual member of the Human Kingdom is an artist of their own life with great opportunities in new directions to express, create and communicate the heart energies of life, light and love which are pouring into everyone - not necessarily for them to be ‘famous’ instead for them to BE and express their soul heart’s desire in creative, loving, caring expressions.  

The Jupiter and Moon’s North Node pairing in Taurus embodies tremendous expansion moving outside previously perceived ‘restrictions’, limitations, rules and expectations to perceive, conceive and give birth to greater possibilities on earth outside the old parameters of what has in the past been believed and accepted as possible and true. As these inter-dimensional portals open and close with assistance from those in other Kingdoms, alliances with members of the Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Integral, Creator/Primordial and Human Kingdoms may be forged making way for huge expansive strides in manifesting heaven on earth.  

Pairings between Hades and Kronos in Cancer speak to the ancient wisdom, myths and stories long forgotten whose symbols, meanings and activations lay deeply buried within every cell of every member of the Human Kingdom.  These past paths of quests, journeys and wisdom teachings shall take on a new flavor as the Human Kingdom once again re-members their commitment and alliances with all the Kingdoms of the Cosmos.  

Pairings between Vulcanus and Lilith in Leo opposite Pluto retrograde in late Capricorn shine the ‘light of Truth’ on eons of twisted, perverted, manipulated myths and stories designed to imprison the human psyche keeping it small, diminished and deluded.  For this Truth to come forth fully, each member of the Human Kingdom is now put squarely in the crosshairs of being self responsible for EVERY choice, action, reaction and outcome in their own lives and the lives and world they have touched, influenced and affected.  NO MORE VICTIM MENTALITY OR PROJECTIONS. Self responsibility and self karma are now seen, accepted and owned fully in order for the great cleansing and healing of the soul hearts of the Human Kingdom to take place.  This is the Spirit Fire Initiation. All shall traverse their own version of this path towards the inner knowing from one’s own Inner Truth Center.  

July 3, 2023 is Full Moon in Capricorn at 3:40 am PST, 6:40 am EST, 11:40 am GMT, 12:40 pm EET conjunct the asteroid Cupido empowering and energizing the spirit fire energies of the heart.  Those resistant to this intense cosmic influx of spirit fire energies may experience physical 3D heart issues of varying degrees bringing up fear, anxiety and trips to cardiologists or hospitals unnecessarily.  With Sun, Hades, Mercury and Kronos all conjunct in Cancer opposite the Moon and Cupido, the intensification of this spirit fire initiation for the Human Kingdom shall bring about the deciphering of what is truly valuable in the life being lived on earth now in this time/space continuum.  A balance of heart emotions with 3D beingness is necessary to remain anchored in 3D on earth.  Otherwise the open portal of Uranus in late Taurus facilitates speedy exit from the 3D plane.  This is a time of great change for all members of the Human Kingdom.  Resistance brings the ultimate change - departure from the 3D body and the experience of life on earth.  

July 17, 2023 at 10:33 am PST, 1:33 pm EST, 6:33 pm GMT, 7:33 EET is New Moon in late Cancer overlain with a grand earth trine between Cupido in Capricorn, Jupiter in Taurus and Mars in Virgo bringing a flow of visions, channelings and wisdoms from the Earth Mother/Gaia of future new pathways, directions, connections, alliances and partnerships between her Integral consciousness and the Human Kingdom. The square between Saturn in Pisces and Admetos in Gemini speaks of the recycling of any old issues not faced as there is no more avoiding, postponing or diverting or letting go of that which no longer serves, supports or empowers the soul growth destiny.  With Ademtos in Gemini square Mars in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces, this is truly the ‘shit or get off the pot’ time for the Human Kingdom, as a point of no return has been reached.  Gaia shall be sharing her visions, hopes, dreams and desires of true cooperative partnership not only with the Human Kingdom, but all other kingdoms as well.  This guidance is of great benefit as to connections, partnerships and prosperity for all future endeavors in 3D on earth.  This cooperative alignment is necessary to remain in 3D on earth.  With the Moon’s Nodes preparing to shift signs from Taurus and Scorpio to Aries and Libra visions, guidance and messages of what is needed to shift with these energies in a smooth and easy manner come through walks in nature, meditation, rebirthing and dream time.  It is wise to make notes and pay attention.  This shift in Moon’s Nodes is a rebalancing of the scales of the Truth of Ma’at or Ti’a’ma’at weighing the Feather of Truth against the Soul Heart on one’s inner scales of beingness. The living of Balanced Reciprocity comes fully online again as it was in the beginning of all Creation.  

Venus in Leo goes retrograde July 23, 2023 continuing its retrograde motion throughout all of August until September 4, 2023, the last few weeks of which in August are conjunct the Leo Point of Avatar shining the Soul Heart’s Truth brilliantly so that what one truly loves is expressed with passion, compassion and tremendous gratitude daily.  Truth shall pour forth from the heart of the cosmos burning the dross of misconceptions, misperceptions and misunderstandings so the spirit fire initiation may commence fully without unnecessary or undue stress.  This Soul Heart destiny cleansing is to ascertain for self what is TRUE, rather than what one has been told, sold or coerced to accept as Truth.  Though Cosmic Truths are absolute, many human inspired truths are biased, tainted, affected, ego driven or filtered through hidden or not so hidden agendas.  What ever truth is accepted be it a Cosmic Truth or an influenced ego truth shall determine focus, direction and future soul path destiny.

July 26 to August 1, 2023 Jupiter in Taurus on the Taurus Point of Avatar signals open portals, pathways, runways and landings for souls seeking to enter or depart the earth plane.  This intense week of comings and goings make it imperative to remain grounded, anchored and connected to 3D if one intends to continue one’s journey on earth for a while.  Conscious awareness of presence and gratitude for all that is facilitates this.    

We Cat Beings are here to assist and facilitate this spirit fire initiation in as smooth and easy a manner as possible for all Kingdoms.  Invite and invoke our presence of cosmic heart energies to assist during this powerful transformational process.


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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