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June 2019

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The energies for June 2019 are all about balance reciprocity, compassion and unconditional love. Much of what is being learned during this time has to do with the balance of giving and receiving in ways that are new and beneficial to all. This is a powerful healing time, a time to heal the old wounds dealing with one’s passion and how it has been expressed in the world in the past, whether in the current lifetime or lifetimes long past. Cleaning up any and all ego connection with passion shall be necessary to avoid burnout.

    It shall become apparent even to the masses, where many people are inauthentic using deception to take more than what they give in all of their interactions with others. This is typical of what one would see with a small child at the age of two or three. Most small children have no idea how what they do and how their demands affect the world and those around them. Part of becoming an adult –even on the sole path–is to recognize and be aware of how what one says does and the way one acts affects those around them. Part of growing up as a spirit and soul is to become aware of the consequences of one’s actions and choices and take full responsibility for them, their repercussions and outcomes.

    As those who have been helpers, guides, teachers, way showers, healers and empaths become more cognizant of how they have taken on the karma of others by rescuing them rather than letting others discover and reap the consequences of their actions and choices, new ways shall be discovered and expressed to hand their power back to those who have been dumping their karmic issues on everyone around, rather than taking responsibility for them them allowing them to play victim and cry Wolf to avoid responsibility. This is so the balance may begin to be attained. This is a huge healing for the human kingdom and for those who have been acting more in servitude rather than in service within the human kingdom for others, allowing those they have assisted to scapegoat for far too long.

    To many, the concepts of compassion and unconditional love have become tainted and perverted and are used in ways psychologically designed to keep people hooked to them so they are able to drain others of energy and life force much as a vampire would do.  Out of this shall come a higher form of selfishness within the helping/healing community, as they empower others to become more self-sufficient, self responsible and able to do their own soul work.

    With Jupiter in Sagittarius on the Galactic center opposite Mercury in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces, those who are willing to follow their heart and trust their intuition rather than following the pack will gain huge insights not to mention open doors to incredible opportunities which will bring tremendous clarity about pathways for crossing the bridge from the past to the future in a smooth easy manner, overcoming all fear. This is a time to focus on letting go of all old limiting beliefs, frameworks, structures, boxes, rigidity and all passed rules about how things are; allowing sparks and flashes of insight and intuition to reveal, express and communicate through the inner truth center, Guides and guardian angels about ways to live in true compassion– communicating passion for all life and all living beings and unconditional love– true love – without attachment, need, dependency, expectation, limitation, grief, guilt, greed, abandonment, betrayal, poverty, shame or boundaries. This makes it necessary for each individual human being to come from the place of honoring the free will, sovereignty, integrity, authenticity and honesty, as well as self responsibility of each individual member of the human kingdom. Only in being authentic with oneself is it possible to be honest with another.

    With Saturn conjunct the moon south node in Capricorn, memories of the times in Lemuria/Mu when the flow of the heart energies was prevalent in ways which nurtured and supported all life and all living beings in balanced reciprocity so there was no expression of lack in any form to come percolating to the surface allowing opportunity to express these energies once again in balanced flow of giving and receiving, the figure 8 flow of the infinity symbol expressed in all interactions with all people, Beings, spirits, energies, entities, times, spaces, dimensions, places and things. This is a signal that the destiny of the human kingdom is to experience this continual flow of abundance in all that exists in the universe.

    Those open to receiving this boon shell quickly prosper as they are guided from deep in their sole hearts and their inner truth center by their spiritual family and tried you were here to support them in their lives and their work. This is the full expression of the great heart work that is to be accomplished on earth the anchoring in of the Divine feminine and the divine masculine energies into each member of the human kingdom with balance and harmony. This whole brain way of functioning in all interactions with all that is shall empower the balanced reciprocity energies generating constant expansion and opportunity. The more open, receptive and accepting of this boon one is able to remain the greater the influx of abundance and prosperity in all areas of the life.

    There are huge portals between the worlds opening throughout all of June 2019 bringing in tremendous amounts of heart energy into the earth from both the Divine feminine and divine masculine as well as many of the masters and teachers from the past whose energies, myths and symbology’s have evolved to another level.  They are bringing in wisdom not yet shared on earth before, all coming through heart messages bringing harmony back to all people– men and women – who were willing and able to let go of past grievances, hurts and wounds and move forward in unconditional love, connection, clear communication, cooperation and creativity independently and as a team in partnership for the betterment of the planet and all living upon it.

    New healing modalities shall be revealed showing new directions for ways to utilize basic simple techniques of sound, flow of energy, water, massage and rebirthing breath as well as sensual, sexual, Tantric techniques to move through huge amounts of fear and limitation in a very short period of time initiating the anchoring into the physical bodies of those open to participating in these processes. The utilization of all Tantric techniques in their purity that were used in Egyptian alchemy in days of old shall be brought to the forefront again and taken to the next step. For those willing and able to step outside their ego, the mysteries of the masculine temple shall be taught, the mysteries of the feminine temple shall be taught and for those ready to take it to the balanced reciprocity level, the mysteries of the blend of the Divine feminine and divine masculine shall be shared, as well generating soul mate connection, in honor of the great heart work. Those who attempt these initiations from ego or greed shell discover their nervous system is becoming frayed in an attempt to move too much energy through their physical vehicle in an unpure state.

    June 3, 2019 is new moon in Gemini at 2:03 AM PST, 5:03 AM EST, 10:03 AM GMT, 11:03 AM EET. Mercury is in Gemini opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius on the Galactic center while the moon is North node in cancer opposes the south node Saturn and Pluto and Capricorn. This shall be a time of revelation as to where areas of the life remain out of flow with divine energies. Each individual shell experience very clearly where their blockages to the flow of balanced reciprocity with self, others and all aspects of life and being on earth. Those taking more than they are giving shall discover they are no longer able to steal energies or drain others and when this is attempted, they shall find themselves utterly alone with only themselves, their guides and their inner truth center for company and guidance. The call nail of the universe is to discover balanced reciprocity in all areas of the life personally and professionally. Psychic leaching shall be coming to an end.

    June 17, 2019 is full Moon in Sagittarius on the Galactic center at 12:31 a.m. PST, 3:31 AM EST, 8:31 AM GMT, 9:31 AM EET with Lilith and Neptune in Pisces trying the moons North node. Mercury and mars in cancer opposing Saturn the moon south node and Pluto and Capricorn signaling the opening of halls of records both within individuals as well as various places on the planet. These huge interdimensional portal openings will bring about change of heart in the way that a great many things are perceived and dealt with particularly between men and women. Emotions will be running very very high. Everyone is going to be required to learn to be nurturing and supportive of themselves and each other in balanced reciprocity as people clear much of their fear and drama and trauma, resulting in more acting out than the transformation, transmutation and healing which is necessary with these energies for the successful upward evolution of the human kingdom.

    During this full moon time their shall be a huge influx of divine masculine and divine feminine energies which will require balance and integration into the physical human body specifically the electromagnetic energy Field and the nervous system.  This is a time when it would be wise to find ways to relax and quiet the body, the mind, and the nervous system rather than overstimulating it as it will already be overstimulated with the energies which are flowing into planet.

    We Cat Beings in multiple facets, Tefnuts, Seshats, Hathors, Hu, Bes and Osiris, shall be appearing in our purring forms of love, soothing the energies of those desirous of assistance during these intent shifts into the full co-creatorship, authenticity and self responsibility for all members of the human kingdom. Invite and en vogue the energies of love and we are present with you. A plethora of knowledge, wisdom and truth shall be forthcoming for those Oracles open to bringing through ideas, inventions, tools, techniques and empowerment expressed in loving harmony for all the earth and its inhabitants. The experience of feeling stretched between three and five dimensions shall necessitate the utilization of a variety of grounding techniques to retain focused, direction and forward movement so that energies are not scattered to the four directions, and instead are focused toward outcomes which are in the wisest and best interest of all living beings.


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman