June 2020

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    Venus continues retrograde in Gemini until June 25, 2020 amplifying the necessity for discovering the third points of synthesis in all situations, circumstances, beliefs, philosophies, thoughts, feelings, ideas, options and possibilities.  By letting go of the either/or, black/white, right/wrong, good/bad ways of perception from the past, this is a time to open to alternatives, in the moment, which though they may only hold true for a time, are necessary in this highly moving, fluid transformation from the old patterns of fear, lack and death into new patterns of love, abundance and life for all.

    June is a time of deep healing for the psyche of the present human soul influx as generations of disappointment, fear and struggle are released world wide.  Many souls whose energies have ‘held’ onto the earth plane mentally, spiritually and emotionally out of fear or belief they have unfinished business are now being set free to move on in there spiritual journey.  Those opting to depart the 3D earth plane now shall be fully released as all regret, disappointment and shame is let go in favor of living in the present moment of NOW.  As the limiting beliefs of separation, fear and desire to control are let go, higher guidance from the celestial realms shall enter into the psyche of each member of the Human Kingdom as they are drawn ever closer to their Star God/Star Goddess origin and express it more fully through their human 3D body presence.  Alignment, relationship and partnership with all kingdoms of the Cosmos in unconditional love, abundance and life affirmation is necessary in this present transition time frame to attain forward movement, expansion and soul growth in light, life and love.  The mantra for this is ‘I release the fear and open to love’ repeated as many times as are necessary - as a chant, a dance or prayer - to facilitate peace, clarity of mind and heart and soul guidance through this epic shift in cosmic alignment with the incoming new myth, new story, new heaven and new earth.

    This is a time of the ‘wounded healer’ whereby a death/surrender and rebirth are necessary to bring into alignment the body, mind, spirit and emotions so that all energy bodies are working in wholeness and clear communication with each other continually aligning with the ever evolving Perfected Vision as the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine seek to discover new pathways of connection, cooperation and clear communication between each other, as well as through the Human Kingdom on earth.  This Balanced Reciprocity of giving and receiving - the figure 8 flow of balance and harmony for all beings - is never forced, coerced, manipulated, demanded or expected.  And only alignment within and without with these energies of life, love and abundance for all draws the other Kingdoms in to assist, support, empower and expand all that is envisioned to the benefit of every Kingdom throughout the Cosmos.  Whenever ego, self aggrandizement or greed enters into the energies, all members of the other Kingdoms shall withdraw their energies.  No longer are they willing to contribute to such fearful energies in this manner. For the coalescence of energies now in the accomplishment of any task regardless of how great or small, it is necessary to align in love, life and deep intimate connection and comprehension of the inter-connectedness of all Kingdoms throughout the Cosmos and the impact which all choices, actions and decisions has on the whole.  Ignorance, immaturity or lack of knowledge and experience is no longer a valid excuse for any member of the Human Kingdom.  Karmic alignment in harmony vibrationally is all there is.

    A plethora of ideas, concepts, innovations, philosophies, beliefs, inventions, contraptions, models, and ‘plans’ shall be put forth from a variety of sources, some wise, some not so wise.  Each shall require adjustment so abundance, life and love is attained and maintained within all Kingdoms of the Cosmos.  Where ever and whenever this is aligned great expansion and success in any endeavor follows.  Where there is a sacrifice of one kingdom, creature or being for another, energies shall be withdrawn and this lack of participation by all Kingdoms of the Cosmos shall dissolve it.  The inter-connectedness of all and how each choice, decision and action or lack thereof affects the whole is asking for harmony, balance, connection, cooperation, clear communication and unconditional love from all Kingdoms going forward.  The potential for great expansion and powerful rebuilding on this new earth with a new humanity aligned with the expansion of all other kingdoms of the cosmos.  With Jupiter and Pluto moving into direct conjunction in Capricorn, this may be accomplished through compassionately be aware how all actions, decisions and choices affect everyone and everything on the earth as well as all beings throughout the Cosmos.  In partnership and alignment with all Kingdoms, powerful expansion to create a golden age on earth is at hand.  With continued separation and fear, however, attempting to manipulation, dominate, coerce, subdue and control, the alliances with the other Kingdoms cease to exist leaving Humanity to its own devices.

    June 5, 2020 Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius at 11:14 am PST, 2:14 pm EST, 7:14 pm GMT, 8:14 pm EET signals a powerful time to dismantle the old concepts, ideas, beliefs, structure, knowledge, wisdom and truth making way for a more expansive, inclusive, abundant presence for all kingdoms making way for delightful, authentic, deep levels of intimacy and comprehension of the greater wisdoms available through these responsible, responsive inter-actions.  With Mars in mid Pisces the bridge between past and future, the ability to see what has been, what has the potential to be and what is so in this present time space continuum opens greater opportunity for guidance for the solar father energies to shine the light of truth on the triadic multi-options available, as the rigidity of past karmic, heredity and ancestral limitations is let go and released.

    June 18, 2020 to July 12, 2020 Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Cancer the sign of home, family, nurturance, love, community, safety, belonging, tribe.  There shall be much ‘rethinking’ about past values, present requirements and what gives all beings a sense of love, nurturance, purpose, contribution and belonging which all humans seek to one degree or another.  As it becomes more and more apparent, though much of the frameworks set up in various countries around the world have been attempts to make sure all are provided for, alternatives, options and structures will shift, change, grow and expand providing opportunity and growth with a sense of honor, caring and respect for all life and all beings from the most microscopic to the galaxies.

    From June 18 to 24, 2020 both Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Cancer shall be retrograde at the same time amplifying the necessity for seeking alternatives to these ‘traditional, expected’ home, hearth, nurturance, mothering energies encouraging each member of the Human Kingdom in discovering these abilities and talents within themselves so they no longer are outwardly directed, expected and fulfilled from without and are discovered within. Once each person’s heart, hearth and home is filled with the basics for survival, the over abundance may be redistributed  empowering all regardless of belief, sex, nationality, religion, ethnicity or culture.  Celebration of commonalities as well as differences shall become the norm.

    June 20-21, 2020 first consecutive New Moon Eclipse in early Cancer at 10:41 pm EST, June 21, 2020 at 1:14 am EST, 6:41 am GMT, 7:41 EET with Equinox also for both hemispheres.  For those aligning their affairs, relationships, life, values and work around Balanced Reciprocity and the figure 8 flow of giving and receiving, abundance, freedom, nurturance and love begins to move rapidly as if a levee has given way which has been dammed for too long.  Discovering this and ways to maintain it shall be the order of the day.  For those still insisting on control, rigidity and boundaries opportunities shall remain restricted and limited.

Those desiring borders which are flexible allowing more freedom of movement, clear authentic communication and inter-action rather than boundaries shall flourish in many unexpected delightful way.  Taking time to discover your own self nurturing, self care, self loving shall be facilitated by music, dance and time in nature.  Going for walks in nature, laying on the ground or grass looking up at the stars for meditation, relaxation and release of all fears, being beside or in water facilitates alignment with the natural rhythm and flow of the Soul Heart.  Finding your own rhythm now shall enhance the ability to discover those of like Soul Heart and recognize them more easily in the coming months and years.

    June 23, 2020 to July 9, 2020 the first exact conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in late Capricorn takes place empowering each individual member of the Human Kingdom to expand outside their comfort zone with grace, surrendered to their Inner Truth Center and Soul Heart in a solid manner.  This might be likened to the initiation into the Underworld in Egyptian tradition, where Anpu (Anubis) escorts the initiate into the depths of who they truly are so their heart may be weighed on the scale of Ma’at and all brought into balance, wholeness within the Universal Law of Balanced Reciprocity.  Communicating one’s passion for all life and all living beings with unconditional love for self and others now becomes the Soul Heart’s Prime Directive as more and more situations and circumstances locally and globally bring home the truth that all upon the earth and the earth itself are truly connected.  And if one in and of the earth or the earth itself is hurt, damaged, deprived, disregarded, raped or polluted all are and this shall be experienced fully by all.  The false belief in lack and the perpetuation of fear and greed have created a world through thoughts, feelings and emotions of the many, preyed on by the few that is now coming to c close.  As the death of the old ways of seeing, perceiving, being, living and inter-acting within the Human Kingdom and the Human Kingdom’s disregard and disrespect for the other Kingdoms is now ceased.  Those whose agendas (hidden or otherwise) the benefit for the fear, illness, imbalances and disregard for human life over the perpetuation of huge profits, corporations, companies, countries and excessive life style shall discover the Kingdoms of the Cosmos shall no longer abide the perpetuation of these fear based energies.  Their withdrawal into neutrality means that ANYTHING that is attempted with other than the energies of pure love shall crumble, as there are no members of the Human Kingdom able to manifest, build or create without the co-creative cooperation of ALL other Kingdoms.  We Cat Beings remain perpetually, purrfectly available to assist in any and all loving manner as guides in this co-creative process into a new heaven, a new earth and a new humanity.  


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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