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 June 2024

Copyright April 1, 2024 *Mary Elizabeth Hoffman* All Rights Reserved

      Intense emotional energies between Saturn in Pisces trine Kronos and Hades in Cancer flow full force for June and July 2024 signaling lots of old emotional issues from past generations regarding creation versus manifestation that has previously been attributed to male energies of the warrior. Destiny seeks to facilitate the Human Kingdom in crossing the bridge from past into future by moving over the chasm of fear fed by life times seeking ‘control’ rather than alignment and Balanced Reciprocity with Source and Cosmic Flow that is in the wisest and best interest of all beings. 

With a stellium of planets in fiery Aries - Moon, Moon’s North Node, Chiron and Mars spanning from beginning to end of the sign - and a stellium of planets in the mental air sign of Gemini - Jupiter, Admetos, Venus and Sun spanning from beginning to the middle of the sign - these fire/air energies have the potential to whip up quite the fire storm mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in many dimensions on an individual as well as global scale. Add to this Vulcanus in Leo opposing Pluto in Aquarius where the Cosmic sounds of Balanced Reciprocity are intoned with the intention of bringing Truth forward in as harmonious a way as possible for all beings brings the potential for emotional outbursts when disrespect is shown preventing all from being heard.  All negotiations, legal, jurisdictional and corporate disputes or disagreements whose directions are unaligned with Cosmic Balanced Reciprocity shall be brought out into the light of day for all the world to see.  The result of this may initially bring chaos, confusion and disorder; after which the seeking of alignment shall bring forth alternative options, possibilities and choices in the wisest and best interest of all beings - the earth, plants, animals and humans - as each of these has a say in how previous choices and decisions have affected all species.  

      With the Human Kingdom always seeking a quick fix in order to get on with things, frustration is apt to arise causing actions to be taken which could jeopardize the discovery of the many paths forward required to resolve the imbalances which have been perpetuated for generations on planet earth.  The lesson here for the Human Kingdom is one of realizing it is a step by step process rather than one way or answer being all there is available.  Self responsibility and free will choice to choose - without outside influence - from one’s own Inner Truth Center the wisest path forward is what is required.  This self responsibility appears to create and generate fear within the Human Kingdom - something unknown to all other Kingdoms.  Wisdom dictates the neutralization of fear through the empowerment of soul heart energies of love.  This means awareness, setting boundaries as guided by spirit and clear communication with self and others as to all paths open for future direction.

June 2024 is a time when each member of the Human Kingdom is encouraged to take time to seek within their own Soul Heart to discover all possible future paths and begin envisioning, empowering and feeding those aligned with loving soul growth that are in their wisest and best interest.  This is wisest done without the influence, coercion, persuasion, advice or direction of anyone or anything other than Source, Soul Heart, Inner Truth Center. 

      The grand square created by Cupido in Capricorn, the Moon and its North Node in Aries, Hades and Kronos in Cancer and the Moon’s South Node and Lilith in Libra signals a time of seeking balance between vision, nurturance, love and new beginnings in all aspects of life.  This is a time to seek to discover that which is truly valued, important and significant for a whole, balanced, harmonious, joyful, loving life - individually and collectively.  First this vision must be sought individually within the Soul Heart and Inner Truth Center before it is able to be fed, empowered and given birth to and brought out into the world. The feminine nurturing wisdoms are what is required to accomplish this and may be sought from Sekh’met, Is’is, Hat’hor, Mothers Mary and Magdelen, Pe’le and Ka’li Ma as well as many more in global traditions around the world.  One need only ask for assistance in earnest.

      June 6, 2024 at 4:39 am PST is New Moon in mid Gemini opposing the Black Hole portal of vision manifestation in Sagittarius signaling a huge opening and influx of Cosmic energies designed to facilitate discovering the High Priestess energies within as represented by the Priestess card in the tarot deck where the feminine stands between the pillars of dark and light - void and manifestation - vision and truth - birth and death - beginning and end - holding the space of Balanced Reciprocity between all opposites.  This feminine power of Lilith, Ti’a’ma’at brings with it the harmonization of all the Cosmos, as each individual member of the Human Kingdom seeks to discover, attain and maintain this balance within through the downloading of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies into themselves.  The attainment of this inner harmonization enables one to then express this out into the world in creative, loving, empowering ways.  New paths of destiny, new careers and new ways of living and being shall be born out of this time.  With the trine activated by this New Moon in Gemini between the Moon’s south node and Lilith in Libra a reactivation of previous visions may occur with greater detail and timing of coming to fruition. Details must be asked for daily as to wisest path(s) and accurate guidance on timing.

      June 21, 2024 at 12:52 pm PST, 3:52 pm EST, 8:52 pm GMT, 9:52 pm EET is Earth Solstice with a stellium of planets in Cancer - Sun, Venus, Mercury, Kronos and Hades - activating a grand square with the Moon’s Nodes in Aries and Libra and Cupido in Capricorn signaling a pivotal pull towards Balanced Reciprocity and discovering a way to attain and sustain a sense of middle ground and balance in all things.  The figure 8 flow of energies is critically important to avoid becoming stuck in whirlpool eddies of emotional gunk and drama trauma, as long forgotten memories resurface to be acknowledged, cleared, cleansed and integrated in the search for Balanced Reciprocity within.  The potential for tidal or rogue waves due to an increase in deep ocean earthquakes is possible throughout June and July 2024 worldwide in 3D.

      June 21, 2024 at 5:07 pm PST, 8:07 pm EST, June 22, 2024 at 1:07 am GMT, 2:07 am EET is the first consecutive Full Moon in very early Capricorn. Coming just hours after the Solstice this Full Moon amplifies its energies.  With Mars in early Taurus trine this New Moon and Cupido in Capricorn making a wide trine to Lilith in Virgo one may feel as through one (1) has truly connected with and found the nurturing Cosmic Mother energy within, (2) is suckling at an empty shriveled breast with no nurturance or (3) is drowning within the womb and unable to breathe. The experience is determined by one’s ability to align with or resistance to the Cosmic flow of Balanced Reciprocity.  

      Those coming from a nurturing heart space with the ability to nurture self as well as others shall experience the bounty of the Cosmic Mother from this Full Moon to the next one in July 2024. This is an excellent time to spend time in one’s home place or space wherever that may be, in a state of nurturance, flow and love.  The use of water whether drinking, bathing, soaking or swimming is of great benefit - tubs, baths, creeks, lakes, ponds and oceans.  Much may be gleaned wisdom wise from the many attributes of the element of water, including its tunneling ability to transcend time and dimensions.

      The grand square between the Moon and Cupido, the Moon’s Nodes in Aries and Libra and the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Hades and Kronos in Cancer overlain with the grand Earth trine of Moon and Cupido in Capricorn, Mars in Taurus and Lilith in Virgo signals movements in 3D earth affecting all its inhabitants.  From this Full Moon to the next, 28 days away, the potential for great shifts to be set in motion are possible.  Greater attunement to one’s surroundings, situations and circumstances within Nature and self is wise during this time in order to respond to what ever may transpire as Gaia Earth Mother and Panden Earth Soul Spirit partner to facilitate the many shifts required for Balanced Reciprocity in as smooth and easy a manner as possible.  

      There have been and shall continue to be many large quakes deep in the oceans of 5 and above for the next few years.  Finding balance between Heaven and Earth is necessary so as to hear messages from with all Kingdoms as to what is necessary to act as a wise conduit in safety and protection during these tremendous shifts.  We Cat Beings, as well as other wisdom guides and way showers are here to facilitate this rebirthing process in as smooth and easy a manner as possible for all involved.  One need only call upon us and we shall respond with all due speed in light, love, wisdom, truth and timing.


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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