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March 2019

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    March 2019 is a powerful Energy with the fifth Full moon at 0° of its sign. Where the consecutive 0° full moon series began in the air sign Gemini, it closes the five consecutive full moons at 0° of their signs in Libra conjunct the super galactic center. This is powerful vision holding energy that has to do with manifesting the Perfected Vision that was designed to bring spirit into matter eons ago at the First Time.

    Those who would attempt to control, manipulate and enslave the Human Kingdom have spent lifetimes injecting twisted versions and overlays of lies into the original Perfected Vision. The blinders of fear that have been placed on the Human Kingdom are now dissolving for all to see TRUTH. Much of what the Human Kingdom has taken for granted as the way things are is extremely tainted, soiled, and distorted creating a huge amount of judgment, blame and lack of responsibility by many members of religious sects, countries, companies, cults, and organizations all over the world.

    This distortion and finger-pointing has created such destruction and focus on death rather than life, fear and hate rather than Love and compassion, that the Cosmic Mother of All Creation and her divine consort, Panden, along with the Elemental Kingdom are now intervening to remove the blinders from the eyes, souls and spirits of everyone, encouraging authenticity within each individual member of the Human Kingdom. In so doing this invokes the karma of Balanced Reciprocity so that what one sends out into the universe, Into the ethers, Into the world– through thought, emotion, feeling, idea or action - is what comes back multiplied for each individual member of the Human Kingdom, regardless of whether there is belief or understanding of Balanced Reciprocity.

    This is an opening for healing of the Adamic patriarchal Power struggle and control issues between the masculine and feminine, an opportunity for it to be transformed and transmuted into a true partnership of connection, cooperation, communication, caring, respect, honoring, and love between the divine feminine and divine masculine in each human being. As each member of the human kingdom finds this balance and harmony within themselves, each shall be able to translate it into connections and relationships out in the world with friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and loved ones.

    Each individual member of the human kingdom shall be required to do their own personal work to find this balance and harmony within themselves with their divine masculine and divine feminine, translating that out into expression in the world at large. Since this energy is prevalent throughout all of March 2019 as the astroids Cupido in the earth sign Capricorn, Chiron in the fire sign Aires, Admetos in the air sign Gemini and Vulcanus in the fire sign Leo all move into 0° of their respective signs this is a time of new beginnings for ways of relating and interacting between all members of the human kingdom regardless of physical gender or orientation, sexually or otherwise and all other kingdoms, as well. The astroids Hades and Kronos in the water sign Cancer at 6 and 10° respectively, empower the energies of Balanced Reciprocity to bring forth forgiveness, truth, trust and a rebirth of the giving receiving figure 8 flow of energy, not only between the divine masculine and divine feminine within each individual but with those out in the world with whom they come in contact. Relationships of all types, whether personal or professional shall go through a transformation bringing them into balance and harmony with the figure 8 flow between them or they shall come to a close, an end and be no more.

    During all of March 2019 Jupiter edges closer and closer with it’s expansive energy toward the Galactic Center reaching conjunction November 19, 2019.  The heart of the cosmos has opened fully welcoming those members of the human kingdom whose desire is to be part of rather than separate from the other kingdoms, to open themselves to interactions and relationships with all the other kingdoms of the cosmos–Davic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, integral, Creator and Human. This makes way for connection, communication, cooperation, interaction, partnerships and relationships with many beings, spirits, energies and entities in a variety of times, spaces and dimensions and in many ways, which the human kingdom shall now be free to explore in a self responsible, balanced, reciprocal framework.

    March 5 2019 to March 28, 2019 Mercury is retrograde in Pisces a water sign. It is the bridge between the past and future a time to voice through the power of the word, singing, intoning the honoring of the close of the Piscean Age and the birth on the Aquarian Age of truth and harmony.  Done with heart felt emotions, this cleansing, forgiving and rebirth allows the love energies of the heart to flow in a more authentic fashion.  

    Members of the Elemental Kingdom will be working closely with the other kingdoms, including the Human Kingdom, to facilitate this shift in a smooth easy manner for those who desire this.  Those coming from fear, attachment, limitation, need, dependency, expectation, grief, guilt, greed, abandonment, betrayal, poverty and shame by holding onto old frameworks, patterns, relationships and beliefs shall find these energies a bit more challenging.  This is a time when contracts and commitments may be renegotiated in ways that facilitate more expansive soul growth. Otherwise they will be dissolving.  Miscommunication, misunderstanding and projection of wants, needs and desires in unconscious ways shall run high during this time especially when dealing with those who have ego agendas, hidden or conscious.  Emotional acting out, childish temper tantrums, yelling, screaming and blaming may arise suddenly without warning.  Monitor yourself and others for greater wisdom in responding.

    New Moon in mid Pisces on March 6, 2019 at 8:05 AM PST, 11:05 AM EST, 4:05 PM GMT, 5:05 PM EET with a Stellium of Neptune and Mercury also in Pisces, signals an opportunity to gain clarity and express the direction one desires to go in authenticity and truth to one’s own soul heart.  With Mars conjunct the Taurus point of Avatar portals, doorways, and opportunities shall appear out of nowhere for new directions individually, personally and professionally. The experience is one of sitting on the edge of the universe looking ahead at all options and possibilities and choosing which bridge one shall cross for the next chosen path on the journey of life. These rebirth energies make all things possible, one need only follow one’s heart rather than one’s head and ego.

    The fifth full moon at 0° of Libra March 20, 2019 at 5:43 pm PST, 8:43 PM EST, March 21, 2019 at 1:43 am GMT, 2:43 am EET, returning to the element of an air is at 0° of Libra conjunct the super galactic center. The portal between this full moon and the next Full moon, also in Libra at the end of the sign April 19th 2019, is a time of holding the Perfected Vision of what is possible with a return to understanding of the beauty, creativity, generosity, trust, truth, compassion, forgiveness, love and abundance that is here for all to enjoy in this 3-D and all dimensions throughout the Cosmos. 

    Where love has been used as a too by anyone of any sexual or non sexual orientation for manipulation, binding, limiting and harm without consent, the truth shall be revealed so this is no longer a perverted twisted expression of true unconditional love.  Those who have been taken advantage of or have taken advantage of others in this way, espousing love or that it is being done for their own good, shall be required to negotiate or renegotiate connections, contracts and commitments personally and professionally to end the abuse of the word ‘love’ to enforce submission to others of their ego-will involuntarily.  This opens the door for conscious contracts to be formed and created from now through April 19, 2019 individually, collectively, personally and professionally so that the Perfected Vision of bringing spirit into matter which was forged eons ago may finally become a reality for all beings in the 3-D world on earth now and throughout the future Age of Aquarius.  This is the second consecutive Full moon in Libra, this one late Libra, setting up an opening of the down shoot from the 13the sign, Ophiucus, at the full moon in May 2019 expressing power with wisdom,  truth and timing.  This is in harmony with the cosmic mother divine feminine and the divine masculine in balanced cooperative relationship with each other to give birth to the new myth, the new story, the new energies of the Age of Aquarius.

    We Cat Beings in all our forms are here to facilitate and assist in this process for all those who desire it. One need only invite and invoke with an open loving heart and We shall respond.  The use of sound, toning, chanting, drumming, dancing, prayer, ritual, ceremony and words of power shall expand, enhance and empower invocations done with pure love from the heart for what ever is in the wisest and best interest of all parties involved.


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman