March 2020

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Mercury continues retrograde in Pisces until March 4, 2020, continuing retrograde in Aquarius until the passing of the Full Moon energies March 10, 2020 signaling a time to renegotiate all commitments, contracts, agreements and beliefs whether personal or professional which act as limitations or restrictions in full expression of light, life and love.  The potential for misconstruing desires, motivations and intentions of others, though high during this period, creates opportunities for clarifying connections, releasing expectations, clearing fears and attachments opening the heart to greater freedom of expression through unconditional love.  

    With the stellium of planets in Capricorn - Cupido, Moon’s South Node, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn - each desirous in their own way of communicating and expressing caring, passion, unconditional love and quality of life for all beings  - the Kingdoms of the earth find themselves at a crossroads where each individual member of each Kingdom shall find it necessary to choose growth, expansion and love or fear, suffering and perpetual death/rebirth, as they move forward into the energies of the coming decade. All is free will choice.

    The Moon in Taurus opens the month of March facilitating abounding portals opening to facilitate ease of movement for each individual member of each Kingdom in ways that empower fulfillment of destiny, expansion and soul growth, releasing of ancient oaths, debts, obligations or expectations and movement in directions which enhance experiences of abundance, nurturance and unconditional love for self and others.  Utilized fully, these inter-dimensional portals invoke new archetypal energies for full expression of yin/yang Balanced Reciprocity both within each member of each Kingdom and outwardly into all the Cosmos.  

    Alignment with this Cosmic figure 8 flow of Balanced Reciprocity brings with it more clear heart communication, connection, caring and unconditional love of self and all that is - facilitating and empowering giving and receiving of the abundance of all that exists throughout the Cosmos.  Realization in every DNA cell microbial essence - body, mind, spirit and emotions - of the connected supportive flow of this Balanced Reciprocity facilitates movement into expressions of love, generosity, health, abundance, giving and receiving on all levels, in all times, spaces and dimensions.  The integration of this throughout all life times and times lines, expressing fully within this current time space continuum is a free will choice for all.

    March 2020 is a time for discovering ways to bridge the divisions, gaps, restrictions, disagreements and misunderstandings thereby discovering common ground and potential pathways toward peaceful resolution of old fears, beliefs and limitations.  The Vulcanus energies entering Leo now seek to shine the light of Truth on all false, fake or misrepresented situations, circumstances, structures, frameworks, beliefs, companies, countries and governments.  As Saturn moves out of Capricorn into Aquarius March 23, 2020, the day before the New Moon in early Aries, incongruent energies shall be pointed out and called forth for all to see, observe and recognize in order to dissipate their inharmonious energies so it becomes unnecessary for them to be projected out into the world and acted out.   This is offered in order to dissipate the necessity for fear, chaos and confusion to become utilized as a tool to manipulate, subdue, coerce or control the Kingdoms of the earth any longer.  

    March 9, 2020 at 9:49 am PST, 12:49 pm EST, 5:49 pm GMT, 6:49 EET is Full Moon in late Virgo trine Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn facilitating the opportunity for healing and forgiveness of all past and present masculine/feminine, yin/yang energies in order to bring about the full creative expression of Truth, Passion and Love devoid of previous or present tainted energy projections.  This is a process accomplished first within between one’s own inner masculine and feminine, eventually discovering balanced reciprocity and wholeness enabling that to be expressed fully and freely to others out in the world at large.  With Venus conjunct Uranus in early Taurus the portals created and generated by their balanced yin/yang energies facilitate huge alterations, changes and heart openings dissolving and disintegrating all chains, bindings or restrictions - whether symbolic, etheric, astral, emotional, physical, mental or spiritual from eons across time and spaces. - for all.  This is a opportune time for tremendous healing for all those - in all times, spaces and dimensions - which have been wounded in any way, shape or form by toxic energies be they masculine or feminine - to release, forgive and let go of all limiting chains, cords, restrictions, expectations and beliefs hindering full expression of unconditional love.  The use of earth and/or fire rituals shall facilitate this process, as will song, music and dancing.  Let your inner truth center be your guide.  We Cat Beings shall be present to facilitate, encourage and empower this release and healing for all beings.

    March 24, 2020 New Moon at 1:29 am PST, 4:29 am EST, 9:29 am GMT, 10:29 am EET in early Aries conjunct Chiron and Lilith bringing with it new forms of loving healing to all who have been or are being wounded by toxic masculine and feminine twisted, perverted, maligned expressions of these yin/yang expressions within the Universe.  These toxic divisive ego driven energies have been utilized to create, generate, and empower fear, as well as separate, subdue, manipulate and control both energies in order to feed off the ego diversions for eons.  This is now coming to an end.  These new healing modalities for all old fear and aggression based expressions shall call upon the Dark Mothering Arts of all Creation at the Center of the Void within each being to come forth in power, honoring and love of being for all that is, has been or ever shall be.  Together the Wounded Healer (yang) and the Dark Mother (yin) Cosmic Creatrix shall lovingly forge a powerful healing bridge of common ground and harmony for the skills, wisdom, truth, and gifts each has to offer for building a new Heaven on Earth.  Each individual member of the Human Kingdom shall find it necessary to take time alone quietly going within to release, express, emote, forgive and let go of all seeming transgressions both feminine and masculine within and without.  Doing so facilitates the discovery of common ground and harmony that is required from within so it may be fully expressed out into the life and the world at large in wise ways, thus preventing the necessity for the earth or humanity to express its explosive volcanic energies on any or all levels.

    This forging process during this new moon is to be accomplished both internally and externally, individually and collective, within and without, on the spiritual, emotional, mental, psychic, etheric and physical levels.  This is a time to become a master of fire (passion), air (breath), water (shape-shifting) and earth (substance).  Each individual member of the Human Kingdom is now being pressed to become the one who acts as their own ‘black-smith’ seeking vision from their inner Dark feminine of all options and possibilities and ways to implement these to forge change, growth and expansion for all for the highest good of all in ways which are win-win for every Kingdom of the earth.  Only in so doing through Balanced Reciprocity of the figure 8 flow shall the other Kingdoms come together in balance and harmony to assist the Human Kingdom in this endeavor.  Otherwise, all that is forged by force, coercion or manipulation shall dissolve and be washed away.  

    The coming forth into the light of day of expanded expressions of ancient wisdom teachers and archetypes shall provide a plethora of creative loving expression within the psyche of the Human Kingdom from every other Kingdom, as bonds of partnership and relationship are forged between them all - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Human, Integral and Creator.  The veils between these Kingdoms are no more and hands are now extended in loving acceptance to those members of the Human Kingdom desirous of living, loving, relating and being in Balanced Reciprocity with all the Cosmos.


In light, love, wisdom, truth and timing,

The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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