March 2021

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    March 2021 is all about discovering ways to align one’s own personal rhythm and vibration with the incoming harmonizing energies; whether in one’s locale, environment, one’s thoughts, beliefs, hopes, dreams and desires or harmonization with one’s body, mind, spirit and emotions - all spheres of influence, inter-connectedness and relationship with self, others and the world at large shall be receiving input vibrationally from the Aquarian Point of Avatar.  This is the aspect of the Sphinx being faced head-on, requesting each member of the Human Kingdom their own personal ‘riddle’, whose answer shall determine alignment with the Soul Heart’s Destiny.  When so aligned, receipt of vibrational harmonizing energies, messages, attunements and at-one-ments is received in waking, sleeping, dreaming and meditative states empowering expansion, vision and ability to express these harmonious energies moment to moment, regardless of the appearance of outside circumstances.

    Sound, toning, music, drumming, patterns and rhythms in nature and its cycles all facilitate the attainment and ability to maintain this balanced reciprocity with all within one’s vicinity/proximity.  Those whose vibration, tone, rhythm, music and alignment is incongruent shall seek to find alternative locales in which to reside.  It is extremely crucial that each individual member of the Human Kingdom go inward seeking their own harmony, tone and rhythm rather than ‘following’ that of another in order to discover and ‘find’ others whose vibration matches one’s own.  

    March 2021 is all about healing the heart; finding harmony with one’s own love relationship to self in all times, spaces and dimensions and expressing this fully out into the world.  New comprehensions of Eros on earth and the Truth of passion for all life and all beings - plant, animal, mineral, amoeba, mountain, ocean, valley, river or stream, as well as human - facilitating a more triadic, multi-optioned way of seeing, perceiving and being envisioning deeper inter-relationships with all kingdoms of the Cosmos - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Integral, Creator and Human.  Mars in Taurus facilitates the ability to seek new directions, open portals between dimensions and invite and invoke loving assistance of beings from alternate realms whose knowledge and experience is different than one may have previously been aware.  These inter-actions are meant to be ‘partnerships’ rather than dictatorships with exchange of thoughts, ideas and shared communication.

    If at any time, the inter-actions with beings from any Kingdom of the Cosmos appears coercive, manipulative, demanding, dictatorial or threatening, know these beings are projections reflecting ‘ego delusions’ rather than what is in the wisest and best interest of all beings throughout the cosmos.  Seek to once again align with the harmonious crystalline Jewel of Truth and Balanced Reciprocity and these fear based energies shall quickly dissipate.  

    The use of music, dancing, tones as well as being in nature - especially around bodies of water, large or small - shall more easily align one with the Music of the Cosmos pouring into the earth bringing all into harmonious Balanced Reciprocity.  Resistance or fear of these energies has the potential to bring about disease of all types - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  The variety of ways these might manifest is determined by the level of fear and limiting or rigid beliefs one ascribes to.  There is no blame, retribution on judgement - only the individual experience of each member of the Human Kingdom based on their Soul Heart and karmic choices.  

    Ma’at, Egyptian goddess who is carrier of the Feather of Truth, is weighing the heart of each being throughout the Cosmos in every Kingdom - Human included.  In order to align with the evolution of the Cosmos the assessment of the Soul Heart is necessary to determine path alignment as the Age of Aquarius begins amplification of the sacred geometric grid of the earth in preparation for its reconnection and alignment with the rest of the Cosmos. 

    This powerful shift in cycles of the Cosmos may be done with ease and flow with attunement to the Soul Heart’s destiny, direction and guidance.  This brings through a deeper awareness, comprehension and knowledge of one’s own Soul gifts brought to earth to be expressed and shared in loving ways.  

    Following the Soul Heart’s destiny of life affirming expansive energies during this time facilitates great ease in crossing the bridge between past, into present and eventually into awareness of all future possibilities.  When the mental, busy ego mind attempts to derail this process of trusting one’s own soul heart, seek new alternative ways for nurturing self, loving self that ‘feed’ the soul heart.  These may be as simple as lighting a candle and saying a prayer or as elaborate as creating a sacred space, stone circle, labyrinth or fire pit and everything in between.  

    All actions, words and deeds now are sacred, especially when done with conscious intention rather than rote, unconscious or because it is the expected or patterned way of the past.  Seek guidance from your own soul heart as to what is your sacred space.  It might be a hike in the woods, a walk on the beach or something as simple as being open to guidance in your shower or sitting on the toilet.  Everything, everywhere, all acts, deeds, thoughts, feelings and emotions now carry powerful energies - whether done with conscious awareness or without.  

    The soul heart is listening now, fully, completely and is responding, in kind to all requests when they are aligned with your soul heart’s destiny.  When these requests are no longer aligned with the soul heart’s destiny and are coming from fear or ego, chaos and disruption shall ensue.  Alignment with the Soul Heart’s destiny is important as the Aquarian vibrational energies of Light, Life, Love, Connection, Communication and Cooperation come online fully for all the Cosmos.  

    New Moon in Pisces is March 13, 2021 at 2:22 am PST, 5:22 am EST, 10:22 am GMT, 11:22 am EET with a stellium of planets conjunct in Pisces - Sun, Moon, Neptune and Venus (the bridge stellium) and a stellium in Aquarius - Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn  (the harmony stellium) activating the great shift back into Balanced Reciprocity - the figure 8 flow between all things - the giving and receiving - the inter-connectedness within the cycles - the Wheels Within Wheels.  Water and air elements, sound, flow shall all be huge facilitators of harmony, releasing the old to make way for the birth of the new.  This is an initiation journey the soul of each member of the Human Kingdom is traversing, traveling some times alone, some times accompanied in discovering the soul heart’s destiny, gifts, joy and gratitude for all experiences, knowledge, wisdom and truth attained.  For those so inclined, a reviewing of The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy may inspire.  

    The use of sound, toning, breath and water - drinking, bathing, showering, soaking or relating to, in proximity; ocean, river, lake or stream - shall bring about more ease of attaining and maintaining Balanced Reciprocity with self, others and one’s environment. The use of various colored objects for drinking from, good quality pure oil scented soy candles and incense chosen with the Soul Heart’s guidance enhances the ease with which this individual initiation journey is experienced.

    The Aries Earth Equinox is March 20, 2021 at 1:30 am PST, 4:30 am EST, 9:30 am GMT, 10:30 am EET creating a huge harmonizing window when words, sounds, tones and vibrations of breath may be utilized to release blocks, fears, limitations and expand past the limiting beliefs or restrictions accepted previously - whether individually or collectively.  Alignment with the Soul Heart creates a wide bridge path that when expressed with written or verbal word brings about profound healing techniques over the coming months releasing the current Soul Influx from much of its self imposed disempowerment in a wise and responsible manner.  

    The potential for a large departure of members of the Human and other Kingdoms is possible during this time as some may be unwilling or unable to accept the Eros, heart connected nurturing energies from the Divine Masculine flowing into the planet.  All is free will choice.  Should the teenage rebellion against self responsibility within the current Soul Influx continue, self induced karmic consequences to these rebellious actions shall become much more swift in order to re-establish Balanced Reciprocity. 

    March 28, 2021 is Full Moon in Libra creating a Grand Square with Cupido in Capricorn, Sun, Chiron and Venus in Aries and Hades and Kronos in Cancer bringing about alignment and balance between head and heart, heaven and earth, masculine and feminine, inner and outer.  The figure 8 flow of Balanced Reciprocity designed to align one with the multitudes of third points of synthesis - rather than either/or, black/white, right/wrong ego ways of perceiving - is amplified by this full moon energy.  The more one seeks to discover the alternative directions and cosmically aligned flow of the power of the Universe the greater the potentials for creativity, diversity, expansion, love and growth.  Alignment to these energies opens up a plethora of options, directions and paths individually and collectively.  

    The Cat Being jaguar energies of Ma’at are available to assist in discovering the ecstasy which awaits all members of the Human Kingdom returning joy on earth.  Follow your Soul Heart.



The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman