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March 2023

Copyright January 8, 2023 *Mary Elizabeth Hoffman* All Rights Reserved


March 2023 opens with a Grand Water trine between the Sun in Pisces, Moon in Cancer and the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio signaling a month of dredging up and activation of long since past unresolved emotional issues and fears (particularly dealing with death and dying, mortality of the body and immortality of the soul) buried deep in the psyche of the Human Kingdom.  This is a time when the Light of Truth shall shine upon the necessary bridges across these ancient chasms of ancestral fear and the discovery of the flow of Balanced Reciprocity - the coming and going of energies, as they change shapes, forms and expressions in aspects of all things, yet never die.

With Uranus in Taurus on the Taurus Point of Avatar throughout March 2023, portals, dimensions, pathways and possibilities shall pop up in surprising ways, places and through a variety of avenues in the Universal energies of changes.  For those less attuned to themselves and their surroundings these may appear to show up suddenly and disruptively ‘out of left field’.  For those more adept at algining with their Inner Truth Center, the soft nudgings, quiet whispers and directional messages shall act as guidance in making wise decisions and choices based on what is in the wisest and best interest for all.  

Being attuned to one’s Soul Heart during March 2023 facilitates tremendous healing, expansion and renewed passion and love for all life and all living beings drawing into the life a plethora of ways these may be expressed for the good of all.  This at-one-ment with all the Universe aligns one with their Soul Heart Destiny opening portals, attracting opportunities and dissolves restrictions, limitations and fear facilitating the daily experience of living with miracles.  

With Eros in early Capricorn opposite the Moon in Cancer t-square Venus, Jupiter and Chiron in Aries unresolved emotional conflicts and insecurities dealing with the figure 8 flow of Balanced Reciprocity (especially during early childhood) or the lack thereof shall seek outlets for recognition and healing of these ancestral, ethnic, hereditary wounds.  Words of wisdom, harmony, songs, chants, toning and any written expressions have the ability to dramatically shift any energies from fear, anger or threat to harmony, flow and balance.  The spoken word has great power during March 2023 to give birth to a new passion for all life and living beings, including the earth.  

The t-square between Vulcanus in Leo and the Moon’s Nodes (North in Taurus and South in Scorpio) signal buried emotional trauma coming to the surface of the psyche of the Human Kingdom with ‘remembrances’ from this and other life times when fear, separation, division and untruths were utilized to divide, weaken and separate the Human Kingdom - from each other and from all other Kingdoms - that had at one time been allies, partners and strengths for the good of all beings.  The loss of truth, trust, honesty and integrity to self and all life is coming to a close with those open to rekindling these honorable traits in partnership with all Kingdoms of the Cosmos empowered to lead, inspire and empower the Soul Heart of All drawing to themselves those individuals ready to be self responsible to their own Inner Truth Center in partnership with All.  

March 7, 2023 at 4:42 am PST, 7:42 am EST, 12:42 pm GMT, 1:42 pm EET is Full Moon in mid Virgo with the moon’s Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio still in a t-square to Vulcanus and Lilith in Leo calling on the Light of Truth to shine in full splendor so what must be restructured, reordered and reorganized in alignment with this incoming spirit fire passion that is heart opening, healing and expansive may permeate even the tiniest particles of life with Cosmic passion fire.  The grand water trine between the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio, Mercury in Pisces and Hades and Kronos in Cancer digs deep into the depths of the psyche of the Human Kingdom cleansing, healing, transforming and washing away all the dregs, barnacles and weights of dishonoring, disrespect and fear perpetuated as devices to divide and weaken the Human Kingdom within itself and in regards to all other Kingdoms.  The ‘truth’ of the myths and stories which have been twisted and perverted in an effort to disempower, disconnect and strand the Human Kingdom for the rest of the Cosmic life force of which it is fully and completely a part is being seen, rediscovered, honored and empowered.  This ‘revelation’ shall generate a divergence of energies and paths for individuals and the masses. Each individual member of the Human Kingdom shall find it necessary to make their own choice - whether done consciously or not.  Choose wisely with the Inner Truth Center and Soul Heart fully aligned with one’s Soul Heart Destiny.

March 8, 2023 Saturn enters Pisces activating an emotional psychic bridge across the chasm of fear and troubled waters the Human Kingdom has been struggling to cross - individually and collectively for eons.  Saturn continues its forward motion in Pisces until June 17, 2023 at which time it goes retrograde until November 4, 2023 returning to station February 7, 2024 signaling a time during which the caravan of the Human Kingdom shall be making their way across these etheric bridges over troubled waters, each in their own way as is the destiny of the Human Kingdom.  Some shall follow their heart, remain in their authenticity and integrity and flow easily with these energies, inspiring their fellow journeyers.  Others may opt to go into fear, anger, rage, avoidance or depart their earthly body to avoid surrenduring to their Soul Heart’s destiny.  

March 20, 2023 at 1:33 pm PST, 4:33 pm EST, 9:33 pm GMT, 10:33 EET is Earth Equinox during which a plethora of planets shall be paired in conjunction in the signs of Pisces, Aries and Taurus, including inner and outer planets of the local solar system.  This ‘pairing’ of conjunctions with inner and outer planets shall open portals, activate passions and facilitate flow with the greatest abundance of these in Aries and Taurus.  New beginnings appearing to be miraculous are possible personally, individually and globally for all members of the Human Kingdom.  Since Saturn will have entered Pisces on March 8, 2023 a psychic bridge across troubled waters destiny wise is provided for those aligned with their Soul Heart and Inner Truth Center.

The first pairing is Moon and Neptune in Pisces. a water sign, bringing to the surface deeply hidden feelings sensations and emotions which may defy logical explanation due to their memories triggered for a younger age or a different life time, yet are so intense they bring up much confusion and fear.  This is when the use of various techniques to remain heart centered, calm and observant shall come in handy to attain clarification moving through and across the ‘bridge over troubled waters’. The next pairing is the Sun at zero degrees Aries, a fire sign, conjunct Mercury acting as a spark, a trigger to ‘speak the word of Truth’ to self and others, to inspire, enliven and move ahead into unknown territory mind, body, spirit and emotions.  The next pairing also in Aries is between Chiron and Jupiter signaling tremendous opportunity for healing and rebirth bringing expansion, joy and bliss.  The last two sets of pairings are in the earth sign Taurus the first early in Taurus is between Venus and the Moon’s North Node facilitating the grounding of heart energies deep within the physical body and 3D plane of existence.  Opening to this portal as an empty vessel facilitates being fulfilled to the bring with heart/unconditional love energies.  The last pairing is between Uranus and the Taurus Point of Avatar acting as a portal and catalyst for change - surrendered to and flowed with in ease brings change with full acceptance and awareness.  Resisted much strife, fear and trepedation may manifest bringing about sudden and extremely disruptive change.  All is free will choice.  

March 21, 2023, the day after Earth Equinox at 9:24 am PST, 12:24 pm EST, 5:24 pm GMT, 6:24 pm EET is New Moon in Aries at 0 degrees 50 minutes, with Mercury, Chiron and Jupiter as well as the Sun and Moon in Aries kissing the Equinox energies.  This stellium on the Equinox acts as an ancient Oracular Truth time bringing forward long forgotten knowledge, wisdom and truth realigning with the balance of Nature’s rhythms.  Lilith in late Leo sits opposite Saturn in early Pisces bringing guidance, wisdom and information for crossing the chasm of fear via a plethora of bridges over the mental/psychic and emotional troubled waters generated due to misalignment with the Cosmos and creation of fear.  With Mars in late Gemini opposite the Galactic Center and out of aspect to other planets in the solar system many divergent paths, visions, beliefs and directions shall appear with it becoming paramount that each individual member of the Human Kingdom seek to align with their own Soul Heart’s destiny, rather than ego, desire, agenda, expectation or need to insure ease of flow and Balanced Reciprocity on their soul heart journey.  This is an unwise time to ‘follow’ others unless one has already aligned with one’s own soul heart path and it truly leads in the the direction others of like mind and heart are traveling.  This is a major alignment on the Wheel of the Year turning, changing and altering paths in major ways for all of humanity and the earth.  Follow your soul heart’s guidance and destiny.


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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