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March 2024

Copyright January 4, 2024 *Mary Elizabeth Hoffman* All Rights Reserved

Much of the focus of March 2024 is about attaining and maintaining a balance energetically between head/mind and heart/emotions.  Balanced Reciprocity within the Self is necessary to attain Balanced Reciprocity with everything and everyone in the rest of the world.  March 2024 opens with a stellium of planets in Air ( Venus, Mars and Pluto in Aquarius, Admetos in Gemini and the Moon’s South Node in Libra) and a stellium in water (Saturn, Sun, Mercury and Neptune spanning from end to end in Pisces) generating a sense of bubbles forming, popping and reforming creating a sense of impermanence, ungroudedness and a feeling that all is nebulous and fleeting.  This is an excellent time to purchase a bottle of soap bubbles with the wand, go outdoors, connect with your Soul Heart’s hopes, dreams and desires and blow bubbles - setting these hopes, dreams and desires free into the air to go out, connect with other like energies and return, eventually, with possibilities for manifestation.  

Initially at the opening of the month of March the Moon in Scorpio trines the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Pisces and Hades and Kronos in Cancer facilitating the cleansing of ancient patriarchal beliefs, concepts and ideas which limit and restrict the evolution of the Human Kingdom. Deep internal transformation is possible for those willing to let go of these limitations opening a plethora of opportunities to flow, expand and fulfill destinies long desired.  The limitations placed on the Human Kingdom through denial of the Divine in both masculine AND feminine expressions balanced within the self is now being fully cleansed and transformed so the TRUE partnership within and without facilitates the expression of Balanced Reciprocity with self, others and all Kingdoms of the Cosmos.  

These energies may be easily grounded into 3D and daily life through the heart as the trine between Cupido in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus facilitates expansion of possibilities, options and ways of expressing caring, compassion and clear communication opening greater authenticity, honesty and empowerment in all relationships with all beings throughout the Cosmos. Jupiter creates a portal opening within the Soul Heart to align and fully connect with the Soul Heart’s Destiny in this time and space.  

Vulcanus in Leo sits directly opposite Pluto in Aquarius pushing to bring harmony and TRUTH to all aspects of the world, individually and collectively.  Explosive encounters with Truth are possible any where, any time as the ‘light of Truth’ shines brightly now putting a spotlight on ALL that is out of harmony and unbalanced in reciprocity.  Where there is has been more taking than receiving - whether in energy, time, love or abundance - and hoarding has ensued, Nature along with the Elven Kingdom shall set in motion situations to bring things back into balance.  

The Grand Air trine between in early air signs - Lilith in Libra on the Super Galactic Center, Admetos in Libra and Pluto in Aquarius - makes tremendous visioning possible for all members of the Human Kingdom.  The key is to ground these visions into 3D manifestation in a harmonious fashion that is in the wisest and best interest of all Beings.  If anchoring of visions is attempted through greed, fear, control and lack of cooperation with all beings those ‘bubble’ visions will burst, exploding like fragile soap bubbles in the air, falling to earth completely disappearing.  Caution must be exercised to ensure all Kingdoms are ‘on board’ with a vision and that its evolution is one which attains and maintains Balanced Reciprocity as it evolves and grows.  Otherwise, it too shall burst and dissipate.  

March 2024 is a time when visions from the past 50 years which have been believed to be true shall reveal themselves in all their facets and many accepted ‘norms’, ways of being, interacting and relating shall ‘burst’ at the seams from their limiting, controlling, restrictive expressions.  Following one’s Soul Heart guidance rather than previously accepted ‘rules’ of society, culture, country or religion shall facilitate the mind/head, emotion/heart balance to find its center and flow smoothly in all situations.  There is no place for fear energies in discovering this balance.  Those who have avoided continually updating and daily asking for clarification of their Soul Heart’s desires and visions shall discover their mind has taken control of their vision making it a fantasy unaligned with the Cosmic Soul Heart destiny, causing it to collapse unexpectedly as ego, arrogance, greed and fear cause reactions rather than responses - which are unaligned with what is in the wisest and best interest of all the Cosmos.  

March 10, 2024 at 1:02 am PST, 4:02 am EST, 9:02 am GMT, 10:02 am EET is New Moon in late Pisces making a wide conjunction to Neptune, with Saturn also in early Pisces spanning the gamut of Piscean energies represented symbolically by the two fishes whose tails are tied together swimming in opposite directions.  This New Moon Sun conjunction sits opposite Lilith/Ti’a’ma’at in Virgo signaling a time when the Cosmic Mother of All Creation sounds the rebalancing tones of all that is.  Each individual member of the Human Kingdom shall now be called forth to find deep within their soul and psyche their internal Balanced Reciprocity with self, life, earth and all the Cosmos.  This reckoning is being set in motion in a variety of ways as all Kingdoms of the Cosmos facilitate the turning of the Cosmic Wheel in order to bring Balanced Reciprocity and harmony throughout the Cosmos.  

March 19, 2024 at 7:06 pm PST, 10:06 pm EST, March 20, 2024 at 3:06 am GMT, 4:06 am EET is Earth Equinox with a wide Cardinal square in mid signs between Cupido in Capricorn, the Moon’s North Node and Mercury in Aries, Hades and Kronos in Cancer and the Moon’s South Node in Libra overlain by a wide earth trine  between Cupido in Capricorn, Jupiter in Taurus and Lilith in Virgo signaling a ‘clarion call’ to all beings in all times, spaces and dimensions to step forth in alignment with the Cosmic vibrations of All Creation in harmony and Balanced Reciprocity.  With Mars in late Aquarius acting as way shower, new visions, directions, ways of beings, relating and connection in cooperation and unconditional love, honor, respect, truth and honesty shall be made clear to all.  With Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus the empowerment and manifestation portals of these energies shall be abundant available to all coming from a balanced head/heart reciprocal space. The water and fire stelliums of Venus, Saturn and Neptune in Pisces and Sun, Moon’s North Node, Mercury and Chiron in Aries signal a steamy, sauna type cleansing time world wide.  This is a purification time when it would be wise for members of the Human Kingdom to purge all attachments to ancient Piscean and Arian energies which no longer serve to expand and support life.

March 24, 2024 is Full Moon Eclipse in early Libra at 11:01 pm PST, March 25, 2024 at 2:01 am EST, 7:01 am GMT, 8:01 am EET creating a Grand Cardinal Square between the Sun in Aries, Cupido in Capricorn, the Moon in Libra and Hades and Kronos in Cancer with Neptune in late Pisces opposing Lilith/Ti’a’ma’at in Virgo during which the energies of Balanced Reciprocity become even more amplified and the spaces and places where there is imbalance can no longer be ignored or hidden.  The Air trine overlaying these energies are empowering the intonation of Cosmic balance being restored. With Vulcanus in Leo opposing Pluto in Aquarius the amplification of these intonations affecting the physical nervous system of all beings on planet earth entreat the necessity for attaining and maintaining balance within and without for continued health and wholeness mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Since all systems within and outside the body work in harmony and Balanced Reciprocity with each other, receptivity to these intonations assists in discovering what the harmony and Balanced Reciprocity looks like for each individual member of the Human Kingdom.  There is no one size fits all.  Each must seek to discover their own relationship within and without with Lilith/Ti’a’ma’at and the essence of the Truth of their Soul Heart aligned with the Cosmos.  Seeking quiet time in nature communing with the sun, moon and stars facilitates this alignment with ease.

In Light, Love, Wisdom, Truth and Timing

The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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