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May 2019

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The month of May 2019 is a time of a variety of divergent energies coming together requiring clear concise loving communication, a multitude of creative options and ways of implementing them as well as a desire to work cooperatively with others rather than pushing, pulling, coercing, manipulating, stalling or being stubbornly ego attached to one idea, concept or expression of what is being presented or offered.  Those with creative minds and good negotiation skills coming from non ego oriented positions shall fare far better than those with conscious or hidden agendas during this time.  

    Much of the Piscean age frameworks - though coming undone and being dismantled  - shall attempt to generate confusion and chaos as those more open to discovering and implementing new directions expanding outside known comfort zones, accepted frameworks, rules and concepts step forward pointing out multitudes of alternative ways to more successfully and fully accomplish the tasks at hand in ways that are wise, life affirming and harmless to land, communities, companies, countries and individuals.  These idea people are able to see the interconnectedness long term of how things may be put in place that serve in supportive ways for humanity, the planet and all species residing upon it in beneficial ways.  

    Patience and continually bringing things back to pointing out new directions, new ideas, new options and possibilities rather than returning to the outmoded, destructive, fear producing ways shall keep forward momentum going so that those involved remain invested in participating to bring about change rather than giving up and just walking away in disappointment.  Being a vision holder, willing to speak up and verbalize the Truth with passion in new ways, rather than resorting to temper tantrums, saber rattling and threats of destruction shall open doors, portals and pathways which avoid volcanic explosions of global proportions physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The key here is to speak from one’s heart of these new options, new ways of being and perceiving in ways that heal the old soul wounds within the Human Kingdom rather than tearing them open and infecting them with more toxicity.

    This is a time when balance must be sought and found so that power is expressed in its intended fashion by communicating passion for all life and all living beings in all that is created - whether in art, music, theatre, science, medicine, culture, education, society, spirituality or architecture.   Creation devoid of balanced reciprocal flow within all kingdoms to all beings is doomed to failure.  Where greed is the primary purpose all shall dissolve rapidly.  Where balanced reciprocity is built into frameworks and creative endeavors, abundance on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - flows for all in proximity.

    Passionate words, ideas and plans expressed from loving open hearts shall move projects rapidly forward bringing them into physical 3D manifestation due to their empowerment from 5D beings assisting with these heart opening reciprocal projects.  Those willing and able to align with and ask for assistance from guides and guardian angels, with passion and heart felt appreciation and gratitude, shall discover a smoothness and ease empowering their sense of action and purpose even more.

    The divine masculine energies of manifestation via the Cat Being energies of the lion heart, Thoth, Hermes, Trismegistis,  Hu, Mercury shine forth sharing mysteries, wisdom, ideas and inventions which honor and sustain life, support all Kingdoms and bring sacredness back to all that is built or produced whether factory, high rise, garden, farm, city or community.  The divine feminine energies of Seshata, the snow leopard, she who is star born wearing the seven pointed star upon her head, appears less aloof during the month of May 2019 bringing with her harmonizing tones from deep within the Cosmos to share in the creation and manifestation of Heaven on Earth.  Along with the earth god Geb, Pan-den, Green Man, she facilitates the openings of Halls of Records filled with wisdom throughout planet earth as well as within each member of the Human Kingdom.  

    May 2019 is a time for each member of the Human Kingdom to seek within searching out the gifts, tools, talents and techniques which are exclusively theirs bringing them out into the world now for the benefit of all.  Whether in the block where one lives or the world at large, each affects their part and the whole.  The contribution of this Balanced Reciprocity is required by all for greatest ease bringing unlimited abundance and prosperity for all.  We Hathors shall encourage connection to co-creating the fullness of a juicy joyous life made of up simple days, simple ways, community, dance, wine and song.  The greater the flow of unconditional love experienced the greater the abundance in all aspects of life.  All that is required is following one’s heart, with no agendas or expectations, allowing the free will and choice of others in their actions, harming none.  

    May 4, 2019 at 2:47 pm PST, 5:47 pm EST, 10:47 pm GMT, 11:47 pm EET is New Moon in Taurus conjunct the Taurus Point of Avatar.  This powerful New Moon opens portals inter dimensionally throughout the globe of various proportions - some as small as a millimeter and others as large as any known galaxy.  A plethora of information, meetings, introductions and gatherings is accessible for those adventurous enough to be aware of their presence.  During this new moon the Moon’s North Node in Cancer sits opposite Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn signaling a time of reconnection with the figure 8 flow of Balanced Reciprocity, giving and receiving, nurturance and love from the cosmos to earth and back again. Much knowledge, wisdom and truth may be brought through these portals by those open to expressing new ideas and ways of living and being which are in harmony with earth, the cosmos and all inhabitants.  Communicating one’s passion for all life and all living beings is the destiny being called forth at this new moon and is where greatest success and happiness resides.  Take time to day dream, night dream, meditate or walk in nature inviting the presence of this Cosmic nurturing energy of Balanced Reciprocity into the life on a continuous basis.  Release all fears and open to love becoming a receptive vessel for the juiciness and joy that is yours now.  The use of sound, toning, drumming, music, dancing or movement as well as use of the breath and/or orgasm shall facilitate the easy release of any and all blocks, fears, limitations or resistance to being open and receptive in intimate loving ways with yourself, life and the world.  An experience of joyful bliss is possible as each member of the Human Kingdom discovers not only their own personal harmonious song to sing with the Universe, but the dance steps and rhythm that aligns them fully with ease of movement through extremely long lives in 5D on earth.

    May 18, 2019 at 1:13 pm PST, 4:13 pm EST, 9:13 pm GMT, 10:13 EET is full moon in late Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces and the Moon’s North Node in Cancer signaling and time of passionate depth, deep emotional nurturance and a letting go of all the old Piscean limitations from the past.  With Chiron in Aries square Mars in Cancer and Cupido in Capricorn this is a powerful time when healing of ancient soul wounds may take place smoothly and easily, especially those dealing with love, loving, nurturance, home, family, community and belonging.  The square between Chiron, Cupido and Hades signals a time of potentially clearing antiquated, deep seated soul wounds from past lives with all beings.  This is an excellent time to release all attachments to separation thinking and believing, unworthiness and low self esteem as well as any areas in the life where there are issues with feeling unloved or unloveable.   Profound techniques which are able to move energies quickly shall appear through those willing to step outside their comfort zone and be gladiators in holding sacred safe space for those brave enough to clear life times of resistance and fear swiftly and easily.  One need only go within one’s self and put out a call to the Universe to draw to the self the people, beings, spirits, energies and entities that are here to support one in the life and work - and they shall appear.  

    Partnerships, relationships and depth of connection, presence and intimacy shall take on more significance with all members of the Human Kingdom, as the desire to connect, see and be seen fully by others in very real ways grows in the Human psyche.  Depth of heart felt connection shall become the sought after commodity rather than material goods or money, opening the heart energies to more and more clearing of fears hidden deep within.  This release of fears and opening to love shall trigger a deeper search for connection and meaning in even the simplest things in life.

We Cat Beings are here in full heart felt love offering assistance to those requiring it.


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman