May 2020

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    May Day energies for all of 2020 call for discovering the balance between head and heart, mind and emotions, knowledge and wisdom, belief and truth, science and compassion - individually and collectively within the Human Kingdom.  This is a time of ‘edging’ mentally, psychically, emotionally and belief wise (spiritually) where each member of the Human Kingdom balances on the precipice within and without in search of their own Soul Heart’s Truth, rather than the ‘stories’ they have accepted about themselves, life and the way the world and the Cosmos actually works.  

    Throughout the first two weeks of May 2020 a plethora of inter-dimensional portals shall be opening and closing - some times rapidly, some times slowly - making it possible for those with knowledge, wisdom and ability to invite and invoke the assistance of beings from other realms, dismiss anything deemed limiting, unnecessary or non-life affirming, as well as the opportunity to invite and invoke that which is desired into the life or even opt to leave the 3D realm and depart their earth body and the earth plane. This emotional - mental/psychic ‘edging’ time continues until January 2022 when more and more of the Human Kingdom shall have the opportunity to ‘walk between worlds’ well into July 2023.

    Much of the Human Kingdom shall be discovering their inner ‘wisdom’ or lack thereof, as unexpected opportunities present themselves about life on planet earth, inter-connectedness and experimentation, and as Jeff Goldbloom put it in the first Jurassic Park movie ‘your scientists were in such a hurry to experiment and create what they ‘could’, they never asked whether they ‘should’ come to light.  Tremendous revelations about ethics, responsibility, future potentials of fallout on a global scale and the lack thereof within each of these shall become public knowledge worldwide, as industry, manufacturing and food suppliers seek partners with whom to work that comprehend the inter-connectedness of life and economy on earth and affects on each other. 

    A global comprehension and grasp of the necessity of Balanced Reciprocity in all aspects - personal, global and economic - begin to sink in to those in leadership positions throughout the world, the flow of giving and receiving with benefit and gratitude for all harmoniously shall be sought.  Where this is implemented fully, so all is done with a win-win, even in regards to people, the earth and environment, huge success, flow, prosperity, appreciation, growth and abundance follows.  Where ever there is still the win-lose scenario, companies, governments, countries and people shall resort to expressing fear, rage, war, helplessness and hopelessness.  

    Much Oracle visioning is possible throughout all of May 2020 as the earth during this time frame lays within the flow of the cosmic ocean of knowledge, wisdom and truth of its Halls of Records - past, present and future, all together in one.  The greatest challenge shall be in deciphering what to bring forth from within these Halls of Records as wise expressions during this current 3D to 5D time space continuum.  

    Venus goes retrograde in Gemini from May 13, 2020 to June 25, 2020 opening a communication highway between spirit and matter invoking the use of heart wisdom in expressing what knowledge is useful at this current juncture of shift and change for all Kingdoms of the Cosmos.  There are those within each Kingdom whose agendas may be more selfish, ego oriented rather than expressions of that which is in the wisest and best interest of all Kingdoms - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Human, Integral and Creator.  Inter-relationships with and between these Kingdoms in Balanced Reciprocity shall be necessary for greatest growth, expansion, abundance, wholeness, harmony and co-creation for all.

    Conclaves between Kingdoms shall manifest more in meditations, dream states, ritual and ceremony rather than in physical 3D form, as introductions, visitations and awareness expands and more members of the Human Kingdom have experiences that in the past happened through initiations or shamanic training.  With all the earth and the Kingdoms of the Cosmos coming online to receive the remembrance, recognition, comprehension and sacredness of the co-creative life force energies within all, more intimacy within these Kingdoms empowering and generating connection, cooperation and clear communication in the forms of ‘yes’ and ‘no’, to life, love and beingness shall prevail.  

    May 2020 begins a phase in evolution where the dichotomies of opposites shall cease to be focused upon and instead the discovery of the third point of synthesis shall be sought opening all that is to greater expansion, opportunity and beingness.  No longer shall the focus on opposites which generates fear, separation and dissension be the order of the day.  Instead the seeking of that 3 sided tetrahedron pyramidal third point of synthesis, and the multiples of third points of synthesis shall come forth.  Rather than seeking out differences which separate points of connection shall be discovered between people, places, disciplines, beliefs, cultures, science, art, nature, medicine, wholeness and healing.  Instead of either/or, black/white, right/wrong, good/bad, male/femaie there shall come a birth of both and more facilitating the full expression of all spectrum colors of the the Rainbow spectrum of Truth leading to the crystal clear light.

    The ancient unlearned lessons from the ages of both Atlantis and Lemuria are at the forefront planetary wide becoming amplified May 2020 continuing for the foreseeable future, as the lessons of science, Artificial Intelligence, computers and technology compete with psychology, love, compassion, caring, community, tribe, inter-connectedness and what it means to truly have that ‘spark of animation and god’ that all cultures speak of and artists and poets revere that gives meaning and purpose to being in a 3D body on earth.  In times past each of these cultures took their own paths to self destruction, competing or escaping in an effort to find those third points of synthesis where the two might come together in harmony, connection, cooperation, communication and Balanced Reciprocity.  We Cat Beings seek to assist in this process of integration with all members of all Kingdoms open to our assistance, guidance and unconditional love. 

    May 7, 2020 at 2:46 am PST, 5:46 am EST, 10:46 am GMT, 11:46 am EET is Full Moon in mid Scorpio activating the Scorpio Point of Avatar.  With Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn, Venus opposing the Galactic Center, Mars in Aquarius and Sun, Uranus and Mercury in Taurus, this is a time of destiny coming home to roost on a global scale for countries, companies and leaders worldwide.  Those able to express their humanitarian ideas and ideals in concrete ways shall be stepping forward as examples of the compassionate energies of life and love for all beings.  Those continuing to seek to subvert, sabotage, misrepresent, deflect and consume out of greed and fear shall find themselves burning up their nervous systems with anxiety, fear and rage, leading to a crash and burn of them and their lives.  Only those seeking directions which empower harmony, connection, cooperation, life affirming and humanitarian implementation in expansive, concrete, powerful ways shall find clarity of guidance.  The potential for huge confusion emotionally may lead to decisions and choice being made which bring about much in the way of endings, departures, closures and or death in many aspects of life on earth.  Vibrational energies utilizing sound frequencies, toning, chanting, drumming, dancing, music (especially without words) are all keys to connecting with and following one’s soul heart inner truth center vibration that is in complete harmony with one’s own specific DESTINY.  Connection with this has the ability to catapult one into invoking and bringing about powerful portals of change in a smooth easy manner - rather than sudden or disruptive shifts. For those aligned with and willing to follow the heart wisdom bringing it into action in 3D building a powerful solid foundation of awareness in the present moment, miraculous opportunities abound.  Openness and receptivity is key to discovering and following your own harmonized resonance and cognizant energy destiny.  And this is individual for everyone.

    New Moon May 22, 2020 at 9:40 am PST, 12:40 pm EST, 5:40 pm GMT, 6:40 pm EET in Gemini with a stellium of 4 planets plus the asteroid Admetos in Gemini places planet earth and all upon it in direct line of receipt of knowledge, wisdom, truth, beliefs from this and all other time space continuums - past, present and future - as it flows on the Cosmic Ocean into the Milky Way Galaxy in a steady powerful stream.  The aperture opening for the Galactic Center is at full volume today (as well as 2 days leading up to this New Moon and 2 days following it) with Neptune encouraging clarity in regards to past and future emotional responses so that choices and decisions may be made wisely in the present moment.  There is great potential for there to be set in motion ideas and energies of great change, as the Human Kingdom will have ‘hit the wall’ with accepting status quo, deceit and manipulation by those whom it shall have become obvious, are making decisions and choices for them - the masses - that are not necessarily in their wisest and best interest. This ‘brick wall’ feeling has the potential to set in motion a global rebellion in regards to laws, governance, restrictions, regulations and limitations being placed on humanity all over the world.  It is extremely possible for this to set in motion a worldwide revolution similar to that which happened in France on July 14,1789.  Though the Human Kingdom has the option to learn from the past and opt for less violence and/or destruction, it remains to be seen whether actions like that of Gandhi are possible on a global scale.  Acting as a ‘sound’ harmonizer where ever one finds themselves shall assist this necessary revolution being done in as smooth and easy a manner as is possible.


The Cat Beings via Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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