May 2021

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    The energies for the month of May 2021 open with the Moon in Capricorn opposite Mars in Cancer signaling a challenge of balancing the aspects of home, hearth, nurturance and love with building, success, money and greed.  This is a time of balancing the little ego with what is in the wisest and best interest for long term survival of the Human Kingdom on earth. Will the Human Kingdom move towards Balanced Reciprocity with the earth, nature and each other or continue along the path of money, greed and destruction of natural habitat?  

    May 2021 is all about the birthing of ‘new leadership’ based on the modeling of self responsibility to life, love, connection, cooperation and communication based on what is in the wisest and best interest of all beings throughout the Cosmos.  With a stellium of planets in the earth sign Taurus (Lilith, Uranus, Sun, Venus and Mercury) seeing ‘TRUTH’ in 3D, the reality of what is so in this time space continuum now is necessary in order to invite and invoke assistance from other Kingdoms of the earth to transform the old death cults into life and rebirth.  

    During May 2021 the grounding of the heart, love energies into self brings an ability to follow the heart, speak the ‘words of power’ aligned with Cosmic forces and invite, invoke and open portals for the dismissal of that which no longer serves in positive life affirming ways and the birthing of that which is supportive of life, love, abundance, harmony and peace.  Done with alignment of Balanced Reciprocity tremendous shifts in the destiny of the earth and the Human Kingdom may take place.  

    With Saturn in Aquarius on the Aquarian Point of Avatar the use of heart oriented energies of unconditional love through vibration, sound, toning, harmonizing, dancing, drumming, singing and speaking, as well as all creative expressions in Balanced Reciprocity shall expand these harmonious energies smoothly and easily.  Those fearful or resistant to these incoming energies shall discover blocks, limitations and resistance drawn to them challenging them every step of the way.  Words, sounds or expressions creatively done during this time which are aligned with fear rather than love shall activate sudden and disruptive changes all out of proportion to what might usually be anticipated or expected.  Wisdom aligned with love when expressing, speaking, toning, singing, writing or communicating is paramount for a more Balanced Reciprocal outcome.  

    Those stubbornly stuck in the old paradigms afraid and fearful of anything different or new may be tempted to rebel, lash out or become irrational in actions and deeds.  Where possible the wisest course of action with these individuals is to become neutral rather than responsive, reactive or engaging ‘trying to help’.  Until their fear and anger has dissipated any efforts to assist will be futile.  Patience and lots of space may be the most beneficial action for now.

    Strong messages from Panden, the earth soul spirit and Gaia, the earth mother, as well as Ti’a’Ma’at, the mother of all Creation shall pour forth to all those open and receptive to hearing, seeing, feeling and experiencing the ‘truth’ of what has been, what is now and what has the potential to be.  The near future shall be dependent upon the vibratory actions each member of the Human Kingdom takes within the self to become at harmony with self, their place upon the earth and then, with others.

    Though the Urn of Aquarius pours out the destiny of all beings upon the earth, its purpose is to realign all with the harmonious vibrations of the celestial orchestra.  Take time to go within, especially when out in Nature, becoming open, receptive and accepting of the energies, messages, guidance, visions, attunements, harmonizations, feelings and love pouring forth from deep within the Cosmos.  Alignment with these harmonizing shifts and changes becomes easier, more expansive and joyous.

    Profound messages and information, as well as directions, guidance and ideas which align with the Balanced Reciprocity of the Cosmos may be received through dreams, meditations and journaling during May 2021.  Keeping a note or sketch pad handy or a portable recording device could be helpful in remembering and eventually organizing these.

    New Moon May 11, 2021 at 11:01 am PST, 2:01 pm EST, 7:01 pm GMT, 8:01 pm EET intensifies the afore mentioned energies with Sun, Moon and Lilith conjunct in late Taurus trining Pluto in Capricorn.  This signals the beginning manifestation time on earth of many of the dreams, meditations, ideas, guidance and projects, a time of great change which may be done in Balanced Reciprocity in a smooth easy manner with alignment to the Cosmic Flow.  With the Aquarian and Taurus Points of Avatar being fully activated now, changes may manifest more rapidly in 3D, with previous blocks, delays or resistance miraculously disappearing.  Wisdom in expression through thought, word, action, deed, desire, feeling or emotion facilitates flow and ease of movement.  When done with fear, resistance or trepidation, mixed outcomes, backlash and messes shall ensue.

    The ‘hearing’ in clarity of what is vibrating cosmically is vital to alignment with these incoming energies.  Take time at least daily through the coming months to attune to the shifting ‘cosmic winds’ adjusting the sails of your own boat in ways necessary for balance and harmony.  Following a crowd is unwise during this time, as each member of the Human Kingdom must discover their own harmonious destiny in Balanced Reciprocity.  Dancing, singing, drumming, chanting, toning in your own personal space communing with Cosmic Creation shall evoke a connection and relationship with life, light and love guiding the soul into connection and harmony with others of like mind, eventually.  Find, empower and build your own connection FIRST.

    Full Moon Eclipse May 26, 2021 in Sagittarius at 3:15 am PST, 6:15 am EST, 11:15 am GMT, 12:15 pm EET brings Saturn in exact conjunction with the Aquarian Point of Avatar square the Taurus Point of Avatar signals a time to harmonize with these incoming Balanced Reciprocity energies bringing about change or begin 3D departure from this earth giving birth to a new reality.  

With the stellium in Gemini opposing the moon and its South Node in Gemini, the old patterns of separation and fear give way to the triadic inclusive, both and more concepts of living, being and loving.  With Chiron opposite the moon and her South Node a healing of these old separation and divisions takes place, being injecting into the soul heart and spirit of each member of the Human Kingdom as a reminder of the wisdom they once knew, have forgotten and are now remembering again.  This remembering of being a co-creator with spirit, the earth and all the cosmos brings with it celebration, freedom and joy in this remembrance.

    During this Full Moon is the time to dream, sing, dance, speak and act the dream awake.  Birth it into reality.  Otherwise physical 3D departure is immanent.  Those who opt to align with the harmonious destiny of these incoming energies by becoming empty, open, receptive and fulfilled vessels of cosmic divine energies shall discover miraculous healing, abundant opportunities and a plethora of options and possibilities for expressing their soul heart’s loving energies in making the world a more beautiful loving place for all beings to reside in.  Those holding on the the past structures and ways of being due to their confusion about and fear of change shall be shown multitudes of ways in nurturance and love for directions and expressions through which they may express in alignment with these cosmic energies.

    Those determined to hold on to the status quo, their fear and anger shall soon discover it is too uncomfortable to remain on this ‘new earth’, choosing departure from their physical domain and body as a way to ultimately resist these harmonizing energies.  All is free will choice, consciously or unconsciously.

    We Cat Beings in expressions of Hathor, Hu, Sekmet, Tefnut and Ma’at are here to assist all desiring guidance, light and love.  May the choices made be done in Wisdom and Balanced Reciprocity.  




The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman