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May 2023

Copyright March 5, 2023 *Mary Elizabeth Hoffman* All Rights Reserved


The energies for May 2023 focus on discovering harmony both within and without as all members of the Human Kingdom are facing the ‘truths’ of their reality and life.  Many have been living or existing in dream worlds, wishing worlds or fantasy worlds of their own creation - some internally - some projecting their visions, fantasies, dreams and expectations on to those around them demanding they live up to or down to those visions, fantasies, dreams or expectations.  The realization of alignment or misalignment and the desire for more harmonious cooperative self empowerment aligned with others shall bring about radical shifts in personal as well as all other relationships each member of the Human Kingdom has with themselves, others and the world around them.  

Huge portals between worlds, life times and time lines are opening now in 3D allowing those desiring to no longer be a part of this Gaia direction to step out of their ‘paths’ here and shift into a path or pattern elsewhere.  Keep in mind, the grass is not always as green as it initially appears to be elsewhere and then again it may with attention, intention and focus become brilliantly much greener.  All is free will choice.  

Much of the energies for May 2023 are about internal struggles to discover balance and harmony - in mind, body, spirit and emotions; individually and eventually collectively.  The Grand Square for May Day between the Moon’s Nodes - South in Scorpio representing past hidden treasures and fears requiring transformation and North Node in Taurus bringing openings, portals, new pathways and opportunities just by inviting them.  These nodes are square Pluto which has just entered Aquarius opposing Vulcanus in Leo signaling a time of potentially explosive challenges for those desiring to maintain power and control over others rather than discovering more harmonious cooperative ways which benefit everyone and let all shine their ‘light of Truth’ in the world.  

The month of May begins with the Moon in late Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces causing some to go into daydream fantasy mode in a desire to create a framework for their lives which attempts to offer security, safety and structure only to discover their castles have been built on shifting sands leading to confusion, dismay and disappointment.  With Venus in Gemini squaring this opposition it will be tempting to go into an all or nothing mode; or take a strong stance in direct opposition to what is being presented.  For good or ill, this is a time of making choices based on what is in one’s wisest and best interest rather than following the crowd, celebrity or hereditary familial restrictions.  

Rather than becoming stubborn in one’s thoughts, beliefs and actions May 2023 is a time for seeking openings, portals and opportunities by invoking whatever is in one’s wisest and best interest allowing the Soul Heart to attract and draw these to the self.  This inner knowing that one is safe in the Universe and the Universe is supporting in every endeavor - when done with the Soul Heart rather than the ego/mind - provides a plethora of heart centered loving compassionate empowering options heretofore unconsidered that shall be on display.  This is an ideal time for keeping a dream journal or notebook by the bedside as symbols, ideas, potential scenarios and options come forth in the dream state.  Taking long walks alone in nature communing with the plants, animals and trees shall bring whispers of loving direction upon the wind.  Being receptive to the influx of alternative ways of living, seeing and being shall facilitate an ease of change avoiding sudden and disruptive change which feels forced from ‘outside’ the self.  

May 2023 is a time for the ‘power of truth’ to flow like lava from deep within the earth (and deep within the Soul Heart) and the cosmos bringing with it ancient Halls of Records, memories, paths and creative ways of being in the world in integrity while remaining harmonious yet empowered to follow one’s own Soul Heart destiny without blame, shame or judgment of self or others.  That which harms none and empowers all to be the best them they are capable of being is what may be attained.  

This is a time of portals of all shapes, sizes, types and dimensions opening and closing rapidly due to the stellium of planets clustered around the Taurus Point of Avatar.  This harkens back to the days of old in ancient Egypt when the Apis Bulls were worshipped for their strength, gentleness, power and gift of life. They were to the Egyptians what many Native Americans glean from the Buffalo, signaling a time when a rekindling of personal connection to the Earth’s Panden power of co-creation may give birth to a rebalancing and reharmonizing of the Human Kingdom with the land upon which they reside.  For those open to this re-member-ing and bringing together these ancient cooperative energies from the past a vast treasure trove of information, wisdom, truth, honoring, sacredness and joy shall return to their lives, not out of greed - out of connection, cooperation and clear communication between them and the earth place upon which they live and those with whom they opt to create a sense of community and connection.  

May 6, 2023 at 9:35 am PST, 12:35 pm EST, 5:35 pm GMT, 6:35 pm EET is Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio with the Moon conjunct the Scorpio Point of Avatar and the Sun conjunct the Taurus Point of Avatar and Uranus.  Mercury and the Moon’s North Node are also in Taurus activating transformational energies. Together these tremendous portals may invite and invoke great loving spirits to assist in the gentle transformational process taking place on earth.  They may also draw together gatherings of those from all Kingdoms - human, plant, animal or spirit - who no longer desire to reside on planet earth in 3D providing a pathway through which they may depart forever more.  This Full Moon is about dreaming the dream awake, with conscious awareness of the consequences of one’s actions and choices facilitating great deep change from within the core of the earth as both Panden and Gaia release all energies from within and without which are based on fear.  This great purging and expulsion of these tainted fear energies shall transform the earth and all life upon it giving birth to new beings, spirits, energies and entities in all Kingdoms throughout the Cosmos - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Human, Integral and Creator/Primordial. This shall result in the rekindling of deep intimate relationships, connections, cooperation and communication between all these Kingdoms in ways surpassing ancient times.  

May 16, 2023 to May 25, 2024 Jupiter remains in the sign of Taurus generating its pulse of full destined expansion and growth upon all the earth and throughout the Cosmos.  During this time this archetype shall invite and invoke what is necessary for transformation and change dismissing what is no longer helpful or useful to the Soul Growth of the earth and its inhabitants.  Connecting with and aligning to these powerful transformation Divine Masculine energies - regardless of gender - shall facilitate a more smooth, easy expansion as order may feel like chaos and chaos like an unusual form of order.  Cosmic Order is realigning all that is, expansively.

May 19, 2023 at 7:54 am PST, 10:54 am EST, 3:54 pm GMT, 4:54 pm EET is New Moon in late Taurus with a huge stellium of planets in Taurus (Sun, Moon, Uranus, Mercury, the Moon’s North Node and Jupiter) with a grand square early in the four fixed signs activating the great reset between Vulcanus in Leo, the Moon’s North Node in Taurus, Pluto in Aquarius and the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio.  Rigidity and resistance may activate sudden explosive changes worldwide through actions, words, thoughts, deeds or be expressed through the nature spirits.  Neptune in Pisces trine Mars in Cancer may show a more nurturing, loving, supportive direction of change. All is free will choice.  The trine between Saturn in Pisces and the Moon’s South Node denotes a period of destined transformation, going deep into the Sea of Life in an effort to transform all hidden aspects of fear in all its expressions.  Salt baths, going into the ocean, toning, dancing and drumming all assist in clearing these fear energies and transforming them for self and the planet.  Take time to do your part.

We Cat Beings are here to facilitate this shift in as smooth and easy a manner as possible.  Invite our presence and we are there.



The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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