November 2019

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    November 2019 begins with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio from November 1, 2019 to November 20, 2019, in the triune water sign of depth, transformation and movement.  Scorpio energies tend to express at three distinct levels - (1) the level of holding a grudge, getting even, suspicion and distrust, (2) the level of the observer, stepping back from ego involvement in drama trauma and soaring above the fray as the hawk, and (3) the phoenix fire energies of transmutation and transformation which observe; becoming involved only when absolutely required and necessary - expressing as the dragon fire energies setting fire to old frameworks, foundations, beliefs and ways of being burning them to embers only to be reborn out of the ashes.  

    Each individual member of the Human Kingdom now chooses which level of this powerful life force expressive energy they shall have flowing from their body and their soul heart essence reaping the consequences of their actions and choices accordingly. This transformational energy is being expressed through the cosmic trickster Hermes, Thoth, Trismagistis and the winged god Mercury, bringing a time of emotional exchanges through various forms of expression and communication such as the spoken and written word, all forms of media (movies, TV, radio, internet, phone) as well as music, dance and all forms of art expression.  

    This is a time when discernment by each individual member of the Human Kingdom is required so only that which is longed for, loved, willed and desired by the soul heart is what is empowered, fed and given sustenance.  Deception of self and others is possible without diligent moment to moment awareness of present situations and circumstances.  

    Repeating of old patterns utilized for survival due to fear or distrust of self, others and life circumstances as children and adults is possible without attentiveness to the present moment.  This incredible transformation time is an opportunity to utilize the power of the word, chants, toning, dancing and drumming to release old patterns and give birth to new ones that are more life affirming in their expression of unconditional love, joy, ecstasy and the juiciness of life.  Connection and invocation of the Cat Beings Hat’hor, Tefnut and Se’shata - the cougar, mountain lion, lioness and jaguar energies shall assist in empowering wisdom and guidance from these loving beings. 

    Like water, this a time to keep moving, flowing and being, as the river flows to the sea.  With the transformational cleansing element of water so predominant throughout all of November 2019 knowledge and awareness of its expressions as liquid, solid, gas and inter-dimensional tunneling may be utilized to great benefit to easily and swiftly let go of all which no longer supports, nurtures and flows empowering life and all beings in unconditional love, truth, trust, authenticity and integrity, be it with self or others.  All forms of working with water shall open inter-dimensional portals tunneling over, under, around and through any limitations, expectations or obstacles be they conscious or unconscious clearing any muddiness, misperceptions or hidden agendas with self or others.  Whether lake, river, stream or ocean, drinking, bathing or doing ceremony with color, sound, thought or emotion - the element of water carries conscious energies use it wisely. 

    The final few days of the Mercury retrograde and the first few days of it going direct are especially auspicious as the Scorpio Point of Avatar - the mid point between the Galactic Center and the Super Galactic Center - is activated.  It was represented in ancient Egypt with fires in stone boxes on the flanks of the Sphinx giving it the looks of the burning wings of the phoenix.  It symbolized the burning away of the dross - that which no longer serves in the wisest and best interest of the unconditional love life force energies pouring into 3D from 5D at these auspicious times.  

    The window of these Scorpio Point of Avatar energies begin November 16 to 25, 2019 signals the triune energies between the cosmic portal black holes at the Galactic Center (the center around which the Milky Way Galaxy revolves) and the Super Galactic Center (the center around which the Milky Way Galaxy and hundreds of other galaxies revolve) and the mid point of these portals - the Scorpio Point of Avatar - which is the focal point of these powerful cosmic energies downloading and acting as transforming transmuting energies of unconditional love and truth, sweeping away all that no longer aligns with this cosmic wisdom.

    With Jupiter the planet of expansive destiny in Sagittarius on the Galactic Center from November 15 to 19, 2019 amplifying the above energies this is a time of opening to inner knowledge, wisdom and truth of one’s own personal halls of records to integrate these fully for expression in the present moment and an opportunity to actively open to receiving more cosmic galactic wisdom and truth via the Cat Beings energies of Ma-at.  One is only limited by their own boundaries, limitations and beliefs as to options, choices and possibilities.  Each individual member of the Human Kingdom may activate and integrate their knowledge, wisdom and truth for all life times and times lines into the current time line utilizing and expressing this out into their lives and the world.

    November 12, 2019 at 5:36 am PST, 8:36 am EST, 1:36 pm GMT, 2:36 m EET is Full Moon in Taurus activating a transmutation portal whereby the three fold process of releasing the old and bringing in the new is enhanced.  This process may be done with the self, the area where one lives or for the planet as a whole.  Initially connection is made with the self, the locale or the planet through meditation, introduction and acknowledgement of the beings, spirits, energies and entities that have until the present held and maintained the self, locale or planet thanking them for the work they have done in doing so. Those beings, spirits, energies and entities whose work is complete and desire to return ‘home’ are then invited to do so with gratitude and unconditional love.  (One might choose to do an offering of wine, juice or water and nuts, fruit or cookie as a thank you to these energies leaving it outdoors for the wild ones.) 

    After one senses this is complete enough and these energies have departed (though this may last for minutes, hours or days), the beings, spirits, energies and entities who have chosen to remain behind are invited to move into place to fill the gaps left by the departure of those who have gone ‘home’.  They are thanked with unconditional love and gratitude for the work they have completed and appreciated for the work they have now committed to remain behind and do.  (Another offering of wine, juice or water and nuts, fruit or cookie as a thank you to be left outdoors may be done.)

    As one senses these beings, spirits, energies and entities have begun moving energetically into their new roles, one may now invite and invoke the new beings, spirits, energies and entities who choose to work with the self, the locale or the planet to enter in filling all spaces left by the previous shifts.  They, too, are greeted with unconditional love and thanked for coming and for the work they have chosen to do in unconditional love whether for self, locale or planet.  Gratitude is given and another offering of wine, juice or water and nuts, fruit or cookie to be left outdoors is done.  One may choose to close this process with one’s own prayer of gratitude.  And namaste’.

    November 26, 2019 at 7:07 am PST, 10:07 am EST, 3:07 pm GMT, 4:07 pm EET is New Moon in Sagittarius conjunct four black holes activating a powerful portal through which much knowledge, wisdom and truth of ways to anchor the Eros, unconditional love energies into personal and planetary relationships with all beings shall be flowing in.  Ways to empower these energies through oracle messages from Panden (the new earth soul spirit archetype) and Gaia (the new feminine earth mother archetype) about new relationship requirements between them and the Human Kingdom permeating 5D into 3D anchoring them into the earth,  Rituals, ceremonies, celebrations and new ways of being in community in connection, cooperation, clear honest communication and unconditional love shall be revealed.  

    With Saturn moving into full conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn in mid January 2020 the energies of the destiny of unconditional love, connection, communication, cooperation, compassion for all life and all living beings shall transform the energies of fear, greed, avarice, lust and manipulation replacing the over whelming belief of lack into one of abundance, generosity and joy.A sense of hope, truth and trust begins to blossom as more and more members of the human kingdom release the fear and open to love.  The awareness of their essence as being a spiritual being having a human experience shall see the restrictions, limitations and boundaries placed in the past for security be released as the chains they have become and bring more creativity, expansion and unconditional love at the abundant plethora of possibilities becomes recognized and expressed by all.  We Cat Beings shall assist in any and all ways and need only to be invited, invoked and asked to share our unconditional love and wisdom with all. 



The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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