November 2021

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    November 2021 opens with a T-square in mutable signs with the Moon in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces both squared by Venus in Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Center.  This sets the stage for an incredibly powerful oracular month of ah-ha’s, revelations and discoveries with the Mother of All Creation sharing a plethora of frameworks, options and possibilities for moving out of the whirlpools and eddies of confusion into step by step visions and processes for huge expansion.  

    With Mercury in Libra trine Jupiter in Aquarius clear visions are available for the first few days of November 2021. The grand fire trine between the Moon’s south node in Sagittarius in conjunction with four black holes (inter-dimensional portals of vision, information and Halls of Records access) with Chiron in Aries and Vulcanus in Leo activates ancient memories, hidden wisdom and talents, clarification of Truth to help flow through the maze of mind babble bringing a amount of healing, rebirth and letting go of all toxicity; whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, belief, projection or fear of any kind.  

    As the stellium in early Gemini with Lilith, Admetos and the moon’s north node trine Saturn in Aquarius, the plethora of options from A to Z and beyond harmoniously flow for those ready to move past the old Piscean judgmental energies and are open to working with the multitudes triadic energies now being presented. This letting go of old frameworks, beliefs, rigid structures and expectations makes way for the discovery of harmonious flow moment by moment without the requirement for a rigid controlling ‘plan’.

    The wide aspects to 3 of the 4 Points of Avatar - Saturn in Aquarius, Mars in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus, heading towards full activation by November 19, 2021 begin building to activate Truth devoid of ego in all members of the Human Kingdom.  This is a month of ‘change’, by choice or sudden and disruptive for those resistant to shifting and perceiving the Cosmic Truth rather than the ‘illusion’ of Truth.  In reality, no one has all the answers and each individual member of the Human Kingdom is responsible for the consequences of their actions and choices karmically, regardless.  The other Kingdoms shall no longer intervene in an attempt to ‘save humanity from itself’.  Only through connection, cooperation and unconditional love is it possible to move forward from this present moment.

    For those willing and able to open their Soul Heart’s to their own Inner Truth Center, vast amounts of ‘inner knowing’, guidance, information, wisdom, truth and timing are available the whole month of November 2021.  The wise use of KA, the life force energy, personal power, is being shown, clarified, brought into focus and given fluid, flexible frameworks in visions, day dreams, dream time, meditation, or at any time one allows their guides and guardian angels to come through and share with them.  This may be enhanced through ritual, ceremony, walking quietly in nature, sitting by a stream, lake or the ocean, lighting a candle, incense or saying a prayer.  The veils are thin now with Ophiucus, the 13th sign showing the way to wise use of power on earth that is life affirmingly linked with the Divine Masculine energies descending into the earth plane and all upon it.  

    Those open and willing to align with these wisdom energies shall be given new transformational direction for their lives, livelihoods, ideal locale(s) and ways of being upon the earth.  Where there is ego, control, manipulation or dominance attempted, energies will dissolve, fold, backfire or explode whether done by yang or yin. During the month of November 2021 INTENTION is everything.  Where one focuses one’s thoughts, feelings, ideas or emotions is a signal to the Universe of INTENT whether conscious or unconscious.  Honesty with self is paramount during this time.  All secrets, hidden information and lack of authenticity shall be exposed fully for all to see.  The ‘illusions’ perpetuated by ego self to create a sense of specialness, privilege, separateness, safety and security are coming unraveled throughout all of November - whether generated by family, society, culture, company, country or ethnicity.  

    Many of the ‘false’ myths, stories and beliefs perpetuated for the past 2,000 years about how things were, how things are and what is possible for the future shall come under scrutiny in all fields of endeavor - science, education, religion, psychology, psychiatry and the divisions between each of these disciplines.  The Human Kingdom has carried the experiment of separation to its widest point and with the influx of the Aquarian harmonizing energies many changes are in the offing.  Though many would attempt to reduce everything and everyone to the lowest common denominator, in truth, all shall be honored, accepted, encouraged, respected and applauded for the unique gifts each has to offer to the world.  No longer is it about becoming well known, famous, rich or ‘better than’ - that is an old Piscean Age framework. Instead it is a time of creatively seeking alternative expressions, ideas and visions in all aspects of life - from land management, to architecture, to furniture, to work, to study and learning, to socializing - instilling quality rather than quantity in every endeavor.

    New Moon in Scorpio November 4, 2021 at 1:15 pm PST, 4:15 pm EST, 9:15 GMT, 10:15 pm EET with Sun and Moon conjunct the Scorpio Point of Avatar, represented by the fire pits which used to lay along side the flanks of the Sphinx in Egypt to represent the flaming wings of an eagle or phoenix rising out of the ashes. The solar and lunar energies are transforming from the old limiting frameworks, paradigms and beliefs designed to disempower, control and limit both men and women and all genders in between, changing into a huge variety of creative expressions for self and relationship to all.  With Uranus in Taurus opposite these new moon energies and Saturn in Aquarius widely squaring them, the potential for sudden, surprising, explosive, disruptive change is definitely possible.  

    Mercury in Libra continues to trine Jupiter in Aquarius bringing in a huge flow of creative ideas, possibilities and options expressive of the billions of Perfected Visions of Balanced Reciprocity one may choose from. With Mars in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius transformative new directions may be discovered and implemented in harmonious ways.  With Vulcanus in Leo opposing Saturn in Aquarius, squaring Mars in Scorpio where ego agendas enter in, explosive emotional power struggles, as well as major earth shifts are possible.  It is imperative to remain heart centered rather than head/ego centered when engaging with others, the environment or elementals as hidden ego agendas for control shall disrupt attempts at dominance. Projection of these intense energies on self, others or out into the world could have deleterious bounce backs.

    Full Moon in November 19, 2021 at 12:59 am PST, 3:59 am EST, 8:59 am GMT, 9:59 am EET with Mars exactly conjunct the Scorpio Point of Avatar opposing Uranus in Taurus creating a wide square to Saturn in Aquarius activating powerful transformational rebirth energies etherically throughout the Cosmos.  This signals a time of burning away the dross of old outmoded frameworks, structures and ways of being in the world.  Those who have diligently divested themselves of all old cords to limiting ways of being shall experience a sense of soul heart freedom and rebirth.  Those determined to hold onto the status quo may find themselves in situations of transformation divergent from what they might have consciously thought they desired.   

    Venus in Capricorn opposes Hades and Kronos in Cancer squaring Chiron in Aries on this full moon, activating the Divine Masculine yang triadic energies of manifestation activating in the heart’s of all members of the Human Kingdom regardless of physical anatomy.  The Yang masculine triad aspects are attempting to coalesce and come together with caring compassion for their own internal and external yin inspiration acting upon it in wise figure 8 nurturance - giving and receiving.  

    This is an ancient way of creation and manifestation aligned with the soul heart - Source - expressed in ways that are in the wisest and best interest aligned with all Kingdoms of the Cosmos - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Human, Integral and Creator.  As the co-creator partnerships with all Kingdoms come online, the responsible manifestation in all realms, including 3D, for the wisest good of all devoid of ego aggrandizement shall take precedence, flowing smoothly and easily.  Where there is incongruent energies, misalignment or lack of full disclosure and authenticity projects, creations and forced or manipulated connections shall crumble the foundations of anything and anyone coming from a place of ‘hidden’ agendas, expectations, needs, wants or desires. 

    Emotional agendas which are confusing, misleading or chaotic within self or with others may be activated with Neptune in Pisces trine the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio.  This could create situations where promises are made which are untenable, not viable or unrealistic, at best; especially where feelings are concerned.  Misunderstandings emotionally of intentions may be extremely high during this time as those from the old Age of Pisces paradigm connect with those of the new Aquarian paradigm attempting to create  frameworks, contracts, commitments and connections from the old relationship and partnership frameworks of the past.  The ‘idea’ of the new way of relating shall intrigue many, yet their ability to comprehend the energy, ethics, independence and individuality required to connect first to Source, then to Soul Heart Work, then to an-other while still ‘attached’ to the old Piscean paradigm shall become a schoolhouse of learning quickly the necessity for authenticity and honesty with self and others in every moment.

    With the sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio opposing the Moon in Taurus squaring Jupiter in Aquarius it is imperative to utilize one’s words wisely, insuring the intent and understanding of their expression by others.  Assumptions of fantasy fulfillments could lead those seeking ‘soul mates’ to instead draw to themselves ‘wound mates’ generating lots of emotional drama trauma, nasty emotional scenes and potentially violence - even with close friends and family.  With this leading into the North American Thanksgiving holiday season, foregoing ‘family’ get togethers in order to defuse such dramatic situations would be wise.  We Cat Beings encourage the use of sound, music, toning and walks in nature to destress, decompress and avoid potentially volatile situations.


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman