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 November 2023

Copyright August 6, 2023 *Mary Elizabeth Hoffman* All Rights Reserved

November 2023 opens as the Cosmic Equinox Portal expands bringing important significant experiences of sitting at the edge, bridge or crossroads for the Human Kingdom on earth.  The grand earth trine between Pluto in late Capricorn, Venus in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus signals the anchoring in of destiny energies which have been set in motion by each and every member of the Human Kingdom over the previous few month(s) by their thoughts, feelings, emotions, imaginings and words (both written and spoken).  What has been empowered intentionally or unintentionally shall begin manifesting in earnest in 3D.  Those who energized fear, anger, lack, blame, judgement or greed shall see it multiplying in their lives.  Those who energized hope, peace, joy, connection, cooperation, clear communication, prosperity, abundance and unconditional love shall see it expand exponentially.  Those who have spent their energies ‘day dreaming, wishing, seeing the world through fantasy rose colored glasses or gaming shall feel set adrift with little coming to fruition or manifestation in 3D in their lives.  

The t-square between Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon’s Nodes - North in Aries and South in Libra - asks the questions of balance and harmony for all the earth, its creatures, landscape and oceans and how this may be attained and maintained in the wisest and smoothest manner.  Re-envision-ment of accepted ways of seeing, perceiving and being shall be required for the earth and its inhabitants to avail themselves fully of this opportunity to take another path that is less destructive for all beings. 

The Moon in late Gemini opposite the Galactic Center creating a t-square to Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces asks that all options and possibilities and their long term effects and outcomes be taken into account in choosing what path to pursue, personally and professionally.  There is no wrong answer.  No longer are the options black and white, right or wrong, good or bad, dark or light.  Each must be taken individually in the moment with an eye towards to potential future outcomes adjusting as required in the moment for the wisest and best interest of all beings.  Done from the soul heart rather than lack, greed or fear, alternative adjustments may be made in service and honoring of all that is or has the potential to be.  Much clarification about the inter-relationships between all the Kingdoms of the Cosmos with the Human Kingdom shall come forth during November 2023 in order to eradicate false narratives, misperceptions, deceptions, illusions and out and out untruths.  All Kingdoms - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Integral and Creator/Primordial are alive and well whether the Human Kingdom acknowledges their existence or no.  For future prosperity and abundance in Balanced Reciprocity the Human Kingdom shall find it necessary to align WITH these other Kingdoms in partnership in order to move forward, evolve, grow and expand.  Otherwise extinction is inevitable.

With Mercury and Mars conjunct the Scorpio Point of Avatar opposing Jupiter retrograde in Taurus much transformation shall be taking place during November 2023, some bringing about endings, others transformation and others new beginnings, transforming with the power of the written, drawn, painted, sculpted and spoken word.  As the Sun moves into full conjunction with Mars and Mercury in Scorpio on the Scorpio Point of Avatar November 6, 2023, these ‘avatars’ - both light and dark - shall be stirring the depths of the Cosmic Ocean bringing to the surface all manner of ‘stuff’ from soup to nuts.  The banquet table shall be fully set for each individual member of the Human Kingdom to be open and receptive to the Balanced Reciprocity and flow of where and how they are aligned within themselves, with others, the planet and all Kingdoms of the Cosmos.  This alignment or the lack thereof shall set in motion the transformations which shall be experienced during the coming year.  The harmonizing tones of the Aquarian Point of Avatar is the missing energy in the activation of these 3 avataric points.  Keep in mind not all avatars teach from love and light.  Some are here to expose the hidden depths of imbalance and disharmony. Sound, toning, drumming and chanting may be utilized to activate the Aquarian Point of Avatar’s harmonization of any and all situations and circumstances in the wisest and best interest of all beings.  

November 1, 2023, All Saints and All Hallows Day truly embodies the very significant transformational energies of death and rebirth, endings and beginnings as this year it is also Cosmic Equinox, when alignments to the Galactic Center, Super Galactic Center and four Points of Avatar are activated fully opening the highway between dimensions. For some this may bring about visions, apparitions, voices and 3D manifestations creating movement and communication between realms.  Alternate time lines, life times and parallel universes may ‘materialize’ for minutes, hours or days during November 2023.  Those who are consciously grounded and connected with their own Inner Truth Center will find this eye opening information a welcome confirmation of what they have seen, known and believed.  Others may be shaken to the core of their existence as they attempt to make sense of what their mind says is not so yet their heart aligns with what is being ‘seen’ and experienced.  This is a time when it is extremely important to remain in the present moment, on the current time line, as bleed through from alternative ones could generate intense emotional responses causing those ungrounded to ‘act out’.  Caution when in cities, crowded spaces or places and public arenas is wise during this time as the potential for ‘group hallucinations’ are possible with the resultant acting out of context creating chaos and disorder with these illusions.  For those grounded and aligned this is a powerful time of receiving guidance, visions, messages and clarification for any and all endeavors.  Quiet alone time preferably under the stars is wisest.

November 13, 2023 at 1:29 am PST, 4:29 am EST, 9:29 am GMT, 10:29 am EET is New Moon in late Scorpio conjunct Mars all opposing Uranus and squaring Lilith in Leo bringing in Truthful transformational energies pointing the way to a new direction of self empowerment, self responsibility, authenticity, integrity and truthfulness with self, others, all Kingdoms of the Cosmos, the earth and all its inhabitants.  Bold visions of changes required to attain this state of being shall be pouring into the psyche of every member of the Human Kingdom.  With Neptune in Pisces trine these powerful transformational New Moon energies the heretofore muddy waters shall be clarified as Lilith and Ti’a’ma’at pour the essence of all members of the Human Kingdom through their Cosmic sieve straining out all impurities, dross, toxins and dis-ease.  This New Moon is a time of huge vibrational change manifesting in 3D on earth affecting all which currently reside here. 

November 27, 2023 at 1:17 am PST, 4:17 am EST, 9:17 am GMT, 10:17 am EET is Full Moon in Gemini conjunct four black holes creating a t-square to Saturn - now direct - in early Pisces with Mercury conjunct the Galactic Center (also a black hole) making 5D cosmic connection a reality in and on the earth.  This is a powerful ah-ha time when inter-connections between concepts, ideas and disciplines may be gleaned, understood and utilized for the betterment of all beings throughout the Cosmos. This is a time of ‘knowing things without knowing how you know them’; a time of learning to trust your gut, your Inner Truth Center with all your heart and soul following its guidance to the fullest and continually seeking clarification and guidance.  This is an ability, that when exercised regularly, becomes a part of everyday life for all who are open to it.  The grand earth trine between Lilith in late Virgo, (sometimes known as Ti’a’ma’at - bringer of Truth), Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus shall intone, shake things up and rattle the sistrum and drum calling for a new ‘dance of life’ throughout the Cosmos.  This is the time to ‘dance the dream awake’.


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman 

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