October 2019

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Energies for October 2019 open with powerful transformation transmutation facilitating the use of focused directed emotional energies that may be utilized to bring about dreaming the Soul Dream awake individually and collectively.  Clarity is possible with heart centered guidance going with the flow between past and future. Following the Inner Truth Center, the Soul Heart’s guidance leads to miraculous opportunities based on Balanced Reciprocity – the figure 8 flow of giving and receiving from the Universe and all within it.    

    Those able to connect fully with their Perfected Vision of light, life and love willing to let go of fear, greed and control shall be deeply rewarded with the empowerment and manifestation of their destiny and Soul Heart’s desires.  The Hathors and Ma’ats  shall be communicating with deep levels of guidance in both the dream, meditation and waking states  to those with open and receptive hearts the path of joy, abundance and nurturance where Balanced Reciprocity figure 8 flow facilitates the ability to remain open hearted, trusting, loving and authentic in all interactions.  

    The guidance required to begin forming communities based upon these tenants shall come in showing the empowering way and direction to restructure, reorder and reorganize the life so that a support network of like mind and like heart self responsible places shall begin to manifest.  Key to this shall be the Balanced Reciprocity of Ma’at - the Egyptian goddess energies who weighs the heart of each member of the Human Kingdom - determining if the heart is light as her feather of Truth or weighed down with fear, regret, guilt, anger, attachment, resentment, need, dependency and projection.  

    During this time many opportunities, processes and ways of clearing much of the ancient fears, greed and other fear based emotions which have limited the evolution of the Human Kingdom on Earth shall appear affording those whose Soul Path desires to rapidly move through these heavy energies, ways to free their hearts, bodies, minds and spirits allowing them to become free of much of the limiting beliefs, frameworks and structures facilitating freedom and self responsibility.  Much of this heaviness is ancestral, cultural, societal, familial habit which is no longer useful in the 21st century. 

    Though many of these processes may appear to be unconventional, in truth they are technologies and processes based on ancient traditions whose wisdom, power, integrity and truth has been systematically erased disempowering the Human Kingdom in their upward evolution.  As these old worn out frameworks, structures and institutions dissolve and crumble alternative life styles and ways of inter action, connection, communication, relating and caring for each other shall shift into more true unconditionally loving expressions which empower those willing to live in the now in authenticity, integrity, honesty, truth, trust and deep unconditional love, devoid of limitations, restrictions, possession, ownership and disempowerment of anyone.

    What is important during October 2019 is that it is a time of following the heart and listening to the guidance of the Soul Heart to attract and draw to the self opportunities that otherwise would be missed when the head, mind and control is utilized to ‘figure things out’.  October 2019 is a time to trust  the feelings and emotions of the Inner Truth Center and avoid making choices based on outside influences, others opinions, what the mind thinks should be done or what has been conventionally done in the past.  This is a time of letting go of all old expected rules, regulations and ways of structuring and organizing things and discover new more flowing loving paths to remain true to one’s Soul Path.  

    October 13, 2019 is Full Moon in Aries at 1:09 pm PST, 4:09 pm EST, 9:09 pm GMT, 10:09 EET empowered by Mercury conjunct the Scorpio Point of Avatar.  This passionate transformation energy has the ability to facilitate the expression, communication and connection of a deeper level of intimacy in all relationships and partnerships whether personal or professional  With the grand water trine enhancing this clarity is possible where there has been much confusion between men and women, as the old ways of interacting move into more nurturing loving, authentic, integral, honest expressions by both sexes without all the blaming – regardless of the physical 3D body they find themselves residing in this life time.  The ability to shift these old power struggles between feminine and masculine energies comes through now based solely on communication passion for life, love and all living beings, ceasing to blame  outside the self and going within to discover the self’s contribution to this imbalance so it may be forgiven and healed within the self.  Projection ceases as the Perfected Vision energies of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine mature into the cosmic co-creators fully empowered individually and collective for the highest good of all.

    October 27, 2019 New Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus at 7:40 pm PST, 10:40 pm EST, October 28, 2019 at 3:40 am GMT, 4:40 am EET with Venus and Mercury in late Scorpio brings with it wholesale change in all interactions, relationships, connections and communication.  Those expressing from the heart seeking to discover peaceful unconditional loving ways to create relationship, connection and communication with honest, integrity, authenticity and a deeper level of intimacy and trust shall make huge strides in transforming their lives and their world.  Those stuck refusing to transform their interactions shall feel that they are being pushed by beings, guides and portals to see things through heart and unconditional love or fall into the abyss of fear.

    October 28-29, 2019 is Cosmic Equinox denoting a time of emotional passionate transformation within all relationships, contracts, connections and interactions into powerful dynamic directions of harmony, unconditional love, peace, prosperity, communication, compassion, truth, trust, integrity and authenticity.  With the Moon on the Scorpio Point of Avatar, this is a time to choose to dream rebirth, regeneration, the phoenix rising out of the ashes, as all which has been set in motion by each individual destiny and karmic wise comes to fruition.   The energies of unconditional love and the figure 8 flow of Balanced Reciprocity are keys to paths of ease, joy, prosperity, nurturance, love, community, connection, cooperation and intimacy is ways undreamed of since the last Golden Age.

    We Hathors and Ma’ats are here as guides, way showers, teachers and facilitators to ease this transition time for the Human Kingdom.  One need only ask and We shall sing the songs of healing, nurturance and unconditional love to ease the chaos others choose to project outward into the world instead of processing it within themselves.  This type of karmic projecting is coming to an end and now shall return multiplied to those projecting rather than owning and processing their energies within.  No longer will the pollution of the Human Kingdom or the planet be accepted by the Univers


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