October 2021

Copyright August 1, 2021*Mary Elizabeth Hoffman*All Rights Reserved

    The month of October 2021 is under the influence of Mercury Retrograde in Libra.  Going direct on October 18, it returns to station of its original beginning retrograde motion November 3, 2021.  This is a time of discovering the beauty, love, Balanced Reciprocity and harmony in life and ferreting out the people, places, things, situations and circumstances which detract from it.  

    The overlay of a merkabah (six pointed Star of David) or double grand trines in the heavens in the elements of Air (Lilith, Admetos and the Moon’s North Node = Gemini; the Sun and Mars = Libra; Saturn = Aquarius and Fire (Moon and Vulcanus = Leo, Chiron = Aries; the Moon’s South Node = Sagittarius) crossed by Sun and Mars conjunct in Libra opposing Chiron in Aries signals a time of seeing clearly the Cosmic Jewel of Truth in all its myriad facets, opting to consciously choose Balanced Reciprocity, aligning in partnership with all the Kingdoms of the Cosmos or continue creating, feeding and perpetuating the death cult of fear, competition, dominance and control long espoused as ‘the only way’.  

    With Saturn conjunct the Taurus Point of Avatar, inter-dimensional portals shall be opening and closing rapidly, invoking and dismissing beings, spirits, energies, entities, situations and circumstances activated by the words, thoughts, feelings, intentions (conscious or unconscious), emotions and energies of the Human Kingdom bringing about change - some seemingly sudden, surprising or disruptive to the accepted ‘status quo.  With 6 planets retrograde - Mercury in Libra, Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn - four of the major elements are systematically releasing old connections, interactions and relationships; evolving and making new ones which are 5D rather than limited to 3D - with people, places, things, circumstances, ways of interacting and relating - all seeking Balanced Reciprocity with all with which they connect.  

    It is vitally important that each individual member of the Human Kingdom discover and find ways to invite, invoke and be in Balanced Reciprocity with all Kingdoms of the Cosmos in order to remain grounded, focused and aware of the subtle shifts in energies so that harmony with self and one’s surroundings may be attained and maintained.   Each shall find it necessary to do their own individual developing of interactions and relationships with the various Kingdoms of the Cosmos, as following a group or crowd before one has their own ‘vision’ received from their Inner Truth Center and Soul Heart, invites projections and manipulations energy wise which eventually lead to disillusionment, disappointment and blame - all fear based avoidance energies in order to side step becoming a self responsible, responsive co-creator with all the Kingdoms of the Cosmos.

    Both Ti’a’Ma’at and Hu, as Cosmic Creative Archetypes of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine of All Creation, shall be in tandem, connection and collaboration shining the ‘light of Truth and Harmonic Destiny’ on the expansive Vision which is coming into manifestation on earth.  Free will choice now is when, where and how each individual member of the Human Kingdom shall accept their ‘calling’ to bring sacredness, honoring and life affirmation to every action, word, thought, feeing, deed and emotion in every moment of every hour of every day of every week of every year throughout eternity.  

    The task of integration of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within each individual is their own.  Once achieved connection with others of like mind, soul and heart becomes common place.

    New Moon October 6, 2021 at 3:06 am PST, 6:06 am EST, 11:06 am GMT, 12:06 pm EET at 13 degrees of Libra - aspecting and activating all four Points of Avatar - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius - signals a powerful Oracle time when all ancient wounds, traumas, missteps, mistakes and misdeeds may be let go, transformed, transmuted and healed returning the life affirming energies to all beings, kingdoms and the Cosmos. This is a time of pentagram, pentacle, five pointed star activations bringing specific locale messages from Gaia and Panden of earth changes necessary to facilitate these expansive shifts in as smooth and easy a manner as possible.  Those members of the Human Kingdom who opt to partner in Balanced Reciprocity WITH one or more various Kingdoms of the Cosmos (devoid of seeking attention, ego aggrandizement or financial gain) shall discover the transformative passion, emotion, love and caring within their Soul Heart expanding exponentially transforming all it touches as the Heart of the Mother of All Creation Ti’a’Ma’at and Ophiucus the Father of Wisdom and Power in tandem share the Sphere of all options and possibilities with all members of the Human Kingdom.

    Those caught up in emotional drama/trauma could get caught up in whirlpools of chaotic emoting, continuing to project their fears, worries and concerns out onto others, rather than owning, transforming and transmuting if for healing.  The Human Kingdom shall be given a plethora of ‘visions’ of options, choices and ways to move past the old destructive, drowning energies of fear.  Each shall be given free will to choose their own path, yet will no longer have the option to project, manipulate or demand that others relinquish their own free will to act upon what they envision as in the wisest and best interest of all the Cosmos.  Free will aligned with Source always prevails in loving life affirming, expansive, creative ways.  Free will expressed selfishly, self centeredly from ego always fails and ends. 

    Full Moon October 20, 2021 at 6:58 am PST, 9:58 am EST, 2:58 pm GMT, 3;58 EET in late Aries activates a wide Grand Square between the Sun conjunct Mars in late Libra, Pluto in late Capricorn, the Moon in late Libra and Vulcanus in very early Leo and will be the beginning activation of more intense explosive energies within various Kingdoms which have been contained, restricted, controlled, subdued or manipulated that are no longer in Balanced Reciprocity, with the earth or the Cosmos.  These may include all elements or a combination thereof - earth (volcanos, earthquakes, landslides), water (dams, flooding, higher than usual tides creating storm surges, water tables rising from within the earth, rivers and creeks seeking new pathways and routes), air (tornados, hurricanes, wind sheers) and fire (excessive heat, lightening, wild fires, drought) - a scarcity or abundance of any and all elements reflecting the imbalances in and around the globe.  The earth shall eventually attain Balanced Reciprocity with or without the assistance of the Human Kingdom.  Lack of connection and cooperation with all Kingdoms of the Cosmos could lead to extinction and replacement of the Human Kingdom.  All is free will choice.

    With the Taurus Point of Avatar conjunct Uranus the potential for conflicts between old fear/war mongers and those seeking a new vision of connection and cooperation for the wisest good of all beings, as the etheric entities on the astral seek to rekindle the fear energies off which they feed.  Toning, sound and harmonization, humming, calming sounds of nature, all act to ease the flow and shift of these grand cardinal square challenges of the entrenched status quo who are holding on to their false egocentric life, life style and ‘sense of purpose’ in the illusion they are ‘better than, privileged and ‘special’.  Every being is special, each with their own gifts, talents and offerings to the Universe.  This is a time of transformation from attempting to reduce everything and everyone to the lowest common denominator and instead applaud the wonderful creative variety of beings within the Cosmos.  This Full Moon is a time to seek clarity, compassion and forgiveness for and with yang and yin energies of the past, be they expressed and acted out by a male or female body.  The Lilith feminine passion heart energies of Wisdom, Truth and Timing shall share with those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, the plethora of possibilities open to all.

    October 29, 2021 is Scorpio Cosmic Equinox at 9:30 pm PST, October 30, 2021 12:30 am EST, 5:30 am GMT, 6:30 EET as the portals between the worlds, all times, dimensions and timelines are wide open and the Taurus Point of Avatar conjuncts Uranus opposing the Sun in Scorpio there is heightened potential for sudden, disruptive, explosive pivotal change, especially in parts of the planet where resistance to the higher destiny of the Human Kingdom remains.  Lilith and Ti’a’Ma’at shall be actively intoning the destiny harmonization with multitudes of options and possibilities in order to release and free the Human Kingdom from all old limiting frameworks, beliefs, limitations and fears.  We Cat Beings offer heart guidance, wisdom, truth and timing for those seeking to align with any and all Kingdoms - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Integral and Human - of the earth for the wisest good of all


Namaste’ The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman