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 October 2023

Copyright August 1, 2023 *Mary Elizabeth Hoffman* All Rights Reserved


Jupiter in Taurus on the Taurus Point of Avatar, Uranus in late Taurus, Saturn in Pisces, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn all remain retrograde during October 2023 signaling a time of continuing to feel on the ‘edge’ between past, present and future in a co-creative process with the Universe discovering the Cosmic Truth of Balanced Reciprocity.  Venus in late Leo trine the Moon’s North Node in Aries is a reminder to seek out the soul heart’s Truth, path, passion and beingness in new or alternative ways which harm none and bring blessings to all beings.

With the t-square between Mars in in Libra conjunct the Moon’s South Node, Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron and the Moon’s North Node conjunct in Aries this is an opportunity to release all past patriarchal patterns of power over, dominance and fear replacing them with more balanced harmonious expressions of beauty, life, light and love expressed in a myriad of new ways.  The soul heart impetus for October 2023 is to discover the widest variety of expressions in all aspects of life of Balanced Reciprocity - that figure 8 flow of the cosmos.  In so doing more ease, gratitude, joy and pleasure in being a part of the cosmic orchestra is attained.  

Significantly during the month of October 2023 Venus in Leo trines the Moon’s North Node and Chiron in Aries shining the soul heart’s light of Truth on new ways to move away from the fear energies used by those on the astral for feeding purposes, into a giving and receiving of life force energies exchanged willingly in Balanced Reciprocity within the flow of Cosmic creation and expansion. 

With Mercury in late Virgo in opposition to Neptune in Pisces a plethora of communications, visions, messages and information shall pour forth from Ti’a’ma’at (the original Mother of all Creation) as to what is required in this shift time of restructuring, reordering and reorganizing on all levels, dimensions and aspects throughout the Cosmos.  Many Cat Beings are here to assist in this shift to facilitate its attainment in as smooth and easy a manner as possible.  The Human Kingdom agreed eons ago to be an active facilitator with the other Kingdoms of the Cosmos here on earth at this time, though many seem distracted by their ego intentions, needs and demands currently.  

Lilith shall sound the Celestial tones opening portals inter dimensionally for the release and/or transmutation of ancient frameworks, structures, beliefs, ideas and fears no long useful, life affirming or creative throughout the Cosmos.  Much shall be dismissed as the final bridges between the past, present and future are crossed.  Those clinging to old limiting ways, beliefs, concepts, ideas, patterns and expressions shall feel this intensely, as the energies of entrapment dissolve leaving all to connect deeply with their own Inner Truth Center, Source and guidance devoid of the ego attachment that has been taught and perpetuated on earth for eons.  Integrity and accountability is here individually, as the heart of each member of the Human Kingdom is weighed against the ‘Feather of Truth’ of their own being - words, thoughts, beliefs, actions, inactions, ideas and life force.  

Life affirming energies of gratitude for breath, life, air, water and all that makes up this 3D expression of being ness is  extremely expansive during October 2023 as Jupiter conjuncts the Taurus Point of Avatar, opening portals, creating situations in which choices may be made individually and collectively by the Human Kingdom to dismiss that which no longer serves as life affirming, expansive and supportive and invite and invoke that which empowers, energizes and encourages all aspects and expressions of life affirming, expansive, supportive energies.

Much distraction in media, AI and ideas perpetuating and generating more fear is being touted by those attempting to keep everyone in their head, their ego, their mind whether in science, education, medicine or other ‘disciplines’.  Each in their own way have become their own ‘religion’ or belief, limiting the creative openness necessary to traverse this Cosmic shift in a smooth easy manner.  Each individual member of the Human Kingdom is in Truth the creative artist of their own life - for good or ill, life affirming or death affirming.  Each chooses their own path in the coming months which shall determine the experience(s) of each individual member of the Human Kingdom.  

With Venus in Leo trine the Moon’s North Node in Aries trine Cupido in early Capricorn this is the ideal opportunity to ground and anchor in the passionate life affirming energies into 3D on earth, thereby bringing back the Garden of Eden and Heaven on Earth.  The Magdalene, as well as the Hathors and a great many other beings of life, light and love are available now to call upon for guidance, grace, support and love during this time.  

October 14, 2023 at 9:56 am PST, 12:56 pm EST, 5:56 pm GMT, 6:56 pm EET is New Moon Eclipse in late Libra conjunct the Moon’s South Node and Mercury opposing the Moon’s North Node and Chiron in Aries squaring Pluto retrograde in late Capricorn.  This stellium in Libra is a powerful vision holding time of clarification as to all the many expressions and aspects of Balanced Reciprocity with all Kingdoms.  Visions of what changes and alterations are necessary in varying degrees and aspects depending upon fear and resistance of members of the Human Kingdom shall be received and clarified.  Neptune’s bi-quintile to the stellium in Libra brings forth huge amounts of defogging, cleansing and washing away of previous projected agendas by astral beings bent on feeding off the fear energies of the Human Kingdom forever.  With Uranus retrograde in late Taurus trine Pluto (now in forward motion) in late Capricorn 3D changes are possible with less drama trauma, fear and reaction.  With Venus now in early Virgo opposite Saturn retrograde in Pisces clarity may be attained as to what must be cleared away in order for the rebuilding to being in earnest.  All Kingdoms - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Integral, Creator/Primordial and Human are to be actively involved.  Those in the Elven and Dragon realms shall facilitate the sweeping away of the old in order to make way for the new.  Once set in motion, this purification cannot be stopped, only the intensity of it may be altered.

October 28, 2023 Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on the Taurus Point of Avatar 12:25 pm PST, 3:25 pm EST, 8:25 pm GMT, 9:25 pm EET conjunct Jupiter trine Cupido in Capricorn opposing Sun, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio is a time of surprising hidden portals opening revealing many unexpected Truths of past and potential future balancing of power issues for the Human Kingdom.  These surprising hidden portals shall reveal some harsh sudden Truths which have been concealed from the general public as determined by those ‘in power’ for the ‘good of the people’. Conversely this shall bring forth ideas from some of the general populace whose creativity still flows with Cosmic Balanced Reciprocity, revealing alternative ways to deal with current challenging issues created by the narrow mindedness and lack of broad vision of those who deemed themselves more knowledgeable.  With Saturn’s retrograde in Pisces at 0 degrees coming to a close much testing of bridges built across ‘troubled waters’ shall take place as the harsh Truth and Reality of situations and circumstances reveal themselves.  Those unable to accept or cope with these intense revelations may opt to depart planet earth during the coming months, as their fears overwhelm them.  Others able to process the grief, disappointment and physical/mental/psychic/emotional pain by remaining hopeful, grateful and appreciative for even the smallest boon shall discover miracles on a daily basis taking place for them.

All Hallow’s Eve, Halloween Eve, Samhain Eve October 31, 2023 is a time of preparation for the major Cosmic Equinox portal taking place November 1, 2023 with Mercury and Mars conjunct the Scorpio Point of Avatar.  Those sensitive to this huge inter dimensional opening when the ancestors come to earth again to commune with those remaining in 3D, shall begin to feel the affects of this powerful transformational portal between 3D and other dimensions.  Messages in regards to previous inter actions and relationships long past and the Truth of their beingness shall be revealed.  Take time to commune, discover Truth, grow and learn.



The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman 

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