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September 2022

Copyright July 2, 2022 *Mary Elizabeth Hoffman* All Rights Reserved


    September 2022 the Uranus Retrograde in Taurus that began August 24 continues, picking up momentum with the completion of its retrograde January 21, 2023 conjunct the Taurus Point of Avatar facilitating change - sometimes organized and planned for those aware enough to follow their instincts and heart; sudden and disruptive for those most resistant, stubborn or who ignore the signs and signals pointing to a new way, a new path, a new opportunity.  Change is the order of the day during this time, with portals, opportunities, restructuring, reordering and reorganizing perpetually in order to keep pace with the constant flow of intense creative life force energies of Divine Masculine - Divine Feminine which must be harmonized in order to achieve a more smooth, easy flow within the personal life, Nature and all the Cosmos aligned with Balanced Reciprocity. 

    Portals shall be opening and closing rapidly with a great many beings, spirits, energies and entities coming and going for various purposes.  This is a time to invite assistance from those people, beings, spirits, energies and entities who are here to support in one’s life and work in a smooth easy manner to come forth to express and align in the wisest and best interest of all the Cosmos facilitating a more smooth transition through these restructuring, reordering and reorganizing times.  One may invite assistance or dismiss any energies which are unsupportive, unhelpful or unwise, as well, to facilitate Balanced Reciprocity within and without.

    The Creator Beings shall be sending energetic ‘arrows to the heart of things’ in an effort to assist the Human Kingdom to flow with the energies and adjustments necessary to function, live and work in life affirming ways. The old rigid structures, organized ways of being and perceiving and rules and regulations which have long been accepted shall continue to crumble dramatically breaking down systems, schedules and ways of living and being in the world.  Those who consider themselves ‘bosses’ rather than ‘true leaders and inspirers’ shall discover their tyrannical way of expressing themselves no longer is accepted by employees, individuals, groups, organizations, companies or countries.  By becoming neutral to tyrannical behavior, walking away from their attempt to control - through intimidation, fear, withdrawal of jobs, money, energies or via guilt and expectations - new paths, opportunities and ways of being shall be forged which are more life affirming, caring, loving and aligned with nature and the earth.  

    This is a month of transformation for all those aligned with or connected to the ‘wounded healer’ death/rebirth energies from the present and other life times. With Uranus and the Moon’s North Node conjunct the Taurus Point of Avatar this is a time of learning the lessons of being grounded in 3D reality through the energies of gratitude and appreciation for everything and everyone from the simplest to the most complex intimacy and interaction - moment to moment with everyday life.  

    The month of September begins with the Moon and its South Node conjunct the Scorpio Point of Avatar trined by Kronos and Hades in Cancer biquintile Jupiter and Chiron in Aires signaling great transformation as the Human Kingdom moves through the triadic expressions of old past Scorpionic energies - from the Scorpion who stings in its attempt to get even, to the eagle who soars above the fray swooping in for the ‘kill’ when and where necessary and the phoenix who observes from a distance appearing to be neutral to all, than takes flight to bring things to a close of death by spirit fire and rebirth from the ashes.  

    September 2022 is a time of great communication from Creator Beings bringing visions of new directions and energies. With the month of September 2022 beginning with Venus in Leo opposing Saturn in Aquarius, what shall be dished up for each member of the Human Kingdom, individually and collectively in regards to relating and relationships (personal and professional) is the TRUTH of whether there is Harmony and Balanced Reciprocity within these interactions and relationships and if there is imbalance and whether it may be aligned or a parting of the ways ensues.  

    September 10, 2022 is Full Moon in mid Pisces at 2 am PST, 5 am EST, 10 am GMT, 11 am EET along with Mercury retrograde beginning in early Libra just as it makes opposition to Chiron and Jupiter in Aries. With a Grand Water trine between the Moon in Pisces, its South Node in Scorpio on the Scorpio Point of Avatar and Hades and Kronos in Cancer balancing issues with wisely expressing the masculine energies of manifestation in a more divine life affirming manner will be tested in people of all ages and gender orientations.  Emotions are apt to run high with passions equally so necessitating the use of vision holding wisdom and intonations done to facilitate harmony and clear authentic communication over all the earth.  This Full Moon is a powerful bridge time between the past and future, a time for fully releasing many frameworks, patterns, beliefs and pathways which no longer serve the Kingdoms of the Cosmos in wise life affirming ways.  During this Full Moon those with a desire to control direction through force of Cosmic Destiny, may attempt to confuse, confound and create general chaos in order to attempt to manifest their version of the future and shall be powerfully affected by Creator Beings facilitating the Cosmic predetermined outcome of evolution on earth and beyond. The utilization of sound, toning and nature are helpful to remain grounded, focused and attuned to one’s Soul Heart destiny so as to avoid being unduly influenced by these chaos energies. 

    Mercury is retrograde from September 10 to October 2, 2022 beginning its retrograde in early Libra descending into Virgo on September 23, 2022.  This 13 day time is about choosing to seek visions, clear communications and pathways of Perfected Vision that are possible individually and collectively on earth and throughout the Cosmos.  When retrograde Mercury re-enters Virgo the old frameworks no longer aligned with the new incoming visions, dreams or meditations shall begin rapidly dissolving bringing about much shift and change in 3D time and space. The last nine days of the retrograde in Virgo may see long standing institutions, countries, companies and organizations  crumbling if they no longer serve as they were designed to do in loving, supportive, positive, empowering ways. Mercury returns to its original retrograde station October 17, 2022 in early Libra facilitating the forward motion of manifestation of the visions received during the retrograde.  This is a time period when apparitions, beings and visions may appear to anyone any where; a time for expecting the unexpected.

    September 22, 2022 is Visionary Equinox around the globe with Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun at 0 degrees of Libra on the Super Galactic Center a grand Oracle time of visions being sent from the Mother of All Creation at the center of the Cosmos is happening.  A few days prior to this significant portal messaging the Four Points of Avatar align in a Grand Square with the Moon in Leo, the Moon’s Nodes in in Taurus and Scorpio - north and south respectively - and Saturn in Aquarius signaling an illuminating of the future pathways open for each to choose to follow at this juncture in the time space continuum (those prophesied by the Watchers, the ancient ones whose construction of the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau in Egypt portended this auspicious future culminating shift in time/space taking place now).  With Venus in Virgo square Mars in Gemini the potential for sales pitches, double speak and manipulation using words to confuse, confound and coerce is possible in the medias and in all relationships between all people and things.  September 20 to 22, 2022 is a time of strife with major dualities and power struggles between head and heart, logic and emotion, control and feelings as each individual member of the Human Kingdom seeks to make peace within and without with their masculine and feminine expressions and energies and life.  

    This Equinox energy is also a time of major shakeups, confusion, restructuring, reordering and reorganizing on a global scale - financially, economically, environmentally and socially- putting stress on all out dated antiquated systems especially distribution and trade of goods worldwide.  This upheaval may be influenced by manmade as well as natural situations and circumstances.  The potential for earthquakes, severe storms and social upheaval due to mental, emotional and physical health issues shall require clear honest communication, connection, collaboration, caring and cooperation on a world wide scale to reduce the impact well into 2023 when the four Mercury retrogrades are all in Earth signs solidifying much that is being set in motion now, unconsciously.

    September 25, 2022 is New Moon in Libra on the Super Galactic Center when the intuitive wisdom of the Cosmic Mother must be HEARD, acknowledged, understood and responded to by each and every member of the Human Kingdom; otherwise steps will be taken by the Creator Kingdom to ensure them being heard, understood and responded to.  In areas where there is Light, Life, and Love abundance shall flow individually and collectively.  Where there is fear, greed, control, dominance, anger, blame, judgment, betrayal, guilt, separation or shame towards self or others life force energies of Balanced Reciprocity shall be withdrawn, as the Creator Kingdom is no longer willing to accept the misuse of its life affirming energies in ways which impede, block, redirect or attempt to control its flow in ways which are out of balance with the figure 8 flow of giving and receiving within the Cosmos.  In addition Mercury retrograde and Venus are conjunct in late Virgo conjunct the New Moon in Libra signaling an outpouring of Heart Vision from the Mother of All Creation for those open, willing and able to receive it.  This tremendous heart opening permeates all.  With the Moon’s Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio  conjunct their respective Avataric Points, the healing and transformation of old wounds within the Human Kingdom is possible on all time lines and life times. For those open to receiving these boons it will be experienced as almost ‘magic’ as if long experienced blocks and restraints have been lifted and freed.  For those in resistance, fear or limitation the experience will be felt more as one of missed opportunities, timing being off or outside circumstances favoring others instead of them.  Gratitude, appreciation and loving heart flow of energies goes a long way during this time facilitating being able to benefit from the seeming ‘miracles’ taking place all over the world.  For those open to seeing, feeling, believing and experiencing this, these opportunities shall flow like the soft rain and warm sun in spring.  For those expecting, demanding or feeling entitled to the ‘magic’ happening on planet earth, only true heart felt gratitude and appreciation (which cannot be faked) in surrender to one’s Inner Truth Center and Soul Heart path draws energetically to one that which the Soul Heart in love desires thereby drawing the seeming ‘miracles’.

    We Cat Beings in various expressions through Tef’nut, Sekh’met, Se’shata, Ma’at, P’tah, Hu, Hor’us and Os’iris are present to assist in any and all loving ways to ease this rebirthing process of earth and all its inhabitants.  We await your invitation.  Blessed Be.


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman 

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