September 2019

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    The energies for September 2019 are about focusing on bringing the energies of 5D, spiritual beliefs, emotions, feelings, nurturance, unconditional love and heart energies into the daily life as a way of being and living. This is about restructuring re-ordering  and re-organizing the life so that the frameworks are fluid and flexible in dealing with the balance of masculine and feminine energies within the self. This is about letting go of the old ways that create confusion and drama drama due to their limitations brought about by the belief that wholeness is found outside the self rather than inside.

    Each individual member of the human kingdom we'll be required to discover and create that sacred marriage masculine and feminine with in themselves coming to terms and making peace with the diverse energies involved balancing the receptive surrendering vulnerable energies of the feminine Powers with the masculine manifestation building powers of 3-D creation on earth. The combination the sacred marriage with in with these energies will empower each individual member of the human kingdom to express themselves in a way that is whole, independent and self responsible. Once this is a attained within, connection with others outside the self become enter actions of choice, desire and freedom rather than actions based on projection, need, expectation or any agenda hidden or otherwise.  

    As the ego is released to work more with the heart energies rather than attempting to Control through the mind due to this sacred marriage of masculine and feminine within, the compassionate nurturing building of the balanced reciprocity of giving and receiving in the figure 8 flow brings healing and clarity to the perfected vision of what is possible creating the possibility for more intimate deep connections between people on all levels. The divine masculine and divine feminine energy will be working diligently during this time. With the help of the cat beings and other wisdom teachers to restructure reorder and reorganize in balance and harmony partnership and co-creation relationship and inner action as a teamwork project, rather than in fear, blaming or competition with each other.

    This is the perfect time for bringing forth and sharing with others, in open discussion and interaction from the heart for both men and women as the loving energies come in to bring about change through the opening of the hearts of those seeking to co-create a world that is more loving, and Nurturing, authentic and supportive. This is a time for building new communities and putting out a call to those of like-minded like cart and like soul to come together in the formation of Creating an organic framework which empowers each individual being to become self responsible as a co-creator with those with in the community.

    There will be those who will step forward at this time as way showers, guides and facilitators to invite and invoke the energies of the Divine feminine and the divine masculine into those ready to receive it to bring about this change in a smooth easy manner.  Those who are here to help build the new foundation for the new heaven and new earth and the new humanity we'll be coming together during this time to begin forging a network of unconditional love and more authentic ways of interacting and being in relationship to each other.

    Figure 8 flow of balance reciprocity shall become intertwined in the laws of land around the globe as well as in institutions, companies, countries and personal interactions. Those who align with these energies shall prosper and grow building community and strong powerful unconditionally loving ways. This is the new 5 D Way of being. For those who still seek to align with the old Power over, manipulation, dominance, toxic projection and dishonesty, blaming, faultfinding, and drama trauma shall move away from the gathering areas of those aligned with heart,  seeking those who are more fear oriented with whom to associate.  

    Ma’at, the leopard - jaguar Cat Being with her feather of truth, shall weigh the hearts of each and every member of the human kingdom, as the sorting process continues of people choosing to move away from fear into love or away from love into fear -  all is free will choice. This sorting process within the human kingdom will continue through the end of 2019. Those choosing to step forward during September 2019, opting to choose Love over fear shall find themselves the vanguards and way showers for the masses during the coming 20 years sharing ways to clear all past fear residue from the soul and psyche facilitating the expression of a deeper level of authentic beingness expressed as unconditional love, truth, trust, honesty, intimacy and passion for life and all living beings.

    Much restructuring, reordering, reorganizing and finding wholeness within the human species in regards to what has in the past been labeled feminine and masculine, and expressed as polar opposites shall begin to be expressed in new ways allowing more flexibility and fluidity with in relationships. This will require more honesty and integrity with people being in the present moment at all times in tune with their heart and their head - very present in their presence.  This type of interaction will prevent projection from the past and allow people to live in the present moment and move into the future with ease and grace and unconditional love.

    Some during this time who have been givers all their life, will be learning the lesson of being open and receptive to receive in return what they have been and are giving.  To some degree their inability to receive is due to a need to remain in control so that they owe no one.  For others this inability to receive is due to low self-esteem and feeling undeserving.  For others it is the belief that they must be a self-sacrificing martyr due to religious beliefs they bought in from past lives. 

    Some will learn the lesson of realizing that giving has no expectation attached to it so it is done without expectation of something in return.  This knowing that the balance will be reciprocated if one is following one's heart and one's inner truth center in one’s actions of giving and is open fully to receiving.      When giving is done without expectation of return it allows the free flow of that reciprocity back from the universe multiplied thousands of times over.  It is about coming from a place of knowing that there is more than enough time, love, money, and energy for everyone.   The belief that there is lack is gone from the soul heart, allowing the surplus energies, abundance, joy, pleasure, unconditional love and ecstasy to flow freely into the life.  

    September 13, 2019 is Full Moon in late Pisces at 8:34 pm PST, 11:34 pm EST, September 14, 2019 at 4:34 am GMT, 5:34 am EET signaling a time of huge expansion, opening of Halls of Records and deeper wisdom and acknowledgment of personal inner Truths facilitating release from old frameworks, life styles and ways of being with guidance from deep within the Soul Heart of ways to implement the restructuring, reordering and reorganizing of the life and life style so that work, play, living and being all come into full alignment with the Soul Heart’s desire.  This is an ideal time to go within seeking internal guidance as to what processes to do to let go of past limitations, restrictions and fears.  This facilitates an opening up to ways in which these changes may take place rapidly utilizing personal empowerment techniques in new ways to facilitate this receptive heart opening process.

    Those into ritual and ceremony my desire to dance their wisdom awake.  Others may opt to go out into nature to release all past restrictions, limitations and fears returning to their home base more open and receptive to awareness of new opportunities presenting themselves.  Key will be the ability to let go of how the mind ‘thinks’ things should be or look, and rather be open and receptive to the gifts and opportunities that are offered by the Universe due to the Soul Heart’s magnetic energies.

    September 22, 2019 is Equinox, the extreme half way point between the balances at the solstices.  With Saturn in Capricorn opposite the Moon in Cancer and the Moon’s Nodes amplifying this, messages from the Soul Heart, as well as the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies sharing the Perfected Vision through all forms of communication are possible.  Seeking to commune with Ma’at, the leopard - jaguar energies, shall reveal the desires of the Soul Heart from both shadow and light - in all their wholeness.  This is a time of integration for each member of the Human Kingdom of both shadow and light, as this is a time when Ma’at shall reveal TRUTH to the hearts of all members of the Human Kingdom, individually and collectively. This is a wise time to seek Ma’at’s counsel and guidance.

    September 28, 2019 is New Moon in early Libra at 10:27 am PST, 1:27 pm EST, 6:27 pm GMT, 7:27 pm EET bringing with it the myth of the wounded healer and death and rebirth. The energies of vision, balance and harmony shall be illumined by Ma’at, the leopard-jaguar energies whose fierceness shall activate and call for the surrender of the ego to the Soul Heart fully in all members of the Human Kingdom regardless of the physical anatomy they reside in this life time.

    Huge volumes of new powerful frameworks and directions will be revealing themselves during this new Moon. Both the day of the d before and the day after. The divine masculine will be coming in very strong and will have new ideas and directions to go that are solid building a new foundation in a new heaven And a new earth in 3-D. this is due to the fact that he wasn't surrendered to that higher called spirit that allows him to be vulnerable and receptive to the guidance from the mother of all creation and inspiration. This will not necessarily come through another human being but through him and his divine feminine giving him a direction and focus of work that is to be done and what is to be built. This is the same for women who are in touch with the balance of their divine feminine and divine masculine and they will receive guidance as well as ways to put that into action working as team mates and co-creatively manifesting a new heaven and a new earth.



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