September 2020

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    Much of September 2020 is about seeking out ways to restructure, reorder and reorganize life and the world so that it truly aligns with what is believed, professed, promised and declared so that all is alined with what is in the wisest and best interest of ALL beings.  Everything that is incongruent with soul aligned Truth shall be brought out into the light of day for examination, recalibration or disintegration.  Values, Ideas and Ideals individually and collectively shall be scrutinized to insure they align in life affirming compassion-ate expression for all.  The age old acceptance of ‘that is just the way things are’ holds no more sway or appeal and shall no longer be accepted as a limitation, rejection, status quo or okay.  Awareness of what no longer serves, helps, assists, empowers or improves the lives of those living on planet earth shall bring about the concerted effort to discover alternatives, to seek new directions which empower and encourage all to be the best them they are capable of being in order for them to share their gifts, talents, wisdom and experience with others for the betterment of all.

    Venus in Cancer squares Mars in Aries and opposing Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn signaling a time in which the Human Kingdom becomes fully aware and empathetic to all residents of this earth plane with which they share space or shall reap the consequences of their actions and choices for them.  Only in balanced reciprocity, the figure 8 flow of giving and receiving, shall the heart become so open, receptive and accepting that the abundance of life, love and beingness continue to flourish on planet earth.  For those aligned with these energies, new direction, new opportunities, alternative ways of being, living and loving shall present themselves in abundance.  Those seeking to define these new directions through rigid regulations mandated towards others or due to a lack of caring for the safety of others jeopardize their home, family and community shall each reap the karma sown as they themselves become rigid, limited and bound in their life expression or discover their lack of caring about others renders them isolated, alone and entombed in their ivory towers of their own creation.  Balanced Reciprocity is like the flow of water, the tides, rising and falling in organic giving and receiving in all interactions whether with people, places, things, situations, circumstances, plants, animals, mountains, trees, oceans, rivers, sun, moon, stars, sky, wind and air.  By becoming aware of and honoring each of these elements which sustain health and happiness, expressing appreciation and gratitude to and for them in turn feeds, empowers and enhances all.

    Self responsibility for choices, actions, deeds, beliefs and responses is now coming down to the behavior of each individual member of the Human Kingdom. There is no separation or lack except what is be’lie’ved.  There is more than enough - time, love, money, food and energy - for all many times over without deforestation, destruction of environment or depriving anyone of basic life sustaining necessities.  It is only the fear of lack (by both ‘rich’ and ‘poor’) which creates the greed, the lack of flow of Balanced Reciprocity, the imbalance perpetuated now on planet earth. This shall be no more.  

    This is a rebirth time of alternatives - which instead of attempting to reduce everything and everyone to the lowest common denominator or create imbalances of extremes of haves and have nots - is destined to return the cyclical flow of cosmic creation wherein each individual reaps immediately the consequences of their actions and choices.  No more by passing, no more passing it down to later generations, no more passing it off into other dimensions or foisting it off onto others less adept at diversion, illusion or manipulation and no diverting the energies into people, places or things attempting to entrap it. ALL THIS POLLUTION regardless if it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual SHALL FROM HERE ON RETURNED TO SENDER, whether consciously or unconsciously perpetuated.  Awareness of what is sent out through thought, idea, word, deed, fantasy, day dream or action shall now be owned fully by each member of the Human Kingdom.  The reinstatement of FREE WILL to this time space continuum,  now brings with it FULL RESPONSIBILITY for choices and actions, individually.  

    With Mercury in late Virgo opposite Neptune in late Pisces, much of what shall be taking place shall be more on a trial and error basis, learning as one goes - what works in the here and now and what does not.  This is a time of challenging each individual to get outside their comfort zones and safety boxes creatively seeking solutions, actions and choices to situations in all areas of life - personally and professionally.  It is important to choose a direction, a path, and begin down it remaining open, so that if one becomes so enamored with the outcome one loses sight of the bigger picture and greater opportunities, when the Universe puts a roadblock to get one to slow down and see what one is missing, there is no sense of wrong, failure or judgement.  These ancient limiting ‘parental’ techniques are part of the old Piscean Age which is passing away and dying.  As the Age of Aquarius - harmony, truth and Balanced Reciprocity is born, the alignment with one’s Soul Heart destiny becomes the guiding compass empowering the flow of giving and receiving to All that Is.

    September 1, 2020 is Full Moon in Pisces at 9:23 pm PST, September 2, 2020 at 12:23 am EST, 5:23 am GMT, 6:23 am EET bringing in with it much guidance and inspiration as to new directions, destinies, opportunities and ways of being in wholeness, happiness and good health.  Taking time to do scrying with a dark mirror, a bowl of water or going inward to one’s own personal sacred space asking for guidance, visions or messages will be helpful.  The use of Tarot, all symbols, signs from nature, even music or other oracle means may be utilized by the psyche and one’s guides to inspire, focus and direct one on the Soul Heart’s destined path.  Significant messages, visions, dreams or meditations, when done with openness of heart and receptivity to all possibilities regardless of how ‘far out’ they might seem to the logical mind shall hinder a plethora of ways for following one’s soul heart destiny in incredibly powerful and expansive ways.  All done with Balanced Reciprocity, devoid of ego aggrandizement, brings a huge sense of support, nurturance and love not only from other realms, it shall also materialize in the 3D life in a sense of community, belonging and support from others of like mind and heart who are drawn to the purity of intention in Light and Love.  

    September 17, 2020 at 3:01 am PST, 6:01 am EST, 11:01 am GMT, 12:01 pm EET is New Moon in late Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces squaring the Moon’s Nodes - North in Gemini and South in Sagittarius on the Galactic Center signals at pivotal cosmic portal time.  The yang energies of manifestation in 3D shall be desirous of power and destiny.  When done with the intention of compassion, heart and the betterment of life and the world for all living beings, success is guaranteed.  When attempted through force, aggression, demands, anger, threats or fear it shall backfire exploding extremely forcefully back onto those attempting to wield yang energy for personal aggrandizement, gain or control.  This is true on a global scale within all the Human Kingdom.  Wisdom in choosing whom to align with first comes with aligning with one’s own heart and inner Truth Center and only then when it coincides with another is there true wise connection whether personally or professionally.  Take time on this New Moon, quietly privately to seek within one’s own Soul Heart for guidance in direction which empowers one to build ‘heaven on earth’.  Seeking outside self is unwise during this time.

    September 22, 2020 is Equinox, fall in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern.  This in-between time has the potential to ignite heart felt passion and recognition of wise dreams which may be made manifest in the next few years.  This is a time to go deep within seeking the Perfected Vision of what is possible for the earth, Humanity and self specifically asking for guidance from the Mother of All Creation - Tiamat.  She, Lilith, Sekhmet and many others return now to bring wholeness, rebirth, comfort and new creation that is life affirming.  This is a time to draw, paint, dance, sing and tone to bring in signs, sounds, symbols and information to anchor them into 3D reality later in the coming year.  Words, whether spoken or written shall act more as an ego distraction.  The more free flow with pictures, symbols, color, sound, chanting as in speaking in tongues and tones the more empowering the energies shall become.  Choosing an object to imbibe these energies with for future meditation and co-creation with the great mothers is wise.  The asteroid Cupido enters Capricorn making way for the great anchoring rebirth of the life affirming loving energies of Balanced Reciprocity.


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