September 2021

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    September 2021 begins with 5 planets retrograde - Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn continuing into mid October with Mercury going retrograde September 27 to October 18, 2021 in Libra.  The energies of restructuring reordering and reorganizing are at the forefront worldwide all month as individuals, companies, countries, institutions and social programs come under severe scrutiny as to whether they actually provide the service(s) which they profess.  Challenges and confrontations are likely where ever there is incongruency between what is professed, promised or alluded to and what is in actuality taking place, as the controlled, limited, restrictive frameworks of science, social programs and ’education’ are designed more to teach conformity rather than explore the creative soul/heart gifts each individual member of the Human Kingdom has to offer. 

    Many may opt to go to neutral, walk away from long standing positions they have held due to their Inner Truth Center/Soul Heart no longer being able or willing to ‘support’ or lend energy to people, beings, spirits, energies, entities, institutions, careers, education, science or governments which misrepresent themselves and are no long functioning from a place of Balanced Reciprocity continuing to ‘take’ more than they give.  

    These value challenges, especially where ‘education’ and ‘social’ programs designed to support all people’s with basic needs shall come under great scrutiny - with accountability being demanded or sources of support both financial and physical shall disappear bringing them to collapse and ruin.  Out of these old outmoded models of ‘assistance’ shall be birthed greater support, caring and true assistance giving a hand up rather than a hand out.  With Jupiter in Aquarius trine Venus in Libra a balancing of scales via the energies of Ma’at, Ti’a’ma’at shall prevail.  This major balancing of head with heart, mind and emotions shall facilitate the balanced expression of visions, options and possibilities in the moment for shifting directions, restructuring, reordering and reorganzing in the wisest and best interest for all.

    Should ego, attachment, fear or limitation rear its head in a desire to control, prevent change and growth or stifle the forward evolution of the Human Kingdom, the Elemental and Creator Beings shall intervene, bringing about the necessary shifts and changes, in some cases in sudden, surprising and disruptive ways.  

    It shall be extremely important for each individual member of the Human Kingdom to find, connect and remain linked to their own Inner Truth Center/Soul Heart with connection to Source to remain grounded, in the moment and able to ascertain the wisest actions, words and deeds to take moment by moment in all situations and circumstances.  This is due to the Human Kingdom’s tendency to project all triggers which they refuse to acknowledge and own out into the world around them constantly creating chaos and confusion both within and without due to their lack of authenticity and self responsibility. (Respond - abiity).  These emotional triggers could generate issues for the old masculine patriarchy causing the responses to bring about attempts to create power struggles. In some situations, the wisest way to ‘respond’ is going to neutral, calmly speaking truth and walking away.  

    The grand fire trine between the Moon’s South Node in Sagittarius, Vulcanus in Leo and Chiron in Aries has the potential to bring back ancient wisdom, truth and healing which shall bridge the gap or ‘leap from the Lion’s head’ required now by the masculine aspect within each member of the Human Kingdom. The desire to create Heaven on Earth, forming a true Garden of Eden throughout the whole planet is possible, when the Human Kingdom, works with all the other Kingdoms, especially now, to return to Balanced Reciprocity world wide.  The Integrals shall begin activating more fully the dissolution of that which no longer serves in the wisest and best interest making way for the preparation of a new ‘seeding’ of the Balanced Reciprocity energies on earth.  With Gaia and Panden, the earth soul spirit working cooperatively together, alignment with these energies shall bring about harmony with nature, abundance and the providence of all to have the basic necessities of life - love, place, peace and community devoid of competition, devisiveness and fear.  

    The encouragement of all to express their unique gifts in life affirming, loving ways, sharing these within their ‘community’ shall include all so no one feels ‘outside’, misunderstood, left out, displaced or not ‘heard’.  The rigidity of the Age of Pisces is coming to a close.

    September 6, 2021 is New Moon in Virgo at 4:53 pm PST, 7:53 pm EST, September 7, 2021 - 12:53 am GMT, 1:53 am EET fully activating and challenging issues dealing with fluidity, flexibility, structure and rigidity as Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces generating potential confusion, power struggles, desires to ‘control’, accentuating the importance of finding a quiet place to go within to one’s Inner Truth Center for clarity.  There will be those ‘hawking’ their version of the ‘future’ and what they ‘think’ must be done for the future manifestation of a new direction and vision.  It is vitally important that each member of the Human Kingdom gain their own clarity of vision without 3D ‘influence’ so they are assured of following their own Soul Heart Path rather than that of those whose ‘vision’ is based in ego and hidden agenda.

    With Mercury retrograde in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius a plethora of destiny potentials and paths are available vision wise on this New Moon for alternative ways of restructuring, reordering and reorganzing in ways that attract miracles, open inter-dimensional portals and facilitate ‘change’ due to Uranus and Lilith on the Taurus Point of Avatar trining this New Moon in Virgo.  

    It is extremely important to take time to listen to the earth and seek its guidance as Panden, the earth Soul Spirit and Gaia shall be communing in tandem sharing messages and warnings from the Integral Kingdom of the upcoming dissolution and regeneration phase ensuing during the coming years.  Aligned with their guidance, these shifts may be done in a smooth easy manner.  Ignoring their wisdom leaves them no option except neutrality allowing all to discover the consequences of their choices and actions, large and small.  

    This New Moon is also a time to beware of ‘false prophets’ and go within to your own Inner Truth Center within for guidance.  With Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces, there shall be some whose advice is their own projected fears, hidden agendas and greed ‘dressed up’ with the pretense of heart and caring.  Truth your own Inner Truth Center to navigate this minefield created by those attempting to subtly retain or attain control of the world around them, as they are unable or unwilling to realize the only control they have is over their own choices and actions from which each reaps what they sow, no matter how lovingly it is dressed up.

    September 20, 2021 at 3:56 pm PST, 6:56 pm EST, 11:56 pm GMT, September 21, 2021 at 12:56 am EET is Full Moon conjunct Neptune in late Pisces opposing the Sun, conjuncting Mars and the Super Galactic Center in the sign of Libra denoting Cosmic visioning.  Now the restructuring, reordering and reorganzing on a 3D level begins in earnest, hopefully being done with Balanced Reciprocity of head and heart.  This is a good day to pray, meditate and communicate with Sources with the Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn.  Clarity is possible with the balance of head and heart devoid of ego as to the bridges and paths across the chasms of fear into Truth that are in your wisest and best interest.

    The air trine between the Moon’s North Node in Gemini conjunct Admetos with Mars in Libra on the Super Galactic Center and Saturn in Aquarius gives all members of the Human Kingdom the opportunity to discover and see fully and clearly the role(s), purpose and gifts they are here to contribute to the Cosmic Design in alignment with all the Kingdoms of the Cosmos - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Human, Integral and Creator - as co-creators.

    With 3 of the four Points of Avatar activated for this Full Moon - Venus in Scorpio, Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, the Human Kingdom stands between the paws of the Sphinx looking into its face to answer the riddle ‘why are you here?’ Is it to contribute to the evolution of the Cosmos or create, perpetuate and feed off chaos, fear and confusion? Should head and heart Balanced Reciprocity be rejected, and alignment with head and heart be refused 3D departure from the earth plane is immanent.

    September 22, 2021 at 11:32 am PST, 2:32 pm EST, 7:32 pm GMT, 8:32 pm EET is Libra Earth Equinox. With Mars and the Sun on the Super Galactic Center this is a HUGE Oracular day. Inter-dimensional portals shall be opening and closing with beings coming and going - some bringing heart/head harmonizing and Balanced Reciprocity and others desiring fear and chaos to feed off of.  It is total free will choice with which each individual member of the Human Kingdom aligns.  

    Three of the four Points of Avatar continue to be activated facilitating great transformation of heart energies with a ‘change of heart’ for even the most fearful and jaded possible. With Sun and Mars on the Super Galactic Center trining the Moon’s North Node and Admetos in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius this is a Cosmic turning of the Wheel day on earth, a time to seek Balanced Reciprocity within and without in all things with all people including the ‘vision’ of self. Decisions and choices made today, whether conscious or unconscious, shall determine coming experiences of unconditional love, abundance and peace or fear, lack and unrest.  All is Free Will choice.  Following ‘a crowd’ is some times an unwise choice.  

    We Cat Beings offer unconditional love, guidance, focus and empowerment to all Beings on earth.



In light, love, wisdom, truth and timing,

The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman