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    Most of 2020 for all members of the Human Kingdom is about discovering their own individual balance and expression of life and living between head and heart.  The balance point of these two is the throat signaling a time when speaking one’s Truth balanced between head and heart shall be necessary in relating to all things - people, places, animals, plants, air, food, water, all that is - in order to be healthy, viable, joyful, prosperous and connected through synchronicity with all in and of the world spanning from 3 into 5 dimensions of existence.  

    As these harmonies of sound and vibration activated through the Elemental Kingdom continue to expand and reverberate into expression within the 5 dimensions, the earth’s crystalline grid of the double penta dodecahedron comes more online fulfilling the myths of which Pythagorus, Nostradamus, Daniel and Ezekiel biblically and other prophets spoke of  - the twelve gates of the New Jerusalem making up the whole earth.  The yang version of this coming online is made up of 12 five pointed stars whose points come together with three star points meeting together per node point.  The yin version is also made up of 12 five pointed stars whose points come together with two star points meeting per node point, generating more fluidity, flexibility and rebirthing made up of five and six pointed stars.  Intertwined and lain over the globe they become the 12 gates of the New Jerusalem of Unconditional Love - the global Garden of Eden - the beginning of the rebirth of the Golden Age on earth.

    At-one-ment with self, others and all that exists within the sphere living area or locale in a harmonizing way vibrationally is necessary for ease, comfort, joy, pleasure, peace, growth, expansion, love and life.  This has nothing to do with what one eats, how one dresses, what one’s occupation, beliefs or philosophy is, whether one drinks, smokes or has sexual relations or with whom  This has to do with whether each individual member of the Human Kingdom is able to discover what their harmony is, living it fully without projecting, forcing, coercing, directing, judging, blaming or pushing it onto anyone else and giving this freedom to all around them.   Freedom and honoring of all choices which harm none expands the diversity of the music of the earth expressed by all members of the Human Kingdom.  

    Each member of the Human Kingdom first shall discover their own song, their own vibration, their own Inner Truth within their soul heart expressing it fully devoid of fear, totally with unconditional love while giving this same freedom to others.  This vibrationally shall draw those of like mind, soul, heart, emotion, vision and love into various communities co-created at a multitude of locations throughout the earth’s crystalline grid being amplified with the power of unconditional love worldwide.

    From January 24, 2020 through to February 11, 2021 the current Soul Influx Halls of Records opening is the 20th secondary Aquarian Inter-New Moon bringing about the co-creation and manifestation of the Lapis Lazuli Etheric Gemstone Temple above its origin point in the southern Atlantic Ocean 55 degrees south 20 degrees west. “The Lapis gemstone temple takes the form of a great phoenix bird.  The placement of the Lapis Phoenix within the World Tree located at the ORIGIN POINT (Earth Point One) now signifies that humanity has fully entered the pre-Graduation era in its Initiation.” ~ Joseph Robert Jochmans.  

    This signals that each individual member of the Human Kingdom of the current Soul Influx shall be integrating all lives, in all times lines, spaces and dimensions with the current one being lived now on earth.  This self balance, harmony and integration brings with it knowledge, wisdom, information, lessons and destiny fulfillment into the current life time and time line culminating in completion in short order by cosmic timing - literally the blink of an eye.  

    Working with the stone lapis lazuli during this year, whether raw or polished, enhances inner vision, truthful communication and royal virtues by activating the incoming new divine masculine and divine feminine archetypes facilitating the activation of the new archetypal expressions of  ‘king’-‘queen’, ‘high priest’ - ‘high priestess’, ‘emperor’ - ‘oracle’, It activates the third eye and throat chakras energizing the pineal gland while assisting with the healthy flow of the spinal fluid and the enlivening of the Vegas nerve which spans from the base of the spine upwards to the brain, feeding, healing and nurturing all major organs along the way. The life force energies of the kundalini, the ida and pingala, when ignited and linked with Source and earth in the Heart, whether through the use of orgasm alone or with a partner, brings the flow of the cosmic crystalline blue white light at the heart of the Cosmos in through the top of the head to the heart, flowing down through the body and out the soles of the feet penetrating deep into the earth connecting with the pink crimson core of the heart of the earth.  In response the unconditional love energies of the earth respond moving up through the earth to the soles of the feet, entering the body and moving to the heart and continuing upward out the top of the head linking with the crystal blue white light of unconditional love at the center of the Cosmos. As these continue to flow in a figure 8 through the human heart these energies blend sparking a violet flame of transformation and transmutation at whose core is the golden amber honey elixir of co-creation, pure life, healing, and unconditional love.

    Through working with lapis lazuli one may access past life esoteric knowledge, wisdom and truth, particularly from those cultures which once utilized this stone - including Atlantis, ancient Egypt, Peru, Sumeria, India and Lemuria/Mu - and the star god/star goddess origins of the Human Kingdom.  This is a time for each individual member of the Human Kingdom to identify and begin utilizing the gifts they are here to share on earth at this time, as well as lessons, restrictions and limitations yet to be overcome and opportunities for growth in the current time space continuum.  Expanded awareness of one’s motivations and beliefs from other time lines and life times may be accessed with lapis lazuli facilitating the integration of lessons, knowledge, wisdom and truth into the current life time enhancing abundance, joy, bliss, ecstasy and unconditional love in the present.  On an emotional level, lapis lazuli assists in identifying unconscious karmic roots to habitual beliefs, thought patterns and emotions which may be continually sabotaging one’s personal growth and healing into wholeness and unconditional love.  It enhances the sovereignty and power of the Higher Self, Soul Heart and Inner Truth Center to align fully within the present life time in full expression and highest truth.  

    Each individual member of the Human Kingdom has the ability to become like the Phoenix Fire Bird, igniting the violet flame within their hearts empowering the amber honey flow of unconditional love which ignites and animates all life throughout the Cosmos.  This is a time to have a love affair with all the Cosmos, for those open to surrendering to their higher call of Spirit.  Alternative time lines, life times and inter-dimensional movement is possible necessitating the use of tethering or grounding techniques so one avoids wandering off into the voids, getting lost in detours, distractions and full expression of their gifts and unconditional love in the current time space continuum.  Lapis Lazuli acts as a guide stone for journeying with links back to earth and may be utilized a touch stone in 3D.

    During 2020 the early grand fire trine between Mars in Sagittarius, Chiron in Aries and Vulcanus in Leo sets the stage for tremendous opportunity for wise expressions of power, truth and healing for all, as the expanding Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine archetype expressions show up on earth in more cosmic, unconditionally loving, partnership, team work, honoring, respectful, authentic, integral, honest ways.  Each is evolving, growing and expanding organically moving more deeply into letting go of all fear, expressing unconditional love for themselves and each other, regardless of the physical 3D body they have chosen to manifest in currently.

    There are 3 Mercury retrogrades and one Venus retrograde during 2020 with a stellium of outer slow moving planets in Capricorn, signally this is a time when the communication of passion for all life and all living beings is necessary for the survival of the Human Kingdom on earth.  Vibration, sound, music, toning, chanting, drumming and other expressions of sound vibration of the language of the Elemental Kingdom shall become a huge source of balance and harmonizing in all aspects of life.  The Mercury retrogrades take place in February, June and October each happening for the most part in water signs signaling lots of emotional energies requiring expression and the need for flow, fluidity and movement.  The Venus retrograde overlaps the Mercury retrograde taking place in late May and most of June in Gemini requiring the release of duality and the need to discover the third points of synthesis or multitudes of varying options, possibilities and alternatives, both in mind, belief and heart or emotion.   These will be detailed in the monthly Cat Beings Oracles to follow throughout the year.

    The predominant Cat Beings for 2020 expressing themselves include Se’shata, she who is star borne represented as the leopard and snow leopard, sharing cosmic wisdom, truth and options; Nu’ut, who shares global/cosmic timing, endings and beginnings appearing in a variety of guises sometimes as spotted lioness, sometimes as jaguar, Tef’nut is she who knows all, sees all, feels all bringing guidance showing up as the lioness sharing wisdom, truth and timing in day to day global affairs and happenings on earth and within the Human Kingdom; Hat’hor is she who enlivens the day to day routine of being on earth through interactions, inter-relationships, community, dance, music, wine, song, sexuality, sensuality and unconditional love manifesting as a golden cougar.  The divine masculine counter parts to these are Thoth the cosmic trickster, orator, wisdom bringer now evolving into other expressions showing up as leopard or snow leopard; Osiris/Geb/Panden, lord of both the underworld and animator of the above world, who has in the past expressed as chaos/order/chaos who is evolving into new expressions having global impacts reframing values, ideas and ideals, showing up as jaguar; Hu coming back in his lion expression expanded showing all colors, flavors and expressions enlivening the pleasures of day to day life; and Bes the playful beareded dancer, musician, whose energies expand past that of the cowardly lion most are familiar with from the wWizard of Oz into a more sensual, joyous teasing divine masculine energy who also enjoys the company of the Hat’hors very much.  All Cat Beings shall be sharing their wisdom through play, pleasure, joy, juiciness, sexuality, sensuality, dance, music, wine and song as they are here to facilitate the Song of the New Earth with those of the Human Kingdom desiring to do so joining in expressing fully the unconditional love energies of co-creation.  And each of these archetypes is going through an expansive metamorphosis giving birth to the new myths, the new stories, the new expressions of the expanding vibrations of unconditional love bringing Heaven to Earth, Spirit into Matter with full co-creative expression in Light, Life and Love.


The Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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